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Comp Specs/FPS/New Player

WickedHealz's Avatar

05.29.2012 , 06:30 PM | #1
Hello anyone reading this.

I am a new sub and currently lvl 17 and loving the game. Breath of fresh air kinda thing. Wondering why my rig seems to be having issues running the game. Lots of stuff going on is a trip and PvP just isnt happening lol. I will list my comp spec and really appreciate any info tips in advance!

Gateway FX 7020, bought about 3-4 years ago
AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core 2.3GHz
3.00 GB RAM
3GB DDR2 dual channel memory
650W power supply

All the drivers are up to date and my ISP is Comcast High Speed.

I think the best FPS I have seen is maybe 30.

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and reply, it will really help a future sub enjoy the game more!


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05.29.2012 , 06:43 PM | #2
Turning off shadows or switching them to blobs that might help. Oh and turn off bloom if you have it on.

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05.29.2012 , 06:47 PM | #3
i would also advice to get min 300 kb/s upload (affects the fps too)
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05.30.2012 , 10:14 AM | #4
Your system is undersized for a great PvP experience.
Your system is short on memory, Are you using a 64-bit OS?
Besides video, the big roadblock in PvP is how the game manages disk files. If you read this thread about using RAM Disk for increasing PvP performance and follow the threads contained within, you'll see what the issue is.
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