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The Camera Bug Issue - An Idea


Naaruna's Avatar

06.03.2012 , 07:29 PM | #1
This may be a crazy idea, but here goes:

It is a known issue that many players have with their camera suddenly swinging in an apparently random direction when they try to grab the screen with their right button to move (and I think also with the left button to change the camera view).

When it ihappens to me the camera will suddenly shift to below me looking up and pointed in a different direction when I bring it back down.

But what I find interesting is the actual camera angle is not one I can get to on my own - ie I can't make the camera go to the same angle manually. It's like the camera view is meeting up with an unseen obstacle which is forcing the camera into a partcular view, like can happen when you get too close to a seen obstacle.

Is it possible that there are very small invisible obstacles that we just happen to hit the right way as we grab the screen and begin to try to move our characters or the camera view - much like the very small spots you might happen onto where you see through the space station as if it's not there, but the spot is so small you have to hit it just right?