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Problem: The game does not load without "assistance".

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Problem: The game does not load without "assistance".

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12.18.2011 , 10:16 AM | #1
After logging in and hit play, the load screen comes up, however the spinning Loading indicator at bottom right does not spin, which means its not loading. If I have no other programs on my task bar and I hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get the task manager and hit enter twice. The loading wallpaper flickers then the Loading indicator actually starts spinning and then I am in the server list area.

If I do have something on the task bar like IE and bring up the task manager, the game minimizes and when I maximize it, the loading screen is black so then I just End Process because it stays like that forever without loading.

So ya... How can I get it to properly load without having to do that "extra step" to get the game to actually load?