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Stuck - Unable to get back to Balmorra

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Stuck - Unable to get back to Balmorra

madjarjarbinks's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 10:48 AM | #1
On Balmorra (forgot the exact location) you can take a shuttle back to the Imperial Fleet, which I did. However I am unable to find my way back. I have tried the hanger bay and nothing as my ship still back on Balmorrra. I seem to be lost or this might be a bug.

Any Ideas?

AzraelCales's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 01:55 PM | #2
That really sux, is there an option to call your ship or anything?
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Warec's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 02:43 PM | #3
Where it drops you, one of the elevators gives you the option of going to the main floor. On the main floor you can get back to your ship.

I didn't see the main floor option initially either and flew to each Imperial ship and then back to the first one. That's when I saw the option for the main floor.

Eilinelli's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 02:55 PM | #4
I did the same thing, took a shuttle from Balmorra to Imperial Fleet and I don't understand how to get back. I can't get to the hangar. Where do I go to get back to Balmorra? Help!

Nevermind, solved. I was in the wrong hangar

DrekorSilverfang's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 03:12 PM | #5
Go the bounty hunter hanger... you're ship IS there even if you took a shuttle back to the fleet.

Enderceptor's Avatar

08.01.2014 , 11:22 AM | #6
I am also stuck at the imperial fleet. I go into my hanger, my ship is there, but it will not let me on. The door is closed (ramp up).

BarronWasteland's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 11:36 AM | #7
Before you go into the hanger (green door) there is a box that you can click on. At this time you will only have the option to click on your ship. That should take care of it.
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