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The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread!

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The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

DarthSillyMonkey's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 08:30 PM | #4311
I can't think of anything witty to say. Got Chili Dogs on the brain. So in honor of Chili on a cool night, I give you SPICY COMMENTS! (which may or may not be all that spicy. It upsets some people's stomachs, so I kept it at sort of spicy)

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Adwynyth's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 08:34 PM | #4312
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
Actually you can use your existing companions. Not only that, but you can unlock other classes' companions, so Troopers can use Rusk in a space mission or Warriors can use Mako or Consulars can use Forex.
Okay, that's kinda cool. Now if that just worked outside GS...
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alaurin's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 08:54 PM | #4313
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSillyMonkey View Post
What? No "Now you're dumb, ugly, AND dead!" or "I've got the tools AND the talent!"? I somehow feel like I've been robbed!
I can't believe I didn't think to put one of those in!! Thanks! All fixed.....better?

Trooper spoilers:

YoshiRaphElan's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 09:50 PM | #4314

@bright_ephemera, alaurin: Miss Rok definitely will have to watch her back...Kaliyo is not one to let such a thing go lightly!

@DSM, given the minimal backstory given on Miss Rok, she has probably heard all those words and more in her journeys. She's too professional to have a cussing contest with Kaliyo (nor would I write such a thing!), but Kaliyo has met her match...or has she?

@Adwynyth, that is a cool feature. Akaavi may be joining my Trooper's starfighter roster effective immediately–assuming I'm actually willing to divulge the coins it will require.


@alaurin, the bank scene is one of my favorites on Nar Shaddaa...and "dumb, ugly, and dead" is my favorite Corso line! Great work!

Xakthul's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 10:09 PM | #4315 the comments:

Kabe......Most of your Remi and Scourge stuff give me the urge to laugh until it hurts......which I do. Great job!

Yoshi.....I like Merok doing his spy bit. Got the old James Bond theme playing in my head now
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DarthSillyMonkey's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 10:14 PM | #4316
Quote: Originally Posted by alaurin View Post
Haha! Very much so, thank you!

And now... When we last left our heroic Republic Trooper siblings, Elara was saved, and [REDACTED] awaited! Will our heroes be able to [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] in time to [REDACTED] [REDACTED]?!!!

Prompt: Awards - Accolades / Brother-Sisterhood / Sacrifice / Laws
Class: Trooper (Bro'Kian / Kiera'Kian)
Title: Price You Pay to Play the Game, pt.1
Words: 1,242 (I know! I had to go back and count it too. I thought Word was lying!)
Timeframe: After this and the first part of this, and the end of Trooper Ch.2 (or beginning of 3. I never can tell)
Spoilers: OOOOOOOOH Yeah. End of Trooper Ch.2 (or beginning of 3), Garza's Chambers.

Mando'a: (Oya - Hoorah! Go you!) (Or'dinii - Moron) (Vod - Brother/Sister)

"Now you see that Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!" - Dark Helmet

Xakthul's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 11:11 PM | #4317
This is the basis for a story I'm writing on the actual construction and significance of the rise of House Mogh. Hope you enjoy it.....took me almost a week to write. Writer's block is a b*tch.

Prompt: The House of..../Goodbye
Characters: Syyris and Lixor Mogh
Setting: Corellia, shortly after the Mandalorian Wars, and right before the events of KOTOR 1
Title: Ruin Begets Rise, Chapter One.

Duelist Mixalot, Grand Champ Tellsa, Lord Saml, Apprentice Syynx, Captain Cirris, Skirmisher Janewei, Jedi Knight Jugger'not, Agent Ez'zio of <Wookies and Cream>, Harbinger
"Aim for the trolls! Kill the trolls!"- Gandalf

alaurin's Avatar

11.21.2013 , 05:18 PM | #4318
Comments/Replies: I'll update the index later

Now for what Val was doing......sorry, its a longer one, roughly 3500 words.

Title: A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Prompt: House of Something, Stomping Grounds
Character: Valaya-Smuggler, Corso
Setting: Nar Shaddaa, just after this and at the same time as this and this.
Spoilers: Smuggler Nar Shaddaa, companion spoilers for Corso, minor spoiler for BH Nar Shaddaa towards the end.


bright_ephemera's Avatar

11.22.2013 , 09:43 AM | #4319
Week of 11/22/2013
Thank You – Gratitude is a big thing. People give thanks for gifts, social niceties, kind words, significant favors, for being offered company or for being left alone. Sometimes there are specific holidays or times dedicated to gratitude, and sometimes it just comes up on the way. What is your character grateful for? Do they admit it?
And, as ever,
Night of the Living Prompt: Keep on using any prompt you like! Check out the list at
This week's featured NotLP:
(Un)invited Guests - Things get complicated when you're visiting someone else, or have someone visiting you. Even if you want them there! Of course, things are extra complicated when your guest is someone you didn't want or expect to come around.
the Short Fic Weekly Challenge - 90+ authors to date. 2500+ stories. New prompts weekly!
Bright's Fanfic Threads
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Magdalane's Avatar

11.22.2013 , 04:30 PM | #4320
Ok it seems I can't stay away. It occurred to me that most of what I've written here was later in the story arc, but not so much of the beginning. So, a Thank You. So appropriate for this next week, and a thank you to Bright for coming up with it.

Prompt: Thank You
Miriah and Corso
Minor spoilers for the first part of the smuggler story arc

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