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The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread!

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The Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread!
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DarthSillyMonkey's Avatar

09.26.2013 , 11:02 PM | #4061
*waves his wand* EXPECTO COMMENTUM!!

"Now you see that Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!" - Dark Helmet

sthrift's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 02:26 AM | #4062
Naw, I aint even gonna try. I'm so far down commenting I'd be a week trying to get it all caught up. I'll thank everybody that commented on my last effort so long ago. I'll throw these out and see what yall think. No spoilers, my trooper Voslic Halyard and Havoc.

Practical Joke Gone Bad

Sure Bet


And this one, started out as "Exercise" but morphed into another thing all together.


kabeone's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 03:44 AM | #4063
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSillyMonkey View Post
*waves his wand* EXPECTO COMMENTUM!!

@Kabeone: No, you didn't write anything, but you did draw the hell out of some things. I feel that deserves some attention. Very nice work, sir. Very, very nice.
Thank you!



DarthSillyMonkey's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 08:24 AM | #4064
Would you like some catch-up on your comments? Because after Sthrift posted some stuff, I would!

Get it? "Catch-up"? Ketchup? Ehh? Ehhhhhh?

... look, they can't all be comedy gold, people...

"Now you see that Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!" - Dark Helmet

bright_ephemera's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 08:47 AM | #4065
*whew* Hey, I have a little time.

I don't seriously expect anybody to get caught up on all my fanfic ever. It was my favorite hobby for a full year before I started slowing down, and at peak I was dashing off three thousand words a day while the stories in my head jostled to claw their way out, and that's a lot of material. With any luck the descriptions and excerpts I offered will help people find whatever fraction of it, if any, they would enjoy.

@DarthSillyMonkey, the Fenn'rys tie-in - eeeek! I love the descriptions of Bro'Kian clinging to his big sister, even if it does end sadly. Meanwhile, Dorne has got to be a tempting target for Imperial operations. *watches intently*

@sthrift, given the way the Havoc boys were going I guess they should count themselves lucky it only took C2's thick head to save them. The Sure Bet piece was fantastic - yes, I do think Tanno Vik can use the comeuppance. And the Exercise - here I thought their only problem was irritating host officers...nice stinger at the end.
the Short Fic Weekly Challenge - 90+ authors to date. 2500+ stories. New prompts weekly!
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alaurin's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 02:33 PM | #4066
Yikes....behind again! I'll catch up the index and make comments shortly!

For now, here's the next bit in the Val/Tia saga.....I really wish I could type as fast as my brain works, because this stuff just keeps spewing out. At least this one's somewhat shorter.....still roughly 2200 words though.

Title: A New Friend?
Prompt: First Impressions and Allies
Character: Valaya-Smuggler, Corso, and Jorgan
Setting: Coruscant, XS Freighter, after this.
Spoilers: Smuggler and Trooper Coruscant, beginning of Trooper Act 1


Iryfindel's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 02:36 PM | #4067
Finally! Replies...

... and comments:

On to the story. This is a ~600 word fluff piece I wrote earlier this week. I started writing about my Trooper purely for fun, without a clear story in mind. It is slowly starting to take shape though so I promise there will be some more substantial pieces of writing in the near future (though I do not promise the bantering will stop).

Prompt: The Sure Bet & Canned Response (because this conversation was too good not to write about)
Title: A Chiss Smile
Characters: Drask’yen’nainda (Core Name "Kyenn": Trooper), Aric Jorgan
Spoilers: Coruscant Trooper: Prologue spoilers and an early Jorgan conversation spoiler.


Striges's Avatar

09.28.2013 , 12:06 AM | #4068
Lame catchup on comments for this page:

@sthrift: Both Jokes and Sure Bet were great. The escalation of the jokes until somethng went wrong was entirely believeable. And then Volslic scamming Vic. Great setup for "Exercises", it felt very realistic. I can't wait to read further development.

@alaurin: I like the interweaving of the trooper and smuggler stories. I also appreciated Val's distrust of Risha; her arrival is really very awkward.

@Iryfindel: I appreciate Kyenn's frustration with Jorgan. Nice time and place to doubt your commander. I know he mellows out later but he's such a pain early on.

Striges's Avatar

09.28.2013 , 12:22 AM | #4069
A fun prompt such as Pimp my Thread demands so much more than a mere synopsis. So, without further ado:

Five months on the front page of the Fan Fiction Forum and almost 6500 views to date! At thirteen pages and still going strong, Cleaner One: Saga of a Reluctant Agent is a very different version of the canon agent story. Read ahead for veiled Imperial Agent spoilers!


Reviews for Cleaner One: Saga of a Reluctant Agent
Quote: Originally Posted by kabeone View Post
This feels like a whole new dimension to the IA line. Like a giant behind-the-scenes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magdalane View Post
Absolutely no accidental clicks!! I LOVE this story! Read or re-read portions every day!
Quote: Originally Posted by Adwynyth View Post
This is all so delightfully twisted. More popcorn anyone?

*pops more anyway*
Quote: Originally Posted by marissalf View Post
Loving this story! Cleaner makes for a great antihero; his story adds a whole new depth to what we see in the agent storyline. And you write Kaliyo so well. I can picture her saying and doing all these things. It’s so very...her.

Do believe I’ll settle in with some of that popcorn...or gummy bears, if that’s what we’re passing around in here
This so-called ‘Cleaner’ agent does not exist. Cleaner One is a work of fiction. The entire series will be removed from the holonet for subversive qualities. --Minister of Intelligence
(All quotes used without permission, but hopefully no one minds )

Read Cleaner One: Saga of a Reluctant Agent today! Available exclusively on the web, wherever fine fan fiction is posted.

  • More by Striges:

Follow Striges’ new blog on tumblr striges13. Right now consisting primarily of reblogged art from Kabe and random thoughts, there’s also a new Varrel Umrahiel story and a fragment for Jealousy. The vast majority is SFW, but it’s tumblr so take care. More in store, especially expansions of Cleaner if he becomes unsafe for official forums.

Coming Soon after simmering on the back burner for more than a year! A new thread: Failure is Always an Option.

Our characters love their companions, they really do. Companions love them back. They follow directives and do their best to complete the jobs our characters give them even when they aren’t best at the task. And when the task doesn’t go so well they’re so upfront and honest about it. Or are they? Inspired by the Short Fiction Challenge Thread prompt “Confessions,” this thread explores what companions really did with those mission credits. Because, as an excuse, “Failure” is always an option.

An excerpt (no spoilers):

With no anticipated spoilers beyond the identity of each class’ companions and a smattering of companion background details, this is the thread everyone can read! Featuring the characters of Striges!verse in silly, not-quite-canon situations. Look for it in the Star Wars Fan Fiction forum.

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09.28.2013 , 05:57 AM | #4070
Some replies while I have thrity seconds to myself.