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Force of Wills

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06.12.2012 , 02:12 PM | #21
Let's not worry about the part where Ardyth isn't present in her chapter shall we?!

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06.13.2012 , 03:23 AM | #22
So good. You may yet make a Quinn fan out of me

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06.13.2012 , 08:38 AM | #23

Shiloh slipped her mask on, despite the pains he had taken to cover his tracks, she had picked up his scent, it was her job to find the hidden. Discover truths. She was good at it, she was the best, she both loved and hated her work, loved the puzzles, loved unraveling the clues. More often than not though, she hated the truths. She had discovered many truths in her career, about the Empire, about the Republic, about those that rule on both sides, and both sides were ugly. Thoughts drifted to her sister, her shy demeanor, her easy smile, her kind heart. She would be chewed up, spit out and crushed on Korriban, she would most likely die there, deemed weak for her compassionate heart. Her mother was a fool. Shiloh would fly her to Tython herself, as dangerous as it would be, the Jedi were far from perfect, but they would not kill Kianna for failure, they would nurture her, not condemn her for her sweet nature.

She pushed it out of her mind. Today she was tasked with murdering an innocent child, a mere babe in arms. Shiloh had not yet decided if she would go through with it. If after the Smuggler left she would simply let Quinn go. Lords Ardyth and Kaervrek would not know, it was a huge risk to take. Regardless she had followed the trail here, to this hangar, she spied a perfect birds nest, switched on her stealth field generator and climbed into the rafters to wait for her quarry.

The large freighter landed first. Shiloh, shot a homing beacon onto the hull, with her wrist attachment, the stealth field shimmered in the dust, but she remained hidden. A woman of about 30 stepped out, long duster, blonde hair, Cyborg, with extensive cybernetic enhancements on her right eye and face, with a well muscled red Zabrak, Mandalorian. Captain Ainsley Isiz and Akaavi Spar. The ship was inspected by three young Imperial officers, all seemed to check out. Not long after Malavai Quinn stepped into the hangar, with the Twilek Vette. Shiloh knew them both, personally, her and Vector had been invited to dine with the Emperor’s Wrath on more than one occasion. She respected Quinn immensely, she had hoped that she would not have been able to pick up his trail, and it had been a difficult trail to pick up.

She looked through the scope, read each parties lips. Waited. The child entered her scope, tiny, wrapped in a blanket, Quinn held her, there was no clear shot, Shiloh clenched her jaw, she had to decide.

White hot pain lanced through her, her whole body bent as she reached for her knee, she felt herself falling, she hit the metal floor with a grunt, the breath knocked out of her. She tried to breath in, once, twice, finally her lungs started working again, but her mask was too tight.

“Quinn we’ve got someone up here” Vette yelled down.

Shiloh looked up, two pistol barrels trained at her head.

“Up” the Twilek commanded her.

Shiloh struggled to her feet, her knee had a hole in it, she could smell her burnt flesh, the second she put weight on it, the pain flared white again, her stomach turned, but she held it. She limped forward, ahead of Vette, her mask still on, she breathed hard, a new pain coming from her side. A cracked rib maybe? When she got to Quinn, she noticed more guns out, the Mandalorian there now, large techstaff in hand, large bulbous and heavy looking ends. Lovely. One of them came down on her good leg, forcing her to her knees, sharp intake of breath, black spots in front of her eyes, or was it her mask? Her mask was ripped off, along with a handful of hair, but she was glad for the fresh air. For about five seconds, then all eyes were on her. She was relieved of her vibroblade, two pistols, 3 smoke grenades, her stealth generator and her second rifle. No one could ever argue Shiloh wasn’t prepared for all situations. Except for Twileks who could see through stealth generators.

“Cipher 9” Quinn looked at her, an emotionless look on his face.

“former” Shiloh corrected him, that earned her the back end of a pistol to the face. Now she tasted blood.

“You know her?” Asked Isiz, her pistols still drawn, one on Quinn and one on her.

“Yes but I didn’t hire her” Quinn looked at her then, expectant.

“You’re wife, Quinn, and her father. They wanted to ensure that you would do your duty, barring that, I was to do it in your stead.” She looked up at the Smuggler, “Never marry a Sith Pureblood, they’re a twisted lot.”

“No kidding” Ainsley agreed.

Quinn handed the baby to Vette, looked at Shiloh, put his hands around her neck and bent very closely, his lips brushing against her ear as her spoke. “I am going to kill you.”His hand squeezed, and then his other fist was on her, she saw stars, then again, and again. Shiloh was on the floor now, her nerves on fire, nothing but pain filled her thoughts, while Captain Malavai Quinn viciously assaulted his daughters would be assassin. There was fire in his eyes, his perfectly combed black hair tussled and out of place. His normally expressionless face, twisted in anger. Shiloh understood, she had threatened his child. She would have done the same to anyone who would have threatened one of her own. The three women looked on, not moving a muscle to help, all equally disgusted with someone who would kill a three day old infant. There was cold durasteel against her temple, she heard the the high pitched sound of the blaster charging.

“You don’t want to kill me” She choked out, she spit blood to help her lips and mouth form words, to keep breathing.

“I’m pretty sure he does sweetheart” Ainsley said matter of factly. “And if the good Captain wasn’t, I sure as hell would be. This is the kind of job you say no to, Blue, just some friendly advice before he puts a hole in your head”

“Lord…Ardyth is expecting my report, in person. If I don’t report to her, she’ll know. She’ll send another.” Shiloh waited, Lord Ardyth wasn’t expecting an in person report, but Shiloh honestly didn’t want to die, she had to take care of Kianna, she wanted to see Vector again, she would be needing another massage after this. She twisted, to look up at Quinn, barrel pressing painfully against her temple, boring a hole. She saw his eye twitch, recognition, mind working, chewing on her words.

“You will report to my wife that I did my duty, that I buried our child beside my mother in an unmarked grave” His voice was hoarse, but his composure was returning. He looked down at her, only one answer would do.

“Yes sir” Shiloh managed back, and she meant it, piss on the Sith, she was no baby killer, she vowed never to take on a target that was too young to legally drink. Her nose was bleeding she noted absently, broken too….she had such a pretty nose, the back of his pistol came down towards her, hard, Black spots, gave way to stars, then white, then blessedly the pain fell back as her eyes rolled, she passed out.

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06.13.2012 , 09:10 PM | #24
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06.15.2012 , 08:27 AM | #25

Ainsley watched the Chiss assassin go down with a thud, her chest moving up and down, still alive, her right eye swelling shut. She thought of her husband then, and how despite the fact that she was out to murder a baby, Corso wouldn’t have raised a finger to her. She considered Quinn, this born and bred Imperial, fixing the cuffs of his shirt, she saw cufflinks under that long black leather jacket he wore, cufflinks, Ainsley wondered if he even owned a t-shirt.

“We cannot linger here” He said crisply, tenderly taking the baby. He moved towards her, and Ainsley reached out her arms to take the small, still sleeping bundle. He stared at her for a long time, and her heart broke for him.

“Where will you take her?” he asked quietly.

“There’s a great orphanage on Coruscant, run by some really wonderful people, they have a 90% placement rate, the highest in the republic, probably the galaxy. From what I’ve been told the 10% that isn’t placed with families still get a top notch education and move on to be active and positive members of society, I’m pretty sure the woman who runs the place was raised there. New Beginnings is what they’re called.”

Quinn nodded, eyes never leaving his daughters sleeping face. Ainsley hesitated for a moment then put a hand on his shoulder, he looked up, his cool blue eyes shining, he was fighting hard to keep it together. “I’ll keep tabs on her. From one parent to another, I promise you, she’ll be loved!”

Then Malavai Quinn said something entirely out of character for him, “Thank you.” He placed her in Ainsleys arms, kissed his daughters forehead, and whispered “I love you”.

“Go now, I’ll take care of this mess” He nodded towards the crumpled, unconscious woman on the floor.

Ainsley turned and left, no more words to be spoken. Baby Mitka was so light in her arms, that new baby smell tickling her nose, she sighed.

Well after they had jumped to hyperspace, those little yellow eyes blinked open, they searched for those familiar blue eyes, his soft voice that she knew so well, her tummy rumbled, and she started to cry, little hands balled into fists, little legs kicking their displeasure.

Ainsley, had the bottle warmed and ready, “Shhhh, baby girl, it’s ok, it’s ok”. Mitka gulped it down, examining this new person, her little red hands flew up, and Ainsley offered her finger. Mitka grabbed hold of it, eyes still on Ainsleys face. They walked to the bridge together, Ainsley cooing quietly to her the entire time. It felt good to hold her, this little one who had lost everything just for the way she was born. Ainsley traced around her face, she gurgled and kicked her legs happily, they sat on the bridge like that for a couple of hours until Mitka fell asleep again.

She crept quietly back to her room, where she had set up the crib, and gently put her down. She watched her sleep a little while longer, then made her way to the holo room where Akaavi was reading.

“I’m in trouble” Ainsley announced.

Akaavi raised an eyebrow and put down the datapad. “Oh?”

“There’s no way I could ever give that baby up.” She threw her hand up in the air, “I swore, I was done having kids after Cohen was born, but…..This girl…I can’t. I made a promise to that she would be loved, and that red skin of hers, in the republic.” Ainsley knew Mitka would have a hard time growing up. The republic welcomed all alien species, but one look at that red skin and those ridges and most people would reject her.

“What about Corso?”

“Are you kidding? This is Corso Riggs, he won’t care, he wanted a daughter so bad, and was so sad when I said enough. He’ll be over the moons, he could give to ***** if she’s a pureblood.” Her husband, with the giant heart, always bringing home stray kittens he found in the field. He wouldn’t turn away a baby who had lost it’s parents. He couldn’t. He would love her as much as she loved her now. The boys could use a sister, she thought. She changed her route on the Navicomputer. It would take longer, they would need to stop to refuel, pick up some more baby supplies, but they were going straight home to Dantooine instead of Coruscant. Ainsley missed them suddenly, an ache in her chest, her three boys.

“We’ll make a quick stop on Nar Shaaddaa for fuel, baby stuff and some food, Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours” She told Akaavi, as they settled in for a game of Paazak. They would be home within the week.

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06.15.2012 , 08:45 AM | #26
Ooooooh! My goodness, my goodness!
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06.17.2012 , 08:54 AM | #27

Avacynne got out of her bunk in the youngling dormitories, she would normally go wake Teah, but tonight she had other plans. She had finally figured out where it was, the records room, where they kept birth records, death records. She wanted to know their names, her parents, the ones that abandoned her. She wanted to find them, see their faces and ask them why, why didn’t they want her. The temple was quiet, with a handful of sentries keeping watch at night. There was now sentries posted at the dormitory doors, thanks to Avacynne and Rateah’s antics, Ava wasn’t heading for the door anyways, she climbed up the window ledge, planted her hands and legs into the familiar grooves, and climbed up, she saw the dark outline of the window she was heading to, and she climbed up, with the confidence and nimbleness of one who had done this many times.

Elliah, couldn’t sleep, she felt off balance. She had meditated and stretched as she normally did, but she still felt restless, she missed Felix, had he been there, he would have taken care of her restlessness, he would have tired her out and they would have both been sleeping quite happily by now. He was still on Nar Shaddaa, not much had changed in a week, the spacedocks were being held captive by an extremist anti Cartel group. That was all they had discovered, diplomacy was not going well. She got up and wrapped a robe around her, maybe a walk would help.

Lieutenant Felix Iresso, signaled with his hands to the other republic troops creeping quietly towards their objective. Two guards, one sniper above, flank left. He pulled out his vibroknife, they didn’t want to lose the element of surprise, a squad had already been taken, three dead, the rest captives, with the rest of the civilians who had been unfortunate enough to be in the spaceport at the time the terrorists had attacked. The sergeant gave the signal and the two soldiers popped up, grabbing the guards from behind, the vibroknife slide across flesh, silent, the only noise being the soft wet gurgling of blood as the man died. Felix would have felt bad for the Peoples Freedom, had they not resorted to terrorist tactics, they had bombed the Promenade, and rigged the spaceports to blow. They had captured and killed a Hutt, on a live holo feed no less, which ended all chances for diplomacy, they had taken hostages, and were now threatening to start executing them if they’re demands weren’t met. The demands being the complete and total dismantling of the Hutt Cartel, for them to return Hutta to the Evocii, and for each and every Hutt to stand trial for their crimes. It was never going to happen. The third soldier reached the sniper, then gave the signal for the all clear. The pressed on towards their third bomb, they needed to dismantle it and four more before they could make a move to save the hostages, and take down the leadership. It was shaping up to be a long night.

Avacynne climbed back into the Temple, on the top floor. She spied a knight out for a late night walk, and ducked into the shadows, he stopped furrowed his brows, stood a moment longer and kept walking. She padded softly towards the door she was looking for, hugging the walls. The door was unguarded, the jedi used the honor code, trusting each other to do what was right. Ava smiled, and slid her small body into the large room. Holocrons, hundreds, maybe thousands of them, lined the walls and tall shelves. Ava bite her lower lip, there was a terminal, she went to it, needing to get up on her tippy toes to see. She searched her name, and was given the location of the pertinent holocron, she made her way to where it was stored.

Elliah walked the halls, and met a young Twilek knight when she reached the top floor, he nodded kindly to her, and they exchanged pleasantries. He was being sent to Balmorra the following day to help with the reconstruction, it was his first assignment, and he was anxious. Elliah wished him well, and the two parted. She walked the wide circle of the upper level, and she almost missed it, the door to the records room was ajar. She poked her head in, looked around the large dark room, and called out, “Hello?”, there was no answer, she spied a blinking terminal, Master Minah was getting old, Elliah remembered and probably forgot about it. She went in to turn it off.

Felix and the rest of his squad reached the final bomb, it had been a grim business, but it was almost over, they were that much closer to bringing the insurrection to a close, and he was that much closer to getting back to Elliah. Their bomb specialist went to work dismantling it, he covered the way they came. Some minutes later, he heard the crack of the arming mechanism being crushed underfoot by the bomb specialist. The bombs were too big to transport, but they left them inert, the major components broken, so that they could not be re-armed, at least not quickly he had been assured. He heard them before he saw them, the heavy footsteps of more terrorists. “We have company.”

Avacynne wasn’t alone, she heard the voice, the footsteps inside the big room. She was half way up one of the giant shelves, unable to bring the holocron down to her using the force, she froze, daring not to breath. Her heart was pounding in her head. She was running out of time, so she crept quietly up, she could see it, just out of reach, a little higher, her fingers brushed the softly glowing cube, a little more, and she was grasping it in her hand. As quickly as her free three limbs could carry her, she scrambled down, cradling the holocron, careful not to make a sound, careful, so careful. She heard footsteps, coming closer, she needed a terminal, she had come so far, she needed to know, she had to get the information she had come here for.

Elliah’s heart dropped, the name in the search was Avacynne Auren, She knew then what was happening, what that little girl was after, she wanted to know who her parents were, Elliah had to stop her, it would only cause more pain, she hurried to the location the terminal had identified, it was already gone.

“Avacynne? Please stop, this will only cause pain.” She called out, hoping the small girl would listen. “Avacynne, I know you’re in here, return the holocron, let’s talk.” She turned a corner in the back of the room, she saw her, such a tiny figure, the holocron was in the terminal, displaying it’s contents. “Avacynne, come away from there.” Elliah spoke gently, she saw her little body, shoulder shaking, she found what she was looking for and she was crying. She came closer, was going to put an arm around the little girls shoulders, she spun around, and Elliah could feel the anger, the pain, the hurt.

“It’s you” Anguish in Avacynnes voice. “You, you’re my mother, what did I do?” she wailed, “why didn’t you want me?”

Elliah was stunned, was she really her daughter? Her heart went out, her memories, the birth, her own pain of losing her, thinking what she did was for the best.

“I wanted you more then life itself child” Elliah dropped to her knees, “but I was in no position to give you the life you deserved, I broke into a million pieces the day I gave birth to you, but I knew you would have a better life in the temple, then with a single poor teenage mother. I had nothing , I had no one, and I think about the baby I gave up every day, I looked for you everywhere I went, I didn’t even know I had a daughter until just now.” Elliah wanted to take this troubled girl in her arms, hold her forever.

“I hate you” Avacynne spat out, and she ran, she ran as hard as her skinny legs would take her, tears falling down her cheeks, she had to get out, she wanted to leave, she hated her, with all her heart, all she ever wanted was a mother and a father who loved her, and she chose this, the jedi, the force, instead of her, her mother didn’t want her and she hated her for it.

Elliah took the holocron out of the terminal, and there mocking her, where the names, Elliah Doolaaren and Kahrn Gideion, followed by Avacynne Auren – Daughter. Her heart broken, raw as the day she gave birth to that tiny baby.

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06.17.2012 , 03:46 PM | #28
I'm in suspense!
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06.18.2012 , 09:18 AM | #29

Quinn watched the freighter take off, his daughter safely aboard, he allowed himself a moment of relief. Ardyth would not reach her. He looked down at the Chiss agent, Shiloh, he rolled her over with his booted foot. Her breathing was shallow, angry red purple bruises on her face, the wound on her knee was oozing, he observed her with the skilled eyes of a field medic and pulled out his kolto injector, and gave her the bare minimum, to slow any infection that might take root. He then slung her over his shoulder and headed for the door.

“What about the birds?” Vette inquired, chirping at the brightly feathered chicks.

Quinn pulled out his blaster with his free hand, and with two decisive and well aimed shots, killed them both. “They didn’t survive the journey” then holstered his weapon.

“I was STANDING right there Quinn!! A little warning!” Vette whined and chased after him

They made it through the spaceport with the unconscious Chiss, with little to no questions, assassination attempts were common place on Drummond Kass, and the Emperor’s Wrath had more than her fair share of enemies, an attempt on her husbands’ life was expected. They got into the speeder hefting the limp body into the back seat and left. Quinn pulled over on the lonely Jungle road, it was prime Mandalorian hunting ground, with a healthy Gundark population. Quinn took Shiloh out of the back seat, both getting soaked in the downpour, he left her on the side of the road.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to kill her?” Vette asked curiously.

“I didn't”

Ardyth was sitting at her vanity, putting an ornate golden piercing through a cheek ridge, the effect was lovely, accenting her bright yellow eyes, and her cheek bones. Simple black trousers, a dangerously low cut blue blouse and a long sleeved black bolero, she smelled of temple lily perfume, a scent reserved for sith. Her gold jewelry tinkled gently when she turned her head to see her husband, soaking wet and muddy.

“Malavai?!” she said, taken aback. It was rare to see him less then perfectly presented.

He peeled the wet clothing off and Ardyth admired the view, she would need to wait, her body needed time to recover from the birth, but watching his lean and well muscled body move, droplets falling from his hair, meandering down his chest, her passion and desire flared. Ardyth looked forward to trying to get pregnant again. His cool blue eyes caught hers, and he gave her an intense look, she could feel anger in him, passion, pain even, the business of the abomination had been difficult on him, but he was strong, she stood up. Quinn held a towel around his waist, wanting a hot shower. They were expected for lunch with his father in law. Ardyth ran a finger up his cool chest, wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and kissed him, tasting his suppressed emotions, hate mingled with love, disgust mingled with desire. Ardyth took perverted joy in his conflict. He was hers, this man, hopelessly hers, even when he hated her with his whole being, he loved her. Ardyth remembers the feelings well, she had felt as he felt once. He would get no pity from her.

“Go take your shower, my husband, father is expecting us in two hours.” She breathed into his ear. She left him in their chamber, standing naked, towel at his feet, boiling in emotion.


Lord Kaervrek waited at the restaurant tall, imposing, emanating dark energy, he was darkly handsome, his deep red hair had flecks of grey, great silver beads adorned his cheek tendrils, and when he smiled it was the smile of a predator. He saw his daughter on the arm of her husband, she walked with grace and confidence, her husband was in tailored pants and jacket, his shirt was tailored as well, the top button of his shirt was undone, after all lunches were casual, he matched her stride for stride, head held high. When they reached him, Ardyth embraced her father, kissing his cheeks. Quinn gave a respectful bow. Kaervrek still had his doubts about him, but his daughters power flared brightly when she was with him. He would be tolerated. His rank however would not be.

When they were seated and a bottle of wine ordered, he tossed the Major pin on the table. “My son in law, and the husband of one of the most powerful Siths in the Empire, needs a rank fitting of his stature, you will be a Moff one day Malavai.”

Ardyth smiled, both her and her father had lobbied high command to promote Quinn, she was pleased they came through, it had been an easy choice, yes, she had influenced the decision, but Quinn was also a gifted officer, deserving of the new rank.

“Thank you, my Lord” Quinn took the pin in hand, he rubbed his thumb over the insignia, he felt dirty, it was ill gotten, but he was pleased none the less, Moff, Moff Quinn, he was more than qualified, High command would be stupid not to give him such a posting. His name was rising, his pride and ambition, puffed him up. He took his glass of red wine, and toasted with his wife and father in law. He would be alright, more than alright, he and Ardyth would have more children, their plans would get back on track.

His daughter was alive and safe, as was he, the Emperor was just.

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06.18.2012 , 01:47 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
Ardyth ran a finger up his cool chest, wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and kissed him, tasting his suppressed emotions, hate mingled with love, disgust mingled with desire. Ardyth took perverted joy in his conflict. He was hers, this man, hopelessly hers, even when he hated her with his whole being, he loved her. Ardyth remembers the feelings well, she had felt as he felt once. He would get no pity from her.
THIS.... OMG THIS.... incredible.