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Can anyone explain

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05.31.2012 , 06:41 PM | #1
Ok gunna get a little off topic to start just for a little background. I have 2 accounts for SWTOR. In short because i have 2 comps and i thought i could use 2 accounts to lvl up my alts faster at the same time, didnt work very good. So i decided to pick a account to play and stop playing another. Anyways so i stopped paying for one account, which has 2 lvl 50s on it, one of which is 400 artifice. So i logged in just to see if the account was still active, which it was, and i was looking through all the stuff i could make and i saw the rakata relics i could make. So i transfered all the money and mats id need back to that character so i could make some for my other characters. After all that i realize they are bind on pickup.

So my real question is *** were the game designers thoughts when even integrating a bind on pickup system? There is literally nothing good that comes from this kinda of gameplay, it only hurts the game experience and players. I mean seriously who the hell wants to get a super rare item(or any items for that matter) that can never be traded or transferred even to your own characters? What is the point of any of the restrictions besides lvl and class requirements(which make sense). If they are SO concerned with certain items availability then dont f'in make them so easy to get and let them be tradeable to anyone. Thats common sense! Not make the rare items easier and easier to get every patch but make them untradeable? who thinks up this stuff seriously? Is there a specific designer that is in charge of the whole trading/item system? if so id just like to know his name so i can always remember it and recognize his idiocricy if i ever see it again.

OFF TOPIC(KINDA) Another reason im upset is because of the server transfers are not going to include switching characters from one account to another. I mean who is making these descisions? So basically to put it simply, they are losing a account of mine either way because im not paying for 2 accounts, but i put alot of time and effort and have items that took a long time to get(which may i point out cannot be traded!!!!!!! ***!!!) and ill never be able to use them again. I mean is it bioware or whoever is designing this **** goal to make players unhappy, because i thought it was supposed to be the other way around.... just sayin. I know this is a small matter in the large scheme of things but im just really pissed off with this game and where its going. I wont ever play any other mmo because SW is what i like, why are they making it so bad that there are articles all over the place about SWTOR doomed to fail and thats all people seem to talk about in game nowdays. It takes an idiot to mess up star wars... again just sayin
The Oppression Legacy

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06.01.2012 , 01:29 AM | #2
Yes there are a trillion flaws with the current crafting system, it will get a look at eta 2013...

id agree but theres no point we all agree. Its now under powered so its not even worth crafting verses the cost of mats. It was neglected in life and it will be neglected even more in death.