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There is no death, there is only Wrath

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There is no death, there is only Wrath

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05.31.2012 , 10:17 AM | #1
A Dark Side female Warrior who puts storyline spoilers all over her life. No idea what standard fanfic protocol is, so, here I go.

(Edit: Filling in here a bit: Dark Side female Warrior Nalenne has her class Interlude distressingly interrupted when an old friend returns to take up residence on her ship. 400-700 word scenes, posted as I see fit, with spoilers throughout the Sith Warrior line.)

There is no death, there is only Wrath

Featuring Nalenne and co.:

Table of Contents

Part 1: In which Vette skips town and Nalenne reads comic books

There once was a Twi'lek named Vette
(Who, astoundingly, ain't been killed yet)
Though twice caught and enslaved
She just kept getting saved...
But she's not so well off now, I bet.

"Hey. Lord High Sith-a-muck."

Nalenne looked up from her comic book. Vette stood in the doorway between the holo room's reading nook and the bridge. "Yeah?" said the Sith.

"Weren't you supposed to get a job?"

"I have a job. Emperor's Wrath? You were there." She tapped the datapad to the next page, where Duranium Man was demonstrating his superiority over the costumed Jawa called Blizzard in both suaveness and combat prowess.

"Yeah, but...have you noticed he hasn't asked you to be wrathful lately?"

"All in good time."

"And you're not worried about the silence?"

The Pureblood looked up again. "Should I be? The Hand tells me the Emperor's sleeping off some disagreement, so that's fine. As for anybody else...a few weeks back I pummeled my second Dark Council member into the dirt. And my sister got herself a chair there, too. Nobody's going to mess with me, I'm getting paid from the Council's coffers, and if anybody does come to kill me I can deal with 'em."

"You sure about that?"

Nalenne set the datapad aside - Blizzard's ice beam was malfunctioning mid-party-trick and Duranium Man was obviously setting up for some killer one-liner, but the Twi'lek was getting worrisome here - and stood up. "I'm pretty sure. Don't get any ideas. That collar's still on."

"The one you lost the remote for a year and a half ago? Yeah, I'm quaking here." Vette tapped the slave collar on her neck and wrinkled her nose. "I can't just wander off without raising major questions, but you can't punish me."

Nalenne raised her arm for a backhand.

"Um, you can't shock punish me specifically," Vette said quickly. "You are so sensitive, you know that? Ever since - well, before Baras. Ever since you killed Captain No-Fun, you've been wound up as tight as he used to be."

Ouch. "Thanks. I hadn't noticed."

"Just sayin'. If we're not on the job, I was thinking of maybe a Nar Shaddaa outing? There's this festival they have every year down in the Nautolan projects - sounds sketchy, is sketchy, but it's a great time, and I figured a week-long vacation..."

"You mean a week-long bender."

"Vacation. That's what I said."

"You don't seriously expect me to come with you."

"No, I expect you to let me whisk Jaesa away. I get girl time, you get...don't ever tell me what you get, I'll just enjoy the aroma of blood that'll be there when I get back, knowing you had a good time."

Never mind the sarcasm; there were magic words in there. "If you'll take Saint Jaesa off my hands, I'll fly you anywhere you want."

"Yess! Hyperspace coordinates are already in. We'll be out of your hair before you know it. Or would be, if you had hair." Vette bounded off.

Nalenne settled back on the couch and tapped the datapad again for a full-page portrait of Blizzard getting thrown through the window of a skyscraper's observation deck. Duranium Man stood in the jagged remains of the windowframe, fiddling with a couple of freshly loosened screws near his shoulder, looking down at the falling Jawa: "Next time? Try stealing the jet thrusters first."
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05.31.2012 , 11:03 AM | #2
Having met or mentioned the female half of the crew, let's get to the reason for our title...

Part 2: In which Quinn shows up

There once was a man from Balmorra,
Took a job with a Sithy signora.
Got in over his head,
Double-crossed her (it's said),
Now he's food for Corellian remora.

"Pierce! Broonmark! Good news! We're gonna go party on Ilum."

Pierce and the Talz both showed up in the holo room at Nalenne's yell. "Finally," said Pierce. "Thought I would die of boredom here."

"We've been out of combat for all of eighteen hours, Lieutenant."

"Yeah. 'Bout time I got some action." Broonmark blipped agreement. "Hey, you think Jaesa and Vette will stay gone this time?"

Nalenne sighed. "We can always hope. But no. You know I have to keep Jaesa on a leash or she'll start using her goody-goody power to bring about goody-goody freedom for the good of all."

"We could just kill her."

Nalenne hesitated. It was true, and it had been brought up many times before. "No. I went through too much to get her here."

"And now you won't stop whining about - " Pierce finally caught the look on her face. "Right. I'll just get my rifles prepped, then get us on our way."

She nodded and went to her quarters. She stepped in, let the door fall shut behind her, finished fiddling with the datapad, set it aside, and looked up.

Malavai Quinn was standing there.

I killed you. Panic kicked Nalenne's Force awareness up - there was a weird empty feeling where he stood instead of the glow of life, but it was definitely him. She drew her saber and slammed a crushing blow space.

"I am already dead, my lord," he said apologetically.

She blinked. She blinked again. He looked all right for a dead guy. Immaculate uniform, which was funny because when he died it had been pierced and slashed in multiple places by a lightsaber. She took a minute to marshal her thoughts. He stood at a taut parade rest and waited.

"So are you a Jedi now?" she said. "One with the Force? You couldn't even see the Force!"

"My lord, please," he said disgustedly. "It's nothing like that. I have a job to finish."

"That job being killing me? Little late for that, don't you think? Your old boss is dead."

"I know. I am no longer required to try to harm you."

"So why. are. you. here."

"I am not certain, my lord. I believe that, contractual obligations being what they are, I am still slated for service to you. It was iterated in the recruitment speech, the wedding vows, and four other occasions. At the same time, when I found myself...aware, I had an obligation to Baras to kill you. I thought it advisable to temporize until one of these requirements was lifted." He shifted his nonexistent weight and looked around her bedroom. "Now I'm here."

"What if I don't want your service?"

"You could try divorce, my lord. I'm not sure it would fully resolve the situation."

"So what'll it take to get rid of you?"

"I don't know yet."

Nalenne considered. She experimentally jabbed at Quinn's midsection. Her saber passed through the apparition with zero resistance. She had never heard of a non-Force ghost before.

"I'm not happy about this, captain."

"It is not what I would have chosen myself, my lord."

"Hmph. Well, apologize and then you can return to your old quarters for now."

"Yes. Well. I'm...sorry?"

"For what?" she prompted.

"Trying to murder you?"

"And for opening fire on that Jedi back on Belsavis."

"My lord..."

"Say it."

"I'm sorry for opening fire on the Jedi. Never mind that he was obvious trouble and - "

"Now for letting me sweat when I thought General Faraire was going to get away, rather than bothering to call me with the plan."

"Were you keeping a list?"

"Oh yes."

Some time later she finally let him go. This was bad. The thing about the people she killed was, they were supposed to stay dead and out of the way and definitely not show up back at her ship.

Worse, Quinn must already have realized that she couldn't enforce discipline on an incorporeal being, not without much better fine Force control than she had. She had to hope he would obey her out of habit.

Hmm, or out of the hope that proper service would let him free.
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06.02.2012 , 04:46 AM | #3
Part 3: In which Pierce freaks out and Quinn criticizes

A perfidious bastard named Quinn -
Hold on. That's not fair. Try again.
What I'm trying to say
Is the man was okay
'til he shivved me. I did that jerk in.

The boys were out on errands planetside. Nalenne needed time alone to think.

For quite some time she failed to think of anything useful at all. At some point ghost-Quinn emerged from his quarters and approached her. "My lord."


"I am not surprised you converted my quarters to storage..."

"Nor should you be."

"...but I did not realize you were going to expand your collection of hard-copy comics."


"I was willing to tolerate the entire two-hundred-year run of Captain Kaas in the cargo bay, but this..." He huffed. "Are you really collecting Scarlet Nexu?"

"Do you have a problem with Scarlet Nexu?" No wonder I killed him.

"In all our time together you always assured me you were heterosexual, but ‘story-free softcore’ is too charitable a term for that entire degrading - "

"Quiet, they're coming back. Also you haven't even seen the Insatiable Nexu run they did with - never mind. Boys!" Quinn hurried to the bridge. Pierce and Broonmark banged their way onto the ship and into the holo room, both carrying full cases of plant samples. "Drop it all off in the freezer, then have a seat. I have news."

Once they were settled on the reading-nook couch, she cleared her throat. Time for a very awkward talk. "Good work today."

Broonmark burbled. Pierce frowned. "Wait a minute. Just realized, if I'd placed those charges this morning on the pillar over, angled things just a bit, the whole mine would've collapsed much neater. Must be losing my touch."


"Listening, milord."

"Wait a minute, you blew up a mine this morning? I sent you out to pick flowers!"

"Job came up," muttered Pierce. "It was legitimate."

"I won't even ask. Something's come up, and I can't explain it and I can't kill it and neither can you, but it looks like, um, Captain Quinn's not half as dead as we all thought. Sit down, Pierce. He’s a ghost or something. No Force required. I don't understand it, either. Come on out, Quinn."

The captain took up his old station at her side.

Pierce grunted and lunged. Good, good, no blaster fire. The big man charged through the apparition at a sprint, hands outstretched to grab and shove his opponent. Instead Pierce stumbled and stopped just short of the far wall. He whirled, growling.

Quinn turned to face him, brushed imaginary dust off his sleeve, and sneered. "I see you still can't quite get your hands on the things you want." He looked to Nalenne and back to Pierce so fast she couldn't be sure anything had happened.

Still, the intent was obvious. "Quinn. Cut it out."

"I apologize, my lord," he said calmly.

"So our new job is going to be destroying him for good," she announced to the living.

"M-my lord?" said Quinn.

She ignored him. "This ghost thing isn't my area of expertise, but there must be something we can do."

Pierce rolled his shoulders. "Guess there's an upside to this after all. I was sorry to miss out on your first death, captain."

"You're sorry in many ways, lieutenant."

"Oh, you're gutsy when you know I can't hit you."

"Boys? Boys." Before she could think of anything else to say, a freaking torch came into her field of view, followed by Broonmark. The Talz - when had he moved? - jabbed the flaming brand - and where had he gotten a flaming brand!? - at Quinn, who looked annoyed but not at all hurt to be sharing space with it.

Broonmark stared at the apparition and the hissing flame that, despite burning exactly where Quinn's heart should be, didn't seem to distress him at all. "Plork," said the Talz. Nalenne knew that one: "Trouble."
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06.02.2012 , 10:22 AM | #4
This is actually amusing. Keep it going! ^_^
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06.02.2012 , 12:48 PM | #5
roflmao Nice!

Please keep this coming, ever since the Dooz stopped writing I've had a void to fill.
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06.04.2012 , 04:30 AM | #6
Thank you both! Judging by my last few brainstorming sessions, Nalenne will keep me busy for a while.

Part 4: In which Nalenne improves herself and Broonmark helps

A Talz’s insane killing spree
Caused his clan to eject him. So he
Dealt some payback extreme,
Then continued his dream
With a Sith who endorsed him, guilt-free.

Nalenne took her time massaging the anti-aging cream into her subtle Sith face ridges that evening. The glare of the vanity lights on her mirrored face was almost reassuring: here were her fine red-skinned features, corrupt yellow eyes, and of course ridges that were not going to start sagging before she turned forty, oh no. Everything was going to be just fine.

But as she often did when she was feeling troubled, she found herself heading to the cargo hold.

Broonmark was there as usual, using a special setup of motorized fine-tuning instruments to convert the motions of his huge hands to the fine work of reducing plant samples to useful compounds. He looked up when she entered. His upper left eye quivered in that way that meant he was pleased to see her.

She puffed her cheeks a couple of times and carefully gave herself the small Force-choke variants that would prep her vocal cords for inhuman sounds. "Brrr bloop bip?" It was supposed to be "More killing?" The idea was to ask about more Talz lessons, but every time she asked for a translation for 'Talz lessons' she was given 'killing."

Broonmark nodded. "Blip." He moved silently across the cargo bay to settle on the big couch in the corner - Nalenne liked to have couches available everywhere on the ship - then patted the cushion to get her to sit. She snuggled up close to his furry, somewhat acrid-smelling arm. He pulled the datapad he had personally modified for translation out, tried briefly to tap things with his enormous clawed fingers, then gave up and raised the datapad to his proboscis. The edges of it started a genuinely creepy wiggling motion that sufficed to navigate the datapad to the right subject.

Broonmark then handed the pad to Nalenne. "Today," she read, "Review 'murder,' learn 'massacre' and 'mayhem.' Murder. I've got this. Brrrrrp'kop?"

The datapad had realtime translation capability, but it didn't even deign to translate that. Broonmark spoke in Talz while she read the translation of his words: "That was 'clan breakfast dance.' Try again."

As the lesson progressed, they got to talking about life. They always did. A mishmash of burbling, speech, and datapad reading kept the conversation going.

"I just don't know how I'm going to get rid of him. You know? Dead people should stay dead."

The translator balanced on Broonmark’s leg glowed while he blipped. "Agreed. Maybe Sith clan kill traitor again?"

"If I could, I would."

“Is bad to leave enemy stuck. We will find killing. Until then we will kill other things.”

She patted his arm. "You always know just what to say."

A reassuring, nonverbal series of clicks. Then: “Now, try to say ‘mayhem’ again. Sith clan cannot distract us.”
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06.04.2012 , 06:07 AM | #7
LOL!! That was so touching and hilarious!! I've never given Broonmark much thought, I love your take on him!

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06.04.2012 , 08:06 PM | #8
This is excellent, it made me do the snort-cough-laugh thing at work...always a good thing
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06.06.2012 , 05:05 AM | #9
A few administrative notes: First, I haven’t forgotten Vette and Jaesa! The stage was already set to get crowded in the next few issues…so let’s leave them to their partying on Nar Shaddaa for now.

Second, today’s story has spoilers for a Sith Inquisitor plot ability known by the end of the Act 2 intro, and for the Sith Inquisitor’s endgame title.

Third, I’m still undecided on my posting schedule. Having written upwards of 20,000 words in the first four days of Nalenne’s conceptual existence, I’m leaning toward doing four posts per week, perhaps Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I need to find a balance between spamming the forums and working up a billion-post backlog because my brain won’t stop producing.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about Nalenne and co…

Part 5: In which Nalenne seeks her sister’s advice and Quinn gets worried

A pirate on vengeance fixated
Met a Sith in the desert, and traded:
A t*t for a tat,
I find this, you kill that,
And from there, well, their romance was fated.

Nalenne knew she only had a faint chance at raising her sister on holo. Niselle had been impossible to reach ever since that Lord Zash had given her a ship.

She got Niselle's pirate, at least. Andronikos Revel gave her one of his sly smiles. "Wrath, good to see you.” He had a nice voice. It was eerily similar to a hundred voices she had heard before, but that rough edge never got less pleasant. “The Kessel offer's still up, if you've given it any thought. I know some guys. It'd be a good time."

"I do not need the likes of you setting me up with the likes of anybody. No offense. Is Niselle alive?"

"Yeah. What's up?"

"I need to meet with her in person. I have an academic question."

"Didn't know you'd turned scholarly."

"I don’t want to. That's why I'm asking her. Any chance we can meet up on Korriban, soon?"

"Yeah, sure, let me check with her on scheduling." He looked off to one side. "Uh, eight would-be assassins down, two to go. Shouldn't be more than half a minute."

"You answered the holo during someone’s attempt on your wife's life?"

"Eh, she insisted. She cares about family."

Quinn walked in out of nowhere and took up his old station by the holo controls, except a little to one side this time, so as to be off camera. Nalenne ignored him. A crackle and a distant, inhuman scream sounded through the speakers. Andronikos smiled tenderly and extended an arm to wrap around Niselle's waist as the Sith Pureblood moved into the holo image.

Niselle was Nalenne's twin, except meaner, uglier, sicklier, and generally a horrible brat. Her ascension to the Dark Council had only made her native arrogance worse. And she had taken up two truly stupid habits, namely, trying to remove Nalenne from the equation and trying to set Nalenne up with a suitable man. She didn’t appear to see a contradiction between the two. In between assaults, though: "Lenny," the newcomer cooed, "it's so good to see you!"

"Nis, you zapped right through the gift I sent you!"

She laughed, looking offscreen. "Cute, but those weren't yours. You're far too old-fashioned to send hirelings after me. Come now. What news from the S.A.B.E.R. Helicarrier?"

Andronikos snickered. He did that every time anybody said the name of Nalenne's ship. Well, let him. "Listen, Nis, I had a question that's right up your alley. Suppose I had a spirit. And I needed to kill it."

Quinn stared pleadingly at her. She ignored him.

Niselle's bleach-pale eyes lit up. "You want me to eat it?"

"No! No! Do not do that! I want him just...I don't know, dead-er, or else put in a body where I can kill him properly, or something."

"It might be easier for me to eat him," said Niselle.

Quinn made a small desperate gesture and started trying to use the holo controls. His fingers passed right through the console.

"You wouldn't want to," said Nalenne. "He's not even a Force-user."

"Oh, yuck. I really wouldn’t, then. He would probably lessen my power just taking up space. And I can't imagine the sensation of all that worthlessness would be pleasant..."

Worthlessness? Nalenne’s compulsive need to disagree with her sister kicked in full-force. "Watch who you're badmouthing! He’s all kinds of useful. He's clever and strong-willed and brilliant and, and he's got personal power written all over him!"

A wide-eyed Quinn was frantically slashing his hand across his throat. Meanwhile in the holo image, Niselle was raising her hairless brow. "Now you're making me want to eat him again. Who is this morsel?"

"My ex-husband."

"Ha! You're joking."

"Hardly. He's haunting me - I mean, walking around whining, but incorporeal - and I really want to stop it."

"Oh, this is rich. Does your crew know?"

"Half of them do."

Niselle kissed the top of Andronikos' head and smiled her trademark sinister smile. "Lenny, I think it's time I came to visit."
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06.07.2012 , 07:29 PM | #10
Administrative note: Sod the schedule, I need to post until production slows down.

6. In which the men of the house consult with Nalenne

A lieutenant in Taris's muck
Figured somehow he must get unstuck.
When a rampaging Sith
Gave a chance to come with,
He angled a transfer - what luck!

This entry contains spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor's endgame title.

"My lord, your sister will devour me the minute she steps onto the ship."

Nalenne folded her arms and fixed her husband's ghost with a cold stare. "I consider this an acceptable solution. Not optimal, since you would then be yammering at her for the rest of her life, but – wait. Wait, yes, then she’ll know what I had to live with. Eating you would be perfect!"

"Have you considered that simply letting me follow through on my original promises - to serve your interests, to aid you as I failed to do - might resolve my ghostly state?"

"Serve me? You'll, what, rattle your chains at the bad guys until they go away? That'll show 'em. Tomorrow Niselle is coming. And I'm bumping you off. Again."

"And what do I do until then, my lord?"

"Complain, I imagine. Here, have a seat. We need to talk house rules."

She pulled Pierce from his quarters and Broonmark from the cargo bay and sat them both down on the couch. She settled deep in her big cushy armchair. "So here's the thing. The captain here is going to, um, stay, until we figure out how to get rid of him. - Have you tried just leaving?"

"It doesn't work, my lord. Even if I step through the walls out to space, if I drift too far I get pulled back to the bridge."

"So he's stuck," she concluded.

Pierce snorted. "I like this. He'll be no more useless than he already was, and now he can't raid the freezer to finish off every ice cream carton I buy."

Nalenne glared at Quinn. "You told me that must've been Vette!"

Quinn shot a dirty look at Pierce. "I told you a great many things must have been Vette, my lord. I apologize."

"That's it. Time to lay down some rules.”

“I will submit to any terms you set, my lord,” Quinn said meekly.

“Pierce, Broonmark, I'm open to suggestions."

There was this thing the muscles in Quinn’s neck did when he realized he had catastrophically miscalculated. They did it just then, very hard.

“First things first,” said Pierce. “He doesn’t outrank me anymore.”

“Yes I do, lieutenant.”

“No you don’t, captain,” said Nalenne.

Quinn turned to her with an outraged look. “But you just called me…you haven’t forgotten how ranks work, my lord?”

“I fired you. I’m only addressing you by the title for old times’ sake.”

“I would’ve been promoted by now,” grumbled Pierce, “if everyone aboard hadn’t agreed that it would be cripplingly awkward to call me ‘captain.’”

Broonmark leaned over to hand Nalenne the datapad he had modified for translation, then burbled. "Rules: No hiding in walls," she read.

"No watchin' us or eavesdroppin’ from where we can't see him. Ever." said Pierce.

"Both reasonable. I'll add no reporting our activities to outside parties of any kind." She made a face at Quinn.

"I haven't done that in months, my lord,” he said with an air of wounded dignity.

Pierce cupped a hand behind his ear. "What's that, dead-boy? Can't hear you over the sound of how completely worthless your word is. Oh, also stay out of everyone’s quarters.”

“No trying to kill Sith clan,” added Broonmark.

“And no more blaming your own bad behavior on everybody else," said Pierce.

“Is that enforceable?” asked Nalenne.

"Simple. He says something bad about anybody ever, or claims random chance struck, hit him. He's probably lying to cover himself."

"But he's always said a lot of bad things about people."

"Well...yeah. You should've hit him then, too."

Nalenne looked to Broonmark for support. “Sith clan artillery speaks truth,” quorked the Talz.

“Hm. Hit him, you say.” Nalenne threw an experimental kick at Quinn. It passed right through him, of course, while he stood there looking all stern and annoyed. “Seems I missed my chance,” she said sadly.
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