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Force of Wills

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06.04.2012 , 01:08 PM | #1
This is going to be my first true attempt at Fan fiction, I feel bolstered by the positive feedback I've been receiving from what I have posted so far, and a story is forming in my head, that I would like to share. The first 2 parts some of you may have read before, but for simplicity sake I'm going to post them here as well for a more complete feel.

There will be some light spoilers in regard to the Sith Warrior, Smuggler, Imperial Agent, and Consular stories, as those characters will have already gone through the events that take place in the game.

Main Characters: Lord Ardyth, Emperor's Wrath - Malavai Quinn, Vette
Ainsley, Smuggler - Corso Riggs, Akaavi Spar, Risha (Could be all 5, not sure yet)
Shiloh, Former Imperial agent, now freelance. - Vector, Kaliyo, Dr. Lokin
Elliah, Barsen'thor of the Jedi order - Lt Iresso, Nadia

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06.04.2012 , 01:09 PM | #2

On a large homestead on Dantooine, It's dusk and the sky glows pink in the sunset, Corso Riggs is walking along his land checking the fence, making mental notes in his head of which sections need repairing. The ship he knows so well is sitting on the landing pad, quiet, also needing some work. It's been nearly three years since he and his wife settled on Dantooine, started a family and left the hyper lanes behind.

Corso opens the hatch and makes his way to the cockpit, knowing that's where she would be. Her blonde hair glows in the fading light, he loves her, even more then the day they met, but his heart is breaking looking at her. Ainsley doesn't hear him come in, she's sitting in the captains chair, hands on the stick, eyes closed, remembering.

"She'll be good to fly tomorrow?"

Corso's voice snapped her out of her day dream.

"Yeah, I'll drop Akaavi off at Fleet and head home, should just take a day. I'll be home in time to tuck the boys into bed"

"Why don't you go with her?"

"Go with Akaavi Spar on a Mandalorian hunting expedition? did you just suggest that?"

Corso pulled her out of her chair, looking into her eyes, dead serious.

"I am, Darlin, you havn't done more then fleet runs for family and friends for the last 3 years. I know what you gave up when you came here with me to raise the boys. I know you miss the fast life, I know you miss the adventure, and Akaavi already offered to bring you."

"But, you and the kids, Cohen's only 2..."

"and he'll miss his mama, but he'll be fine. You need this Ainsley! You've been a ghost, and I miss my wife. So go"

He hugged her tight, and gave her a deep long kiss that took her breath away, "just don't forget to come back."

They walked back to the house hand in hand. Corso not wanting to let go, because he honestly didn't know if she would come back.

Ainsley smiled, and that almost forgotten feeling of anticipation gripped her heart.

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06.04.2012 , 01:09 PM | #3

Ardyth channeled the force, her red face was slick with sweat, her bright yellow eyes, blood shot , yet determined. Quinn held fast to her hand, supporting her back through every contraction while she pushed and labored to bring their child into the world.

Malavai Quinn, was a mess of nerves, excited, yet anxious, eager to finally meet their first child, his hand had gone numb nearly an hour ago from holding Ardyths.

"The babe is crowning Ardyth, my love, you're almost there!", Quinn glanced down to where the midwife waited to catch their precious cargo.

Ardyth pushed one final push, roaring with the effort, and she felt the rest of her baby escape her womb. The child was placed on her mothers chest right away, naked and slick and screaming her first breath. The midwife went to work cleaning the baby off, and looking after what came next.

"It's a girl! My love we have a daughter! You amaze me my dear." Quinn was elated, happy was too weak a word, he noticed the red skin, and the ridges on his tiny daughters face. Pureblood! Her little eyes opened to meet her mothers, bright yellow. He loved her instantly.

Ardyth held the now quiet child, and frowned, she tried again to reach through the force to commune with her newborn daughter but was met with nothing. She tried a second, then third, then fourth time, as her worst fears took over. She had a pureblood child who was not force sensitive, abomination.

"Take it off me" Ardyth couln't look at her, she was disgusted, ashamed. How could the Emporor's Wrath bear an abomination. It was a bad dream.

Quinn tenderly picked up his daughter, swaddled her and simply stared in amazement at this perfect little being in his arms. "Her, it's a girl love"

"No Malavai, it is an abomination, this is no pureblood, it's not force sensitive", She spat out the words, rage, shame and sadness, she fought back the tears, feeling like an utter failure.

Quinn felt dumb, could not comprehend what his wife just said. "But...we always said if our child was not force sensitive, that we would send it to the military acadamy, she will simply follow in my footsteps.."

"NO, That creature is an abomination, Malavai! If she had been born without the red markings, appeared more human, then there would be no problem, but she was born with the royal markings, but can not use the force....The only thing she is fit for is slavery or death."

The baby started to cry startled by the sudden yelling.


Quinn reluctantly handed his daughter over to a waiting nurse.

Ardyth closed her eyes, and held out her hand for her husband to take. Quinn took it, numb.

"Take care of this problem for me, I'm too tired to do it myself"



" lord"

Quinn left his wifes birthing suite, the nurse handed his daughter back to him, with a look of sad pity on her face, she did not envy him. She quieted in his arms.

"Your name is Mitka, and I love you"

He absently stroked her wispy black hair a top her head, her big yellow eyes stared up at him in awe. He found himself in an all too familiar dilemma. Love or Duty. Love for his daughter or duty to his wife.

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06.04.2012 , 01:11 PM | #4

“Your aura wavers tonight, is something wrong?” Vector asked his lovely, wife? Fiancée? Partner? Whatever she was, she was his, and he was hers, despite the hive mind, despite the republic mind games, despite the empire, they were each others. His strong hands glided along her pale blue skin, he found another source of the waver in her aura, and worked the knot out of her shoulder.

“mmmmmmm” was all Shiloh could muster in response.

His hands slid down and worked her lower back, she spent far too much time hunched over her data pad. He finished her massage and waited patiently for her to stir out of the coma like trance he had put her in. He watched the interplay of her aura with the candle light, he inhaled her scent that now intermingled with the scent of the massage oil, he sighed.

Shiloh stretched and rolled over to face the person who she could only describe as her soul mate, She was filled with desire for him, his black eyes sparkled as he smiled, leaned forward, and kissed her. Her kiss grew needy, and it was her turn to sigh.

Shiloh woke to the sound of rain falling outside, and to her surprise a birdsong, she did not hear it often on Drummond Kaas. She got out of bed and looked out her window stealing Vectors robe off the floor and wrapping herself in it. She drew back the curtains and let the dim grey light in, and decided then that they needed a vacation, to somewhere sunny. Vector was of course out of bed, on the covered balcony communing with the hive, she watched him, her strange lover, but her mind wandered back to the holo she had received from her mother. Shiloh had not seen or spoken to her mother in almost 5 years, not because there was no love loss, Shiloh had simply been through so much in those years, she didn’t know how to start. So much of what happened to her was classified, and she didn’t even know how to start explaining Vector to her mother.

Regardless Shiloh had agreed to host her mother and baby sister for a fortnight.

“There is tea in the kitchen, and I’ve already uploaded the Kaas daily to your data pad dearest” Vector walked in from the cool morning air and planted a loving kiss on Shilohs forehead.

“I would be lost without you, my dear” said Shiloh as she made her way across her flat to the kitchen and poured herself some Alderaanie tea.

Vector’s brow furrowed, “you’re aura is still wavering, Shiloh, are you still so apprehensive about your mother and sisters visit?”

“She’s just….I don’t know…overbearing? I think that would be putting it mildly, and my sister, I haven’t seen her since she was in diapers, I still feel terrible that I wasn’t able to return to Csilla for my step father’s funeral.”Shiloh sat down exasperated, a little defeated, her mother would have something to say about everything. “the only person who was ever able to keep the peace between my mother and I was my father, and he’s been gone a long time now.”

“I’ll be with you the entire time” Vector soothed gently.

“I know” Shiloh answered, dreading the inevitable questions about Joiners from her mother.

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06.04.2012 , 02:14 PM | #5

“No Kainen, feel the force flow through you, you can’t force it” Elliah instructed a Mirilan youngling.

“hehe, can’t force the force” the little boy dissolved into giggles.

Elliah, suppressed her own smile, she had been called back to Tython to help train new jedi, and they had placed her with the younglings, and she didn’t know if it was supposed to be a reward or a punishment. She loved the enthusiasm of youth, their easy smiles, their eagerness to learn, but for the last few months, every time she encountered a Miraluka youngling, she wondered: Is that one mine? Her child, would be about 7 almost 8 years old now.

Elliah had been so young once, naïve.

“Alright younglings, gather your things, I’ll see you tomorrow” Elliah announced to her charges.

A roar of cheers at being set free erupted from the ten children who had been placed in her care. She tried to admonish them “Emotion yet peace children!” but the children ran wild despite it. They would learn, and at this age, she hated to stifle them.

Elliah made her way to her chamber within the temple, took off her outer robe, and changed into some flexible pants, laid her mat down and stretched. Each position opening herself to the force, she could feel it moving within her, felt her breath, relaxed, changed position, until she was at one with it, until she knew that the force held her in the air, cradled her, her mind was open.

She was 19 again, a Padawan, and in love, he was also a Miraluka, handsome, arrogant, but he had told her he loved her, and she had believed him. They had disobeyed, they had escaped and she remembered his hot kisses, his wandering hands, she remembered giving him everything. And he had taken it all, Kahrn, had taken and lied, and when she came to him, terrified, he had done what their Masters could not. He ended their affair, and Elliah was left to face her Master, low, ashamed and pregnant.

Emotion, yet peace

She was sent to Coruscant for the duration of her pregnancy, she spent interminable hours studying holocrons, meditating on her failures and her shortcomings. She fed the life growing inside of her. She had been given a choice, she meditated on that choice.

Ignorance, yet knowledge

She had been alone when she went into labor, a midwife and nurse attending her, her Master waiting for her final decision. It hurt, she cried for the mother she had never known, she had been so young when she had been sent to the Temple. The babies cry had been the sweetest sound of her life, and the most heartbreaking.

Passion, yet serenity

She could have left the Jedi order, kept her child, walked away, with no ill will. Or she could stay, and complete her training. Her Master telling her that she was one of the most gifted students he had ever known, but he would understand if the pull of motherhood was too much for her. If she chose to stay, the child would be taken from her, she would not hold it, so as to minimize any attachment. The child, who would be Miraluka, and who would be force sensitive, would be raised in the temple to become a jedi, if that was his or her wish. Elliah, would not know his or her name, would be given no information, and would need to content herself with the knowledge that her child would be well taken care of. Elliah, had no family to return to, no means, no way of giving her child a good life. She chose the force, knowing it was the best solution for bother her and her child. Her heart raged.

Chaos, yet harmony

A part of her died that day, when the nurse whisked her child away, she saw a tiny hand and a wisp of hair, blonde. She wanted to see, was it a boy or a girl, she pleaded with the midwife to tell her, through her tears, please. Her Master came in and held her, soothed her like the child she was, rocked her, through her sadness and fear, reciting the code to her, like a familiar blanket. The force would provide, she would overcome.

Death, yet the force

Elliah came back to herself, it had grown dark, her cheeks wet, yet she was serene, she thought of that baby every day. Knew in her heart that her child was alive and well. Her holo went off.

“Hey Sweetheart, looks like I’m stranded on Nar Shaadda” It was Felix Iresso, still amazed that the council had given their blessing to their union. Then again, she had endured worse and come out still embracing the light side of the force. They trusted her.

“Oh no, Felix, what’s happened?” she asked, concerned, she had been looking forward to his visit.

“Cartel shut down the spaceport, something about a turf war, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m ok, and at the Republic embassy, going to see if I can help in anyway.”

“Well stay safe then, let me know when you leave, I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart, just a little longer” Felix replied wistfully

They ended the call.

“The force likes to test me.” She said to the darkness of her room.

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06.04.2012 , 03:07 PM | #6
kjfaksdkfsdf MORE WARRIOR! And Consular. I like those 2 the best! So good.
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06.05.2012 , 09:17 AM | #7

Malavai sat in the nursery that he and Ardyth had joyfully put together, he sat in the rocking chair, rocking his now sleeping infant. He had dismissed the servants prior to arrival, and they did not question their sudden day off. He was alone, and his keen mind worked quickly, he had already put together a modest bag of clothes, nappies, bottles, formula, everything she would need. He had everything he needed aboard the Fury, yet he sat here. He needed help, he was well known on Drummond Kaas, and if he was discovered with a purblood infant, there would be serious consequences.

“All problems can be overcome my girl, remember that” he whispered softly to Mitka, she made soft snoring sounds.

With great reluctance he placed her in her crib and quietly shut the door. He went to his study and made a holocall to Vette.

“You and your Sith wife are crazy! Monsters, Evil…hic…I can’t believe you would kill your own baby!! Your own BABY!” Vette was beside herself in tears, angry.

“Vette calm yourself, I need you to come to the estate, I can’t talk over the holo, I must speak to you in person” Quinn spoke in his usual calm efficient manner.

“what so you can…hic..gloat??” spat the Twilek

“Vette, you simpering imbecile, the baby yet lives, but if you don’t hurry, I don’t know for how long.” He hissed back at her, he had already started the process of deleting the holo history, which would look suspicious, even without the actual recording of the call.


The holo went dead, Quinn lamented having to work with Vette, he had been glad to have been free of her, after so many years stuck in such close quarters aboard the Fury.


“I told Malavai to do it father” Adryth sat in her hospital bed, her imposing father standing above her. She might be the Emperors Wrath, but her father still had a way of intimidating her.

“That imperial husband of yours? Daughter you should have choked away its life the moment you realized” answered Lord Kaervrek

“And tell me father how many 30 hour labors have you endured?!” Ardyth shot back, impertinent as always.

“You are Sith! You were made to endure, I did not raise a spoiled Moffs daughter, I raised a terror, you are the Emperors Wrath girl, and it was your responsibility to eliminate any abomination that might taint our blood.” Kaervrek admonished his daughter, who appeared to be going soft on him. “Your precious Captain is human, and does not possess the force, they are weak, are you sure he has the fortitude to kill his own? There are far too many humans who can’t. Your grandmother cried like a simpering baby when your grandfather killed her abomination….and she was a Sith Lord!” Kaervrek explained calmly.

Ardyth remembered Quinn broken, on the floor at her feet, swearing fealty to her. She should have killed him, the Sith don’t suffer betrayals, or the weak, but she had loved him, beyond reason. Perhaps it had been Vette’s influence, perhaps she carried some of her human grandmothers weakness within her. Regardless, she trusted her husband, he wouldn’t dare betray her a second time.

“He has the fortitude, I trust him father.” Ardyth hardly believed the words herself, her father would certainly not. Ardyth regretted assigning the task to her husband.

“Do you?

“yes” She could not look her father in the eyes.

“Perhaps he does" Kaervrek lied right back to her. " I have a contact, who will be able to verify that he has done what is necessary, and if need be, kill the child herself.” Kaervrek placed the holo frequency on Ardyths bedside table. “Friday you will join me for dinner, you must show your face again, show your strength, move past this. Do not give your enemies an opening.”

“I am Wrath! No one would dare…”

“Then act like Wrath!”

Kaervrek left his daughter, staring at her hands. He loved her, she needed to find her way past this shame and find her strength again, or he would kill her himself.

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06.05.2012 , 01:01 PM | #8
Yaaay! You're inspiring me to actually write out the canon I have of my Wrath
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06.06.2012 , 08:02 AM | #9

Shiloh checked the clock again, her mother and sisters shuttle had arrived an hour prior, they would be here soon. She rinsed the kama berries under some water and started cutting off the stems. Kama berries were native to Csilla, a bright red berry, both sweet and sour, they were a favorite of her family. Shiloh had bought two bushels of the ridiculously over priced berry, they were a favorite among the sith nobility as well. She remembered her childhood, being able to stop along the road side in spring, brush away some of the snow, and they would be growing everywhere. She had been late to school too many times then she could count thanks to these little morsels. Vector snuck yet another one.

“Would you stop!” Shiloh swatted him away, “You can have some after my mother and sister arrives” and as if on cue, the doorbell rang.

Shiloh opened the door, her mother and little sister stood waiting, her mother’s garishly painted pink lips smiled big as she finally laid eyes on her eldest daughter.

“Shiloh my dear, dear daughter, I’ve missed you so!” Brynn pulled her daughter into a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead and each of her cheeks, leaving bright pink smears. Shiloh hugged her back fiercely, mother and daughter had many differences of opinion, but they loved each other. “How long has it been now? 5 years?”

“7, mother, Kianna was still a baby” Shiloh finally dropped her eyes to the skinny Chiss youth, she was tall, and gangly, arms and legs seemingly too long for her body, a shock of black hair, cut into a short bob, her pale blue skin had a smattering of dark blue freckles, her red eyes shy, her bangs fell to cover them. Shiloh remembered the awkward years of her youth, all arms and legs.

“Oh come Kiki! Say hello to your sister” her mother ordered.

Kianna’s nose wrinkled slightly at the hated nickname, she looked up at her older sister, she was beautiful. She had dark blue hair, and the same pale blue skin, but no hated freckles, her face was friendly and open. Her voice came out soft, shy, unsure, “Hello Shiloh.”

Shiloh knelt to Kianna’s level, “Hello Kianna, do you like kama berries?” The girls eyes lit up and nodded vigorously.

A few hours and the rest of the kama berries later, Kianna was chatting away, shyness forgotten as she regaled her sister with stories of school and friends, and the pet taun taun she had left behind.

Vector and Brynn were deep in conversation.

“So you’re human? But are also a bug?” Brynn asked

“Kilik” Vector corrected, “We are physiologically still human, but we share a pheromonic link to the hive mind, we share their thoughts and memories, we are what is called a Joiner.”

“We, you and Shiloh?” the older woman asked still perplexed, this is the mate her daughter had chosen?

“No Shiloh is still herself, we are the Joiner, I am the Joiner” Vector had explained 3 different times.

Brynn sighed, exasperated, “So what is it that you do?”

“We are Dawn Herald…”

“He’s a diplomat mother.”Shiloh saw the crease in Vectors forehead.

“A Diplomat!” Brynn understood this one, “Do you speak many languages then?”

Vector shot a thankful look at Shiloh, “I do speak a multitude of languages, including, Huttese, Cheunh, Minnisiat, Rodese and Shyriiwook”

“I’ve never even heard of Shyrii..what?”

“Shyriiwook, or Wookiespeak, it is the language of the wookies, I could never have mastered their language had I never become a Joiner, it is a complex series of growls, barks, and grunts. Allow me to demonstrate.” Vector cleared his throat.

Shiloh put her head in her hands as her mother looked on aghast as Vector proceeded to growl, bark and grunt. Kianna started to giggle uncontrollably. Shiloh was about to interrupt with suggesting dinner, when her holo rang. She excused herself as Vector began to attempt to teach her sister how to say hello.

Shiloh entered the office and put the call through, “My Lord Ardyth” Shiloh bowed in deference, “To what do I owe this honor?”

“I am in need of your skills”


Shiloh returned, a serious look on her face. Vector noticed the change in her aura immediately.

“Who was on the holo, Shiloh?” Vector inquired, concerned.

“Lord Ardyth” Shiloh answered, “I have work to do”

“But we just got here! Can’t you tell her you have company?” Brynn whined at her daughter

“One does not deny a Sith Lord, especially not when said sith lord is answerable only to the Emperor himself. She is not a woman I would anger, not for you, not for anyone.”Shiloh shot back.

Brynn rolled her eyes, indignant, this was no way to treat guests.

“Sith train on Korriban right?” Kianna inquired curiously

“they do, Kianna.”

“Mother says I am to go to Korriban after our visit. I am going to be a sith” Kianna pronounced rather proudly.


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06.07.2012 , 03:51 PM | #10
Awesome. My favorites are the Smuggler, Agent and SW.