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Force of Wills

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06.19.2012 , 10:03 AM | #31

Shiloh woke, slowly, only one eyes opened, the swelling keeping the other stubbornly shut, she felt the cool rain on her face, she realized she was wet everywhere, the dampness penetrating to her bones. She shivered, her knee was throbbing, she rolled onto her side and her ribs groaned their displeasure, she had been in similar situations, she grit her teeth and propped herself up on her arms, surveying her surroundings. Jungle, wet muddy Drummond Kaas jungle, she moved her good leg under her, only to slip in the mud, jarring her already tender body. Shiloh swore, Vector had offered to come with her, but she didn’t want him to be there, she didn’t want anyone to be there, to help take part in the death of an innocent. She needed them now, she needed Vector, she needed Lokin, hell she needed Kaliyo and Temple, not Scorpio though, she would probably just watch Shiloh suffer in fascination, noting how weak and fragile her body was.

She finally managed to stand up, balancing most of her weight on her good leg. She heard, then smelled the Gundark before she saw it. She cursed Quinn, then Lord Ardyth, she set her jaw, and her wet hands were made into fists her weapons gone, Quinn neglecting to return them to her. The beast snorted, and growled, lumbering towards her, it’s large muscled body glistened in the rain, it’s breath coming out in puffs of steam. Shiloh would fight, she was never one to give up. She remembered nearly two years ago, armed to the teeth but helpless, her mind bending, unable to control what she did, who she hurt, the word. She remembered her darkest moment, pistol against her head, wanting it all to just stop, so tired, so filled with rage she couldn’t express. His voice, Watcher X, beyond the grave, coaxing her to fight, not to give up, how she regretted his death in those moments. Shiloh had survived Jadus, she had survived the mind control, she had survived Hunter, she would survive, or she would die trying.

The beast saw her, small eyes wild, twisted by the evil that permeated this planet. It was hunting, and it scented her blood, easy prey. It snarled, Shiloh’s lip curled in response.

“Come on then” She said.

The beast charged her, Shiloh side stepped, ignoring the pain in her knee, she swung a well aimed fist at the beasts eye, it stumbled back, and screamed it’s anger. The Gundark knashed it’s teeth and swung one of it’s large fists at her, Shiloh ducked out of the way barely, swinging again at the jugular. Her fist connected reverberating down her arm. She turned swinging her left elbow upwards, connecting with the sweet spot directly below the jaw. The beasts large fist finally connected with her, the rest of her ribs craking in turn, she was thrown to the ground, her head hit something hard, her breath caught in her throat. The gundark was on her then, searching for a soft morsel to bite into. Shiloh’s arm went up instinctively protecting her face, the beast bite down. Shilow felt sharp teeth tearing into flesh, a powerful jaw that would snap and grind bone. Shiloh screamed out and her other fist went for the eyes again, she tug her fingers into the soft jelly there, squeezing with every ounce of strength she had left, she felt her fingers seep in, felt the fluid running down her knuckles. The beast released her arm, it’s large hands batting at its face, Shiloh scrambled, trying to get to a standing position, but her body rebelled, the mud robbing her feet and hands of their grip. Fight. The Gundark lunged again, caught Shiloh at an awkward angle, she was on her side, arms pinned down, she felt the stench of its breath, choking her, the weight of the beast stole her breath away.

The gundark slumped, its attack ended, the beast’s eyes rolled back into its head. Shiloh smelled burned flesh, it was dead. Somehow Shiloh was still alive. The beast rolled off of her, and she breathed long deep breaths, adrenaline still pumping, keeping her broken body from feeling anything. Two armor clad figures strode up to her, a rifle slung over each of their shoulders. One removed their helmet, revealing a heavily tattooed face. He knelt in front of her, her red eyes were wild, her body was shaking.

“That was a hell of a fight, sorry we didn’t reach you sooner cyare. There aren’t many who could take on a gundark single handed like you did.” He sounded impressed, pulled out a Kolto injector, Shiloh jumped at his touch. “It’s just Kolto, you’re in bad shape, I’m not here to hurt you.” She allowed him to inject her, then nodded her appreciation. “Come on then, let’s get you out of here, you’re in shock.” He picked her up like a ragdoll, she clutched her mangled arm.

“Vector Hyllus” she said, her voice felt very far away, “please.”

“What’s your name cyare?” He asked, knowing to keep her awake, to keep her talking.

“Shiloh Chint’aro” Shiloh replied.

She closed her eyes, she was tired, her head resting on the tattooed mans chest. She heard him speak to his companion in a language she couldn’t place. She concentrated on her breathing, Shiloh was a survivor.

Vector was at the Citadel when he got the call, he and Eckard Lokin had agreed to show Brynn and Kianna the sights, he was eternally grateful to Eckard. His charm had won over Shiloh’s mother almost instantly, she was blushing and giggling like a school girl, Vector, hung back with Kianna, who was mortified by her mother’s antics.

“Are you Vector Hyllus” A rather large tattooed Mandalorian asked.

“We are” He answered curious, suspicious.

“Me and my hunting party found your friend Shiloh, fighting off a Gundark in the jungle with her bare hands. She’s in bad shape, she asked for you. Our medic is looking after her, but she’s going to need a tank. Soon” Vector scented Eckard come up behind him.

“Go get her Vector, I’ll bring the girls home and ready my clinic. Be swift.” Dr. Lokin furrowed his brows, there would be time enough to ask questions, he wanted Shiloh near him and safe. She was like the daughter he never had. He put a comforting arm around Kiannas shoulders.

Vector nodded, and climbed into his speeder rushing to his mate, the hive was abuzz with questions, concerns, they had come to be quite fond of her as well. They should have insisted on going with her, they were Dawn Herald, they could have helped. Vectors mouth was set in a frown, the speeder needed to move faster.

He reached the camp and was greeted by the same Mandalorian who he had spoken to, not one hour earlier. He stood a solid foot taller than Vector.

“She’s a warrior, your woman, didn’t seem right to let the beast win after the fight she put up.” The large man said with more than a little respect.

“We thank you” Vector replied, pulling back the tent door, he saw her, he suppressed a fit of anger, her aura was dull, pulsing faintly. Her body was a mess, he hoped her spirit fared better, remembering what she had gone through shortly after they met. He hurried her back to their friend, Lokin. She was safe now.

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06.19.2012 , 11:52 AM | #32
Om nom nom. These stories are so delicious!
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06.20.2012 , 08:50 AM | #33

Ainsley maneuvered the ship through the sky scrapers of Nar Shaddaa, hailing the spaceport. She was running dangerously low on fuel, and needed to land, having already circled a half dozen times. She was getting no reply from the control tower.

“Damn Hutt lackeys” she muttered before trying again, “This is XF Freighter call sign Weather Light, requesting permission to land, we are dangerously low on fuel, Control, an answer would be appreciated!”

Finally the com crackled to life “Uhh, yeah, you can land in hangar bay 14….”

“Must be a new guy” Ainsley remarked to Akaavi.

The ship landed in the appointed hangar bay, Ainsley, settled Mitka into a sling and the two woman made their way to the ship exit.

“Take care of the fuel Kaavi, I’ll take munchkin here and grab some food and baby stuff” The door hissed, releasing its seal, then opened. They were greeted by three Evocii pointing blasters at them.

“We are the Peoples Freedom, we have control of Nar Shaddaa, your ship was flagged as a known smuggler ship, with previous dealing with the Hutt Cartel. You are to face justice!” one of the small Evocii declared.

Ainsley sighed, of course, “Wouldn’t be a proper trip without a bit of crazy eh Kaavi?”

Akaavi smirked, “I was starting to think we might get away with no crazy this time.”

Ainsley turned her attention back to the three standing in front of her, she noticed two still had the safeties on their rifle up. She felt for the plight of the Evocii, she really did, she had met her fair share, and sadly most had vacancies between the ears.

“You kids are aware that Nar Shaddaa is also called the SMUGGLERS moon right? It’s kind of our bread and butter. As for the Cartel, I don’t like the slugs, but in my line of work you have to deal with them. So why don’t you put the guns…”

“She confessed! You admit to conspiring with the Hutts, for taking part in the oppression of the people!” the second Evocii announced looking very triumphant.

“Hey now, I never oppressed anyone! Or conspired with any Hutts!” The second part of her statement might have been a lie.

“But you’re a smuggler!” said the third.

Mitka grunted, and whined, she was getting hungry.

“Is that a Sith baby? A smuggler and a sith lover, and a Hutt lover!! You’re crimes are many, you will come with us!” The first declared.

“This is getting old” Ainsley rolled her eyes, she grabbed the barrel of the only rifle that was a threat, flicked it backwards into the Evociis face, knocking him down her gangplank, the other two attempted to open fire, and were shocked when the rifles didn’t work. Akaavi relieved them both of their weapons and they went tumbling down after the first.

Ainsley drew her pistols and the two woman made their way down into the hangar. They were greeted by a dozen armed men, this time they were led by a rather large Nautolan, much to Ainsley’s dismay. Nautolans weren’t so dumb. They couldn’t fight their way out of this one, not with the baby in the sling like that.

“Relieve them of their weapons and put them with the other hostages.” Ordered the large blue alien.

They were led to a series of large pens the Hutts used for slaves, they were full of people, of all kinds. They were placed in a pen with a handful of men, Ainsley took a closer look, uniforms, Republic military. Crap.

She noticed an Evocii picking up one of her pistols.

“Hey!! Hey you, keep your dirty fingers off Sparkles!!” She yelled at the man, he actually put it down and ran off.


“You named your gun Sparkles?” Asked a tall officer, he had short auburn hair, freckles, a couple of facial tattoos and kind green eyes.

“I didn’t, my husband did, she was a gift.” Ainsley answered back, letting her eyes take in the handsome view.

“Captain Ainsley Isiz” She extended her hand.

“Lieutenant Felix Iresso” He replied and shook it.

Ainsley learned from the Lieutenant what was going on, bombs, hostages and a dead Hutt. The demands were ridiculous. Mitka started to cry in earnest. Their captors had taken the diaper bag along with her weapons, she had nothing to give the hungry baby.

Within ten minutes the hangar was full of the screaming cries of a hungry newborn. The other hostages covered their ears, she saw the sympathetic looks of other mothers. Mitka cried so hard that she now needed a diaper change, Ainsley did her best to calm her new daughter, but there was nothing she could do. She knew exactly what needed to be done, but their captors prevented it.

“Would you shut that baby up!”

“Give me back her diaper bag and I will, you putz!” she replied angrily .

“I could just shoot the little Sith” the thug threatened.

“Give her the damn bag!” Hollered the Nautolan

Bag returned Ainsley changed and fed Mitka, she settled almost instantly. Ainsley was telling Iresso how she came to have her, she dropped the now empty bottle into the diaper bag, and a blanket shifted inside revealing two more pistols. Their eyes met, and Ainsley and the lieutenant smiled, thankful for the dim wits of the Evocii.

Authors note:

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06.22.2012 , 09:39 AM | #34

The girls had disappeared again, Elliah was a mess. She had confirmation from the jedi guarding the dorms that she had returned, but both Avacynne and Rateah had been gone in the morning. So far there were no leads, all Elliah could hear in her head was Avacynne’s angry voice spitting venom, “I hate you.” She was young, it would take time for her to understand, but the words stung Elliah no less. She doubted the council would keep them on Tython however, Avacynne was too full of anger, and Rateah’s defiance and mean streak meant training both of them would be dangerous. Compounded with the resources used each time they ran away. Elliah had seen it before, with no family to return them to, they would be placed in a conventional orphanage on Couracant. She hoped patient and loving families would take them in and give them the love they needed and deserved. There was no way Avacynne would accept Elliah as a parent or mentor, her feelings of betrayal were too strong.

Meeting Ainsley had been a stroke of luck, only a smuggler would hide blasters in a diaper bag, Felix thought to himself, they needed to bide their time and wait for the right moment. The bombs were disabled, and the Peoples Freedom were scrambling trying to get replacement parts. Unfortunately, the Hutts and the Republic forces on Nar Shaddaa never got confirmation that the bombs had been neutralized. Another team would be going in, it wouldn’t take long for them to adapt, and mount a rescue operation for the captives. He and Captain Ainsley would be ready.

Avacynne and Rateah were on the edge of the forest, there was a path and a waterfall nearby, but the path was overgrown and muddy. It had been treacherous, but the two girls were confident they wouldn’t be found. If they climbed over a nearby ridge, they could see the Temple landing pad, they took turns checking it throughout the day. There would be a resupply shuttle eventually, and they would be on it, when it left. Avacynne was still reeling from the revelation that Master Elliah was her mother, she had cried in Rateah’s arms. Rateah comforted her sister as best she could, they would be gone soon, away from the deceitful Jedi, away from Tython, and they would make their own way in the galaxy.

“So were you stationed on Nar Shaddaa?” Inquired Ainsley, her eyes were on the patrol behind him, they were counting guards, timing patrols.

“No, it was a stop over to pick up more troops, I was heading to Tython.” Felix replied. Seven guards patrolling, in two groups, took each patrol 6.3 minutes to walk the entirety of the hanger they were in. He counted at least four in the control room, including the leader. There were more outside the hanger, and who knew how many other hostages in other hangars.

“Tython? Didn’t think they posted troopers to Tython, don’t the Jedi take care of themselves?” A group of five got off the elevator, bringing her count up to thirteen total. Akaavi flashed her fingers wide twice, indicating ten.

“Wasn’t for a posting, I’m on leave, my fiancée is a Jedi, I was going to visit her.” Instead he was spending his precious leave in a cage, he was still angry, he wondered if command would extend it after all of this.

“Guess there’s a lot I don’t know about Jedi! I didn’t think relationships, or even marriage was allowed. Mind you, my information didn’t come from the best of sources.” Ainsley gave Felix a crooked smile, remembering her source.

Felix gave her a quizzical look, this woman had stories he could tell, he would love to hear them some day. His mind turned to Elliah, she would like the captain too.

It was getting dark, and still there was no sign of the runaway girls, the search party was called back, they would resume in the morning. Elliah reached out with the force with her senses, she was near, she was so close, but every path she took, and every bit of brush she turned over there was nothing. She walked down an old path, it was over grown and muddy. Slick from the mist off the nearby waterfall, something caught in the fading sunlight, it shimmered and blinked. Elliah reached down, and picked up a small blue bead, it was the same kind Avacynne liked decorating her eye veil with. Elliah looked up, the waterfall drowning out most sounds, and her heart jumped into her throat, had they fallen? Were they hurt? Elliah knew only that they were alive. It would be impossible to explore closer to the waterfall in the dark, reluctantly she made her way back to the temple, she dropped the bead into her pocket, she would come back at first light with a team.

“That was too close” breathed Rateah when Master Elliah had walked away. “We need to move further up the path”

“That’s flesh raider territory though!” Avacynne was worried, she had never seen one, but she saw a Padawan once who had been attacked.

“We’ll be ok, we’ll sleep here, and we’ll go up the path at first light. I’ll protect us!” Rateah said with all the confidence and assurance of an eight year old, she had figured out how to use the force to hide them, if she focused hard enough on not being seen, the air around them would shimmer a little, and even the animals couldn’t see them . Her white grey eyes shone, proud, and protective of her little sister, nothing could hurt them. The two girls curled up in each other’s arms. They fell asleep talking about what they would do once they left, they had grand plans.

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06.25.2012 , 08:31 AM | #35

Shiloh heard voices, they were muffled, she was floating with a respirator over her mouth and nose. The warm liquid swirled around her, suspending her. She bent her fingers, testing them, and then opened her eyes, she saw them through the light green liquid surrounding her, Lokin was speaking to her mother, her voice would rise. Shiloh recognized it, she was crying and trying to talk, it didn’t work well, Lokin was comforting her. Her eyes drifted down, and met Vectors, if she had been able to smile she would have. He had both hands on little Kiannas shoulders, Shiloh waved her fingers to her sister, letting her know she was ok. Kianna waved back. Lokin noticed the movement, so did her mother, who walked over and put her hand on the tank and kept blubbering, had she really been in that bad a shape, or was it just her mother being overly dramatic again? She heard Lokins voice inside the tank.

“Shiloh, I’m going to administer a light sedative so we can get you out of there, breathe deeply my dear girl.” Shiloh knew the routine, the air in the respirator changed, tasted vaguely sweet, oblivion overtook her again, her head bobbed backwards as she lost consciousness.

When she woke next it was in one of Lokins hospital cots, she was clothed in a light white cotton robs, her dark blue hair was loose, spilling over her shoulders. Both eyes opened, she was stiff but not sore, she wiggled her fingers and toes. Her old friend came into her room, Lokins eyes were grave.

“That bad?”

“I haven’t seen you in that condition since your battle with Hunter” he placed his stethoscope in his ears, and brought the end piece over her chest, listened there briefly, “It was irresponsible of you to go alone.” He chastised her. He took her face in his hands, running his thumbs over her cheek bones, flashing a light in her red eyes. “You still have a slight concussion, no fighting Gundarks for at least 3 months” He instructed, everything else had healed beautifully, and the twinkle was back in his eyes, her face still in his hands, he kissed her forehead. She loved this old man, he reminded her so much of her own, long dead father. He opened the door to the small room and her mother came rushing in, long black streaks down her face from her makeup smearing from her tears. She started crying all over again.

“My poor baby!” She gasped between sobs.

“I’m alright mother, enough with the theatrics.” Shiloh patted her mother’s hand, her wailing was already getting annoying. She didn’t stop, didn’t seem to hear her adult daughter. “Mother!” Shiloh said more sharply, Brynn stopped, except for some sniffling. Vector lead Kianna into the room, who ran up and jumped onto the bed, grasping her big sister in a bear hug. Shiloh looked at the relief and happiness of her sisters face, she had come to love her dearly in the week she had been there. It was an easy love, open and warm, like it had always been there. Her eyes never left the slight skinny girl on her bed.

“Mother, Kianna is not to go to Korriban.” She said, everyone in the room raised an eyebrow.

“But…she has the force?” Brynn sputtered.

Shiloh wondered if the force was the warmth she felt whenever Kianna was near, the feeling of peace. When she was around Sith, all she felt was dread and turbulence. She was resolute. She did not speak to her mother, she wasn’t asking permission, it was a statement. She spoke directly to her sister.

“The Sith, with take you, and twist you little sister, turn you into something dark, and evil, and if you resist, they will kill you. I will not see your spirit broken and I will not see you die for the love and compassion in your heart. You are too good for them.” Kianna nodded, solemnly. “So little sister, I’ll offer you a choice. Go home to Csilla with mother, or come with me, and I will bring you to the Jedi. They will see your good heart, and your smile and your love, and they will use those parts of you to make you strong.”

Seven year old Kianna thought on what her sister said, leaned down and hugged her, smelling the clean smell of her dark blue hair, listened to her beating heart. She closed her eyes and saw her broken, bloody, all she knew was that a Sith had ordered her away, and she had returned broken. She didn’t like that, she wanted to be like her sister, be something more, she felt very grown up. She looked her sister in the eyes, red on red.

“I want to be a jedi.” She said. Shiloh hugged her close again.

Brynn did not like being ignored, “I’m her mother, I will not have her sent to the Republic!”

Shiloh turned then, “No, you would have sent her into the Rancors den to be twisted and corrupted, blissfully ignorant. She has a gift, this girl, and you don’t seem to see it, you are so wrapped up in yourself that you can’t see her beauty, her gentle spirit, can you even feel it when you’re near her? She deserves so much more then what you’re willing to give her. You sent me away to the Empire when I was a girl, away from my father, away from everything I once knew, and I was made hard, I’ve been cruel. I live in a world where more often than not death is a mercy. Would you like to know my mission? How I came to be so hurt? A Sith Lord ordered me to kill a newborn baby, barely three days old, her death was ordered because she wasn’t born force sensitive. Had her father not stopped me…I don’t know if I would have pulled the trigger, I’d like to think not, but I might have….What kind of person does that make me? This is what the Sith do. They make good people do bad things, until they are no longer good people.” She held onto her sister tightly, protectively. “I am not a good person, I have done evil things, I will not let the same thing happen to my sister. I will do this one good thing, and you will not stop me.”

Brynn looked down at her hands, “I didn’t know.”

Shiloh, swallowed the hurt she wanted to fling back at her mother, she remembers the letter she wrote while she was at the academy, begging to come back home, so frightened, so like Kianna she had been.

“No you didn’t” she took her mother’s hand and squeezed it, she knew her mother loved the two of them, in her own strange selfish way, and despite it all Shiloh loved her right back. “Go home to Csilla, let me take care of this. I won’t let any harm come to her.”

Brynn then wrapped her arms around both of her daughters, “I’m so sorry. Forgive me girls, please forgive me.”

Kianna wrapped her skinny arms around her mother, “It’s ok mommy.”

“Lokin, Can you see to it, that my mother is on the next transport to Csilla.” Lokin nodded, and left the room.

“Vector, contact Scorpio on the ship, have her prep it, we leave in the morning.” Shiloh looked down and smiled at her sister. Kianna would be so much more than her.

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06.27.2012 , 07:56 AM | #36

The lights in the hangar flickered then went out. The entire hangar went dark, Ainsley could hear the other captives talking, questions. She felt a strong hand on her arm, she jumped a little.

“Shh it’s just me, where’s that bag, I have a feeling things are about to get loud.” Lieutenant Iresso whispered in her ear.

Mitka cooed in the sling, Ainsley patted her bum, then felt for the diaper bag, grabbed the pistols inside. She heard something fall metal on metal, then another, and another.

“Get down, close your eyes!” Iresso covered her with his arms, then hiss, pop, pop, pop. She heard people screaming then. “Flash grenades, looks like the cavalry is here.” He cocked the pistol. Ainsley opened her eyes, the backup lights were on, casting soft yellow lights at regular intervals throughout the hangar. She saw Akaavi grabbing at her face, went over to her to reassure her, then handed her the other pistol. She heard the fast armored footsteps of troopers filing in. The hangar was then alight with blaster fire, reds, greens and blues. Mitka whimpered. Ainsley was never one to hide from a fight, but she couldn’t risk it, not with her baby.



It was a last ditch effort from the terrorist group, go down, but take everyone with them. Akaavi, took down three guards heading their way, Iresso took down another two, then focused his fire on the guards heading for the other slave pens. Ainsley felt hands grab her from behind, pulling her back, she slamed into the bars with a thud, her body protecting her daughter. She grabed the hand on her shoulder, twisting it as she spun around. Kicked right through the bars, heard a crunch, as her boot connected with her intended target. While her assailant was doubled over, she kicked again, this time connecting with face. He went down.

She saw the Nautolan running for a nearby shuttle, flanked by two of his compatriots.

“Take him DOWN!”

He managed to get into the shuttle, she heard the engine warming up.

There was a huge explosion then as a shuttle burst into flames, she felt the heat on her back as she shielded Mitka.

It ended as quickly as it started as the rest of the Peoples Freedom laid down their arms and surrendered.

A tall man, battle hardened, with a bushy mustache approached their cell and unlocked it. Iresso’s eyes widened Ainsley noticed.

“Thank you Captain Tavus, good to see Havoc has our back.”

The older soldier smiled at him, Iresso, gave him a crisp salute.

“Commander, survivors.” A slight Mirilan woman came up behind Tavus.

“Take care of them Wraith.”

Ainsley checked on Mitka who had somehow fallen asleep in the commotion. She knew then without question this was her child, only one of hers and Corso’s could fall asleep to blaster fire. She smiled gently rubbing her back affectionately.

“Come on Akaavi, let’s fuel up and get out of here.” Ainsley turned to Iresso. “Felix, if there’s anything I can do for you, just ask.”

Iresso was coming back from talking to another officer, a frown on his face.

“Actually, there is something. “

Thanks to the insurrection, much of the infrastructure, and a good number of commercial ships had been dismantled or destroyed, it would take the Hutts at least three more weeks to get off planet trade back on track. Tython wasn’t too far from Dantooine. Ainsley agreed to drop Iresso off.

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07.01.2012 , 08:16 AM | #37

Tython’s space station was busy, the monthly resupply shuttle was on its way to the surface, there was a freighter already docked, and an unknown vessel was requesting permission to dock. Iresso, thanked Captain Ainsley for her trouble, she had refused to come down to the surface, anxious to get back to her own home, they parted ways promising to keep in touch, each deciding the other was a valuable ally to have.

Felix loaded onto the shuttle bound for the surface, along with a handful of young children escorted by an kind elderly Jedi, and a couple of knights. The children were trying their very hardest to put on a brave face but even without the force Iresso could tell they were frightened, the youngest among them couldn’t have been older than four. He dug through his pack, looking for the box of taffy he had picked up for Elliah, opened it, and offered the sweet sticky confections to the children. Their eyes went wide, the youngest grabbed one without thinking, the other’s first waiting for permission from the old Jedi, who nodded. After the children had grabbed their handfuls, Felix offered the candies to the remaining adult Jedi, like Elliah, he knew they didn’t often get such treats, it was why he had bought her a box. The knights declined, but the elderly Jedi gingerly took one, a sparkle in his eyes, almost childlike in his enthusiasm.

“Thank you for your kindness Lieutenant.” He spoke softly before popping the chewy taffy into his mouth.

Felix only smiled, the children would arrive at the temple with sticky fingers but hopeful hearts, he hoped their transition would be smooth. He pocketed the remaining sweets, a small handful left for his beloved.

On the surface of the planet, Elliah was back up at the waterfall with a team of jedi. A strong young Mirilan had repelled down the slick cliff beside the waterfall. She reached out with the force again, still feeling Avacynne’s presence nearby. Yet the Mirilan retuned with nothing, Elliah spied the cave that led to the forge, the place ready Padawans ventured to build their first light saber. It was a dangerous place, riddled with ancient droids and flesh raiders. She wondered. Her thoughts were interrupted when Master Shan called her back to the Temple. There were to be 5 new students arriving today, her duty was to welcome them. The first few hours at the Temple were critical for new younglings, they were so full of fear, those hours were to be used to quell that fear and give them strength. She grit her teeth as she sent her team to check the path to the forge. She made her way to the landing pad, duty first.

Rateah and Avacynne moved as ghosts through the temple grounds, they had finally spied what they were after, the resupply shuttle had landed that morning, unloading it’s goods. It would be loaded up with honey, cured nerf meat, fruits from the orchards and other sundry items produced by Kalicori village and the Temple. These items were sent out to the greater galaxy to be traded, the profits returning to the Jedi and the Twilek settlers to help with the upkeep of the lands and infrastructure. The plan was for the two girls to stow away with the food, they wouldn’t starve and they would get off on the first largely populated planet to start their new life. They hid behind a small wall, and waited, Rateah’s small body focused, straining her, it was a lot to ask of a young girl, but they would not be caught, not this time, this time they would leave.

Elliah waited for the personnel transport, when it touched down, she saw four small figures, one holding fast to Master Ansades hand. Then behind them, Felix. It took all her training and will not to run to him and throw herself into his arms, to cry, the relief of seeing his calm smiling face was nearly overwhelming. She forced her attention back to the four youths now before her. She knelt down to their level, open friendly smile on her face, and welcomed them. She had been told there would be five new students, and wondered where the fifth was. Elderly Master Ansades shook his head, he had not been charged to collect a fifth.

“She’s coming down in the next transport Master Elliah” offered the ensign who was part of the space station shuttle crew.

“Thank you Ensign.”

Ansades brought the four to the dormitories. Elliah was infinitely grateful for the time with Felix while she waited. He came to stand beside her, and her hand found his and squeezed. His familiar scent, smile, aura brought her peace.

“Thank the Force you’re here. I was starting to get worried.”

“There were some complications, but I made some new friends, I’ll tell you all about it, later, but nothing could keep me from you.” He squeezed her hand again, “when can we be alone?” His thumb made slow circles on her hand, he had to play by the rules the Jedi had set out for them if he wanted to be with her, but stars all he wanted was to hold her, and kiss those beautiful lips of hers. Feel her body in his arms, touch her…He missed the days they had spent on her ship, days they didn’t have to worry about the council, days he could grab her up, take her to their shared room and lock the door without a second thought.

“Soon Felix, I promise.” His ardor was hard to ignore, and as much as she desired him, she needed his help to find her missing younglings.

Finally the second personnel transport touched down, two Chiss, an adult and a child stepped out, followed by a human, with dark black pupiless eyes, Elliah remembered those eyes from her time On Alderaan, a Joiner. They had an armed escort, she saw the child’s aura first, it was bright, strong. She let go of Felix’s hand and stepped forward to greet them.

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Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who's been reading this. Also have a wonderful Canada Day, even if you aren't Canadian, Ima go get my drink on now <3<3

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yay more story!! Elliah and Iresso are so sweet together

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Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who's been reading this. Also have a wonderful Canada Day, even if you aren't Canadian, Ima go get my drink on now <3<3
Weeeee! For Canada Day!

And thanks for the new story piece =D
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