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Legacy Wars

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08.22.2012 , 03:31 AM | #61
Chapter 43 – Chokepoint (The Bounty Hunter)
Med Bay

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Just shut up about it. I don’t care. I don’t.” I cradled her head in my hands and pressed my forehead to hers, squeezing my eyes closed. “Don’t ever leave me again.”

I knew she was really mine this time when she squeezed her arms around my neck. She was trying to wrap her whole body around me and I was a big fan of it. “I won’t. I promise.”

“You know me,” I whispered to her. “Don’t let anybody else tell you different.”

“There will be time for that later, my son.”

I opened my eyes to see my father standing behind Mako. I pressed another lingering kiss to her forehead then released her, giving my father my full attention. “Sir?”

“Are you fit enough for battle?” Elliah asked.

“Always,” I said.

“I’m watching his back, too.” Mako added, moving closer to my side.

“Get your armor on then. We have little time.”


(The Sith)
Jedi Temple

When I walked outside the temple, I felt her before I saw her. Reide. She had a nice bruise on her jaw, but she was standing there in her typical arrogant pose, her hand on her blaster, waiting.

I said nothing as I walked up to her. We shared a glance and that was simply enough.

“We’re good?” she said a moment later.

I nodded easily. “A stupid question.”

“I heard about Quinn,” she said quietly.

My face tightened. I wasn’t ready for the force of that emotion yet, and the strength it took to keep it at bay robbed me of my voice.

“He better have died saving your life.”

It took me a moment but I finally whispered, “He did.”

Reide slowly nodded. “Didn’t like him. Too pretty. You can do better.”

My laugh was short but it came.

Reide smiled faintly. “I’ll get the ship ready.” She touched my shoulder before walking over to the Imperial Shuttle that we’d put down on the small landing pad in front of the temple. Blizz had just climbed off, his ratty brown robe more dirty than usual. I assumed it was because he’d just finished installing the Adegan crystals.

Mekethia was already there, giving orders to her Havoc Squad. Aric stood beside her, one arm in a sling, the other held close to his side. The wounds I had given him ensured he would not participate in battle tonight. Another gift for my undeservering sister, I thought with a faint smirk.

Elliah walked up beside me. “Should the force claim me tonight, I wish you to know how I proud I am to be your husband wife,” he said softly.

I didn’t want to hear that. Not now. “Don’t let the force claim you tonight, or I won’t be proud.”

Elliah simply chuckled.

I pressed my lips against his cheek. “Good Hunting, Elliah.”

“May the force be with you, Laresa.” He winked and me and moved off.

I looked over at Xerrin. “Ready?”

“Let’s go.”

I was walking up the shuttle’s entry ramp when I sensed them. When I turned, my children were standing on the temple steps, watching me. There were battle ready expressions on their faces, but I could feel the strength of their affection. I would use that too in the fight ahead.

I held their gazes a moment longer, then simply turned and boarded the ship.


(The Bounty Hunter)
Forests around the Jedi Temple

We’d been put into position and we’re waiting. The HK-24 droids with blaster rifles sat on the front line. The droids with the lightsabers guarded the front of the temple with Grandmaster Satele.

Master Kaedan was commanding the Jedi. Elliah stood next to him with the largest squad of the HK’s, Nadia beside him. It was amusing watching General Pierce and Jaesa with them. Pierce kept eyeballing the Jedi like he was sizing them up and found them lacking. Jaesa was eyeballing a particularly young looking Jedi, and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to frak him, or kill him. Possibly both.

Tana and Gault had taken up sniper positions. Kaliyo and Vette were trading Cantina fight stories. Akavi and Torian were talking Mandalorian, comparing staff’s. Blizz was standing on Bodwaar’s shoulders, looking through a pair of modified marcobinoculars that could see into space.

Vanceto paced in front of me, his arms over his armored chest, his cape trailing behind him. Mako pressed into my armored side. I glanced down at her, the affection on my face hidden behind my helmet.

“We’re taking a real honeymoon after this,” she said.

“We are, huh?”

“I’ve got some serious making up to do.”

I was such a huge fan of that. Before I could give her the raunchy response that was on the tip of my tongue though, Blizz shouted.

“Boss, Boss! I see them!"
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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08.22.2012 , 03:37 AM | #62
Chapter 44 – The Thrill of Battle
(The Sith)
Imperial Assault Shuttle
Orbit around Tython

The shuttle needed a co-pilot so Mekethia joined Reide in the cockpit. I’m sure that thrilled the both of them. I stood in the holding bay with Xerrin and Mekethia’s Havoc Squad Troops. I could feel it when the Emperor’s fleet arrived. Reide and Mekethia must have gotten quite the front row view.

I could tell Xerrin could feel him now too, and just as strongly by the way her body tensed. She drew her goggle covered gaze in my direction, studying me.

“He gave you that,” Xerrin said quietly staring at the scar around my throat. “When you let me escape his fortress.”

“Yes,” I said simply. “Scourge helped in the escape.”

“Does it hurt?”


Xerrin was silent a moment. “Revenge is not the Jedi way. But he doesn’t get to hurt my sister with impunity.”
The shadow of a smile twisted my mouth. “He has plenty of crimes,” I said. “If he surrenders I will defer to you. But we both know he won’t surrender.”

We fell silent after that. Thanks to Scourge, it was not difficult for Reide to navigate the shuttle into the landing bay on the Emperors’ Flagship. Scourge waited for us with a squad of Imperial Assassin Droids that he’d reprogrammed.

I walked up to Scourge, Xerrin next to me. Mekethia’s troops dispersed cautiously. A moment later, she and Reide joined us.

“You do not have much time,” Scourge said. “He will grow stronger as the battle progresses. I will assist the Commander and hold off his forces here. You’ll find him in his throne room. You remember the way?”

I nodded once. Of course I did. I had been eagerly waiting this moment for years. I glanced over at Reide. “Don’t let some Havoc squad Trooper outshoot you.”

Reide grinned darkly back at me. “Now who’s talking bumblefluff?”

I chuckled and put my helmet on.

Reide looked at Xerrin. “Hey, Jedi?”


Reide tipped her head in my direction. “How about being a big sister for once, and making sure nothing happens to her?”

My helmet hid my faint smile.

Xerrin held Reide’s gaze for a long moment. “Don’t let anything happen to you either,” she said finally. “May the force be with you Reide.”

Reide just nodded turning her attention to Scourge. Xerrin stepped close to me.

“Do not contain your passion,” I said walking towards the ominous metal doors that would take us into the Emperor’s ship.

Xerrin quirked a brow at me. “You can’t mean-”

“Not all passion comes or leads to a dark place. You know that.” I looked over at her. “Your skill is not enough. If you hold back, he will kill you.”

Xerrin said nothing, but I could sense she understood. Hopefully she would comply. I had no intention of losing my sisters tonight, but I was not foolish enough to think I could defeat him alone. I needed my sister as much as I needed the Jedi. For the duration of this battle, I hoped she would be both.

As the doors slide open I used the force to render us both unseen. We moved swiftly through the wide corridors, bypassing the majority of the Emperors Dark Guard completely and slipping undetected by those we did pass.
Two red uniforms stood watch in front of the doors to the Emperor’s Throne room. Xerrin and I attacked at the same time making quick work of both of them. Neither of us hesitated to force open the doors.

He was alone. A single dark entity with incredible power. The Sith in me salivated at the thought of taking it from him. I brandished my second lightsaber, twirling them both once in heady anticipation of this fight.

He rose from his throne like some God of myth. I would have attacked him then, but I waited because I knew Xerrin was duty bound to at least say:

“Surrender and no harm will come to you.”

The Emperor did not brandish a lightsaber, but an energy whip. He uncoiled it slowly, his darkside tainted face hidden within the shadows of his cowl. “Cherish this moment,” his voice cut through the air like a phantom. “I’m going to make you kill each other. A fitting end for two meddlesome sis-“

I had no patience for his ego filled speeches. It was time wasted killing him. I attacked.

(The Smuggler)
Emperor’s Flagship
Landing Bay

I knew it was coming the moment the doors closed behind Laresa and Xerrin. I could feel Mekethia’s deception and I wondered why Mr. Emperors Wrath didn’t.

Maybe he did was and was just ready to check out. Regardless, Scourge was about to turn his reprogrammed droids on, when smooth as all chaos she stepped into him and put him down just like that. I had my blasters out before his body hit the floor, one pointed at my unbelievable sister, the other at one of her troopers.

“Relax Reide,” Mekethia said, taking over where Scourge had left off with the droids. “I need your guns for this fight.”

I hadn’t lowered my blasters yet, but I wasn’t surprised by what she said. “And after it?”

Mekethia glanced over at me. The expression on that Sith face of hers spoke volumes. I smirked and lowered my guns but I didn’t put them away. “You know you make a better Sith then you realize.”

I could tell that pissed her off, I could feel it. Like I cared. She and I were due to have one, and Laresa was just going to have to forgive me.

“To the Bridge. Let’s move,” Mekethia said. One of her Troopers handed her blaster cannon. She left the droids to guard the landing bay, and I followed her and her lackeys. This was going to have an interesting ending, I could feel it.

The Bounty Hunter
Forest Around the Jedi Temple

I’ll admit, watching the Emperor’s Dark Guard descend from all those sleek, black cargo transports had the potential to be pretty intimidating. After that awe moment, I just wanted to kick the crap out of all of them.

The rain had slowed, its misty smell a strange mix over top of the battle ready energy radiating from all of us. Vanceto roared like a bear and brandished his lightsaber. It was pretty cool seeing his red one light up next to all the green and blue one’s the Jedi carried. “Are you ready brother?” he said it like a battle charge.

I stepped up next to him, pointed my blaster at one of the Dark Guard’s walking off the transport ship and put one in his head. “That’s one.”

Vanceto let go a vicious laugh and sprung. I gave my wife a slap on the rear, then charged off after him covering his back while Tana cleared a path for me from her sniper position. I could hear Akaavi and Torian’s Mandalorian battle cries, heard some bombs going off, and what suspiciously sounded like someone shouting:

“Let me show you my gun!”

Which got a laugh out of me right before an Dark Guard clocked me, and promptly got beheaded by my brother. I stuck my arm around Van, shooting one of the red armored punks that tried to creep, spun around as Vanceto did and for the next few awesome chaotic moments we fought back to back.

General Pierce liked shooting a hook into them, then yanking them closer so he could beat them down with the butt of his rifle. Jaesa looked ******ic every time she killed one of them, creepy Sith that she was.

In-between ducks, and dodges, jet punches and blaster shots, I’d catch a glimpse of my father and Master Kaedan fighting together and that almost felt like cheating to me. Don’t get me wrong, my mother hadn’t been kidding when she talked about the Dark Guard, more than a few Jedi were getting cut down left and right, seemingly effortlessly. But those two were ridiculous. My father was a strange mix of calm and intense at the same time, and Master Kaedan was a pure warrior. I don’t think either of them had paused yet, it was just one insanely skillful sequence after the next.

“I don’t think they brought enough people,” I heard Tana say in my ear piece. I would have laughed, but one of those red uniforms got me around the waist and took me to the ground. I wrestled with him, threw my body weight and got him pinned underneath me. A second later I burned his face off, heard my brothers shout and somersaulted forward just as he threw his lightsaber over me, taking out another one.

I got to my feet just in time to see one more of those transport ships land. When they opened, Sith came out of them.

Force users would make this fight a lot more interesting. “You just had to open your mouth didn’t you,” I said.

Vanceto threw his cape off, rolling his shoulders around. “Come on brother, do you wanna live forever!”

“Maybe a few more years, yeah.” But of course I was right behind him.

I hoped Mom and Aunt Reide were having as much fun as we were.
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08.22.2012 , 03:40 AM | #63
Chapter 45 – Death Becomes Some of Us Part 1
(The Sith)
Emperor’s Flagship
Throne Room

Knowing how to use your opponent’s weapon, their fighting style, all assisted evening the score during a battle. The Emperor had added to his advantage over us with his whip. It was not a weapon either I or Xerrin faced with regularity and he was deadly with it. My first attack was the reason for the burning pain in the back of my shoulder, his whip having caught me on a spin and ripped through my armor to slice open the skin beneath it.

He cracked the whip at Xerrin, a vicious arc that forced her to roll out of the way. He used the force to rock the whip back quicker than it should have moved towards me and he was fast enough to sneak past my guard, snapping the tip against my helmet. The strike sent a sharp jolt of electricity through the metal and I blanched, stumbling backwards but forced roared at him, taking him back just a step.

He rolled the whip around his body, catching Xerrin before she could get close and wrapped the energy coils around her lightsaber, yanking it out of her hand.

Now he was just pissing me off. I slide quickly forward, the front of my boot clipping him. He dropped, and I was on my feet, my lightsaber poised to ram into his chest, but he was faster. He shot his hand out and a blast of lightening crashed into me, knocking me backwards. Mid flight, I managed to throw one of my lightsabers to my sister, and then I crashed to the ground, pain rocketing through my system. I could smell the smoke coming off my armor, and though my body protested I forced myself up to my hands and knees, a good start.

The Emperor had abandoned the whip and was using Xerrin’s own lightsaber to block and counter her attacks. It was brilliant, so very fast, lethal movements from the both of them but for my sister it wasn’t enough. He forced her back a step, she lost her footing and he thrust his saber past hers, the point jabbing her shoulder.

Her sharp sound of pain brought me to my feet, pure rage sending me forward faster. Before he could take the kill shot my saber was underneath his, catching the blow, twisting my body to whip my heavy boot across his cheek, the murderous sound that flew from my mouth giving more power to my strike. The force of it made him spin mid air before he hit the ground.

Breathing hard I offered a quick hand down at my sister, keeping my eyes on the Emperors rising frame. “Don’t tell me you’re tired."

The Smuggler
Emperors Flagship

I stuck my boot on the back of the Dark Guard’s neck and pulled the trigger, my blaster making a mess of his head. Mekethia was standing on the bridge at the controls.

“Take the rest of the team and plant the explosives,” she ordered what was left of her Havoc squad.

I quirked a brow at her, slowly walking closer. “What explosives?”

“Set the detonator for three minutes. Don’t wait for me. Take one of the Shuttles and go when you’re done,” she said to Sergeant Dorne or something, pointedly ignoring me.

As her lackeys went skittering off I got right in her face. “What explosives, Mekethia?”

“The Republic cannot trust the fate of the Emperor to just the Jedi. They had a chance once and they failed. I’m here to see that doesn’t happen again.”

Fraking Republic. Can’t say I was surprised. “With or without your Sith sister?”

Mekethia’s eyes narrowed. “Darth Jinobie is an acceptable causality. She wouldn’t have been allowed to leave Tython anyway-”

I punched her right into her stupid mouth. It knocked her back a step, and split her lip open. “You’re the one that killed Quinn aren’t yah?”

Mekethia straightened, wiping the blood from her mouth. “I don’t know why he stopped her from killing me, but I was well versed in Captain Malavai’s Quinn record. He’s responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of republic troops. His death was a republic victory.”

Every syllable that flew out of her mouth was like a log on my temper. I took off my gun belt, dropping it to the ground and came right at her, fists swinging. “You’ve hurt her for the last time, you frakking *****.”

“She deserves worse for what she did to Kazrin!” Mekethia growled and surged forward to meet me, blocking my strikes and trying to land her own. I blocked her incoming fists, one right after the other, caught her next swing and rammed my fist into her throat, then again across her jaw, letting her arm go so I could have the satisfaction of watching her drop to a knee.

“Get up *****,” I said to her. “We’re not even close to done.”

The Jedi
Emperor’s Flagship
Throne Room

I got to my feet with a wince. “I slipped,” I said indignantly.

“Indeed,” I could hear the amusement in Laresa’s tone.

It bled away as the Emperor came at us again, fury literally radiating off him.

It was powerful; his rage. I could feel it hovering around me like a fog, trying to blur my thoughts, probing at my fears, heightening the pain of the battle with every movement I made.

I clung to the lightside of the force, willed it stronger around me like a force field as we engaged. We’d begun driving him backwards and for the first time since the battle started I felt the faint hope of triumph leaking through.
But then his movements became so fast they were almost a blur. He back kicked Laresa away from him, spun into me and got close enough that he could punch my injured shoulder. The pain forced the sound of my mouth, his next strike took the saber out of my hand. I shot my palm up to use the force, but he shot a stream of lightening back at me.

I’d felt his before, this sense of almost… panic at the sheer power behind his command of the darkside. My brow drew together, my teeth gritting as I pushed back. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold it another minute Laresa attacked him, drawing his attention away.

I collapsed to one knee, drawing in a heavy breath and quickly called Laresa’s lightsaber back to my hand. The hilt had just touched my palm when I saw him break through Laresa’s guard, kicking the saber out of her hand. She blocked his next strike with solely the force, but he shoved his other hand into her chest and drove lightening into her, the force of it drilling her into the ground.

What exploded inside of me in that moment I had not felt in a very, very, long time. It was not so much the unquenchable desire to harm him as it was to protect her. I was on my feet in the next breath, running, and then I slide in front of my sister, right into the blast, catching it with my lightsaber.

I glared at this menace, the force of my sudden passion pushing the lightening right back at him. “Get. Away. From. Her.”
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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08.22.2012 , 03:42 AM | #64
Chapter 45 - Death Becomes Some of Us Part 2
The Smuggler
Emperor’s Flagship
The Bridge

Electricity sparked as Mekethia frakking body slammed me into the control panel. Metal buttons and levers jammed into my back, in a dozen places and they all hurt like hell. She drew back her fist to hit me and I put my forearms up blocking her strike then used the force to knock her back away from me.

I got to my feet just as she came at me again, and we were locked in, sweat and blood jumping from our skin with every sharp motion. She got me right across the cheek, and I kicked her knee out. We danced around each other again, and then she rammed into me, catching me around the waist and we flipped over the railing, toppling a short distance to land on the floor in a heap. I felt her fists pounding frantically into my side, punishing my kidneys and I head butted the ***** to get her to stop, then flipped her off of me.

I got to my feet with a wince. “Sure don’t teach you much at that trooper academy do they?”

When Mekethia whirled around she had a blaster in her hand. It would figure. She didn’t hesitate to squeeze the trigger and I dove but the first blast gave me a nice flesh wound right across the ribs and nicked my favorite jacket, making me briefly consider smothering her with it.

I somersaulted forward, dove behind a long table, used the force to call my blaster to my hand and then I popped right up. Her blast struck me clean through the shoulder, mine went right through her big, dumb, head.

I was breathing hard, and I would have smiled when her body dropped lifeless to the floor but the muscles in my face were a little beaten up and didn’t feel like it. “That’s what you get, cheatin, *****.” I did shout over to her, and sunk back onto the table, wincing.

Then, I heard an explosion. The force of it rocked through the whole ship and I almost lost my footing. If we survived this, when we got planet side I was going to shoot every single Trooper I saw.

The Sith
Emperor’s Flagship
Throne Room

“Laresa get up. Get up.”

Pain rocked through my system. Calling upon the darkside of the force to help me take back control of my motor functions I shoved my helmet off with a sharp growl. My eye implant had short circuited under his attack, I could see nothing from it. I could feel the warmth of my own blood leaking from my ear and I suspected that implant had suffered the same fate.

“Get. Up.”

My sister’s voice snapped through the fog. I jerked my head up just in time to see the Emperor disappear, then reappear in front of her, kick her knee out and drive his hand into her chest, her back crashing into the ground at his feet.

Growling. I leaped at the Emperor again, landing next to him, the force of it knocking him backwards.

And then I attacked him, using his own hatred to enhance mine, letting every single emotion I’d ever held in check explode, filling my thoughts with the memory of Kazrin’s death, of Malavai’s, a mothers fear at letting her children go into battle, a sisters rage watching her family harmed, all of it because of this lunatics quest for planet destroying power.

Xerrin was at my side in the next breath and I do not know what drove her passion but I could feel the force of it, different than mine, but no less powerful. We moved like one person, a vicious dance of pure focused power. Lightside. Darkside.

The Emperor tried to use the force, Xerrin pushed back. I disappeared, then reappeared behind him but he snapped the lightsaber behind his back, blocking my strike, brought it round his body to catch Xerrin’s and simultaneously back kicked, forcing me to jump backwards and giving him the chance to flip to the side out from between the two of us.

But I gave him no pause. I used the force to rip up the metal floor as if I was still a Jedi Consular and sent it hurtling towards him. He used the force to catch the debris with one hand, and quickly brought up his saber hand so his blade sparked against Xerrin’s with angry hiss. He thrust the metal back at me and engaged Xerrin in a fast and vicious sequence.

I flipped over the debris and flung my lightsaber at the Emperor mid air. He kicked Xerrin’s saber hand away, twisted to deflect my lightsaber back at me, and Xerrin shot her hand out to force push him.

The timing was perfect. It only sent him back an inch, but I had landed behind him and I jammed my lightsaber forward forcing it into his back. A vicious sense of triumph shot through me and I pushed harder, shoving my blade deeper into him. His form tensed and I thought for a split second he just might break free but Xerrin stepped into him and thrust her saber into his chest, just above mine.

He glared at her in furious defiance, but could do nothing as the life force rapidly fled his body.

“I. Am. Eternal,” he whispered.

I stepped closer to him, my chin at his shoulder, my mouth near his ear. “Every time you find a body, we’re just going to kill it,” I whispered. “Count on that.”

We pulled our sabers from his form simultaneously and he fell to his knees. I walked around him, standing next to my sister, watching with cold satisfaction as his body toppled over. Dead.

The rush of victory after such a well fought battle was a delicious feeling. I basked in it in my own way, Xerrin in hers for several silent moments. Then she handed me back my lightsaber and stuck out her hand to call back her own from the Emperors dead fingers.

I placed both blades on my utility belt, wincing. “Med droid?”

Xerrin smiled faintly. “I know a doctor.”

I arched an amused brow at her. Before she could say anything else though, alarms started going off. A second later an explosion rocked the ship and the force of it knocked my sister and I off balance.

“What the frak?” I muttered.

“Time to go,” Xerrin said.

I agreed. Despite my bodies violent protesting, we ran out of the throne room and I literally bumped into Reide in the hallway.

She looked as beat up as we were. “Gotta go, frakking republic put bombs on the ship.”

“What!?” Just by Xerrin’s tone, I could tell she had not been privy to Havoc Squads orders.

“Be mad about it later, let’s go, let’s go.” Reide sprinted down the corridor and we were right behind her.

I’d like to say it was easy going but every time an explosion hit, the ship tilted and knocked us off our feet. I suspected we were cheating death by mere seconds, and reveled in the rush of it.

“Where’s Mekethia, Reide?” Xerrin shouted her question just as we arrived in the landing bay. Reide didn’t answer until we were on the ship and she was high tailing it straight for the cockpit.

“Whaddya think happened to her? And for the frakking record I didn’t start it!” Reide finally snapped. “Get that door closed and hang on!”

Xerrin hesitated on the ramp. I touched her shoulder. “She chose her own path, Xerrin. We must go.”

Xerrin looked back at me. She hesitated another second, then nodded and climbed aboard. As another explosion sounded around us, I knew it would be a miracle if we didn’t share Mekethia’s fate.
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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08.22.2012 , 03:44 AM | #65
Chapter 46 - Jinobie FTW (The Bounty Hunter)
Forests around the Jedi Temple

It had been one of the most intense battles of my life. My knee was sore again, I had about a dozen little aches and pains and a splitting headache, and I couldn’t stop grinning.

“The Emperor is dead.” Kept ringing through my mind.

When the Emperors Flagship had exploded in the sky above us, the battlefield had changed in that instant. Confirmation that that lunatic was dead had surged everyone into greater action. The fight had been over minutes after that moment. I could still hear the faint cries of celebration.

I walked past the dark red uniforms that had fallen, my blasters pointed down at them, making sure they were dead. There were the bodies of Jedi too, and pieces of broken droids, but those were a lot fewer than all the pretty red uniforms.

Mako had gone into the temple to assist the wounded in Med Bay. Dad was coordinating the return of the HK’s that survived the battle back onto our transport ship. Master Kaedan stood next to Dad, watching it all with an overly suspicious eye as if he expected us to attack any minute.

Couldn’t say I blamed them for being cautious but because I knew we weren’t going to attack them it was pretty funny to watch.

I finished my final sweep and twirled my blasters before I holstered them. Tana and Vanceto walked up to me. Tana sipping from a bottle with a ripped off label. She handed it to me and I took a healthy swig of it.

“Mom and Aunt Reide’s shuttle hasn’t landed yet,” Tana said, worrying her lower lip with her teeth. “They made it right?”

I paused, frowning lightly. “I didn’t feel anything. Did you Vanceto?”

Vanceto took a moment and I could tell he was using the darkside of the force. Finally he shook his head. “I can’t feel her, but I don’t think she’s dead.”

“You know what, if Dad’s worried I’ll be worried,” I said motioning over at him.

That seemed to pacify my sister and brother both. “So what’s next?” Tana asked pointedly.

“I’m taking a real honeymoon,” I said, handing the bottle back to her.

“I’m getting married,” Vanceto said. “To Vette.”

I quirked a brow at him. “You ask her yet?”

“No,” Vanceto admitted grinning wolfishly. “But her yes, is all but certain.”

“I will laugh at you forever if she turns you down,” I said honestly. I would.

“You’re both a bunch of girls.” Tana rolled her eyes at us.

Vanceto and I turned to look directly at Tana. “Lancoro, I’m sensing a disturbance from our sister.”

I nodded gravely. “It’s called hater-aid.”

Tana punched me, and slapped Vanceto. We grinned at her.

“Keep yourselves out of trouble,” she shoved the bottle she was drinking from at me, grinned faintly at us, and walked off.

Vanceto and I watched her depart. “I’m glad she doesn’t have a boyfriend,” he said after a moment.

“I’d kill the punk,” I nodded in agreement.

Vanceto grinned darkly. “Slowly though.”

“Meh, if he didn’t mouth off too much, maybe.”

My brother chuckled and touched my shoulder. “Enjoy your honeymoon Lancoro.”

“Good luck with Vette.”

I smiled at his departure and took another swig from the bottle.

(The Sith)
Ruins of Kaleth

Xerrin stood at the bottom of the ramp.

How we had managed to escape the Emperors ship before it had exploded I would credit to Reide’s incredible ability with a starship. On Xerrin’s request we had landed deep into the forest, north of the Ruins.

“You can’t come back with me,” Xerrin said quietly. “If Mekethia had standing orders to blow that ship, I don’t trust they’ll let you leave.”

“I’m pretty sure Resa and I could take them,” Reide said, despite the exhaustion on her still bloody face.

The look Xerrin gave her was one of scolding, but her expression reminded me very much of the way she would look upon Reide and I when were children. It brought the faint smile to my mouth.

Even so, I had to ask, “Tell me sister, are you concerned for your republic friends, or have you remembered the bonds of family again?”

Xerrin stepped into me, hugging me tightly. I returned her embrace, despite the pain it caused. She did the same to Reide and though she tried to look indifferent to it, I could tell Reide was not unaffected by it.

Xerrin stepped back, gave us a last lingering glance then turned, walking away. Reide watched her for a moment, then retreated back into the ship. I took a single step forward.


Xerrin paused and glanced over her shoulder at me. “Hmm?”

“Tell Elliah I want a divorce.”

Xerrin quirked an amused, curious brow.

“I don’t love him. Not the way the Nadia does,” I said quietly.

Xerrin paused and I could tell by the expression on her face her thoughts had strayed to someone that was not Elliah.

“It’s worth it Xerrin,” I said, the shadow of a smile touching my mouth. “But you already knew that.”

She smiled back at me, and with another word walked away.

“We leavin this ugly planet or what?” Reide shouted.

I laughed and winced at the same time. “Oh, shut up. I’m coming.”
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08.22.2012 , 03:45 AM | #66
Epilogue (The Sith)
Fury Class Imperial Interceptor
The Crystal Vanguard

I stood next to Malavai’s coffin. The lid was closed, his body encased inside. I smoothed my hand over the wood, memories ripening my emotion.

“I regret nothing Malavai,” I said quietly. “Not one moment of it. I suspect, no matter how much it hurt neither did you.”

I dropped my hand and stepped back, reaching behind me to press the button. The belt drew the coffin through the chamber, and a second later shot it out into the cold, infinite beauty of space.

“May the force be with you Malavai,” I whispered, watching him until the darkness had claimed him and I could no longer see. Lingering in my emotions a moment more, I finally drew them under control went back to the main hold of my ship.

No sooner had I gotten there then I felt it. It hit me so strongly my hand flew to my heart, my other bracing me on the wall.

What? No. No.

“My Lord,” Pierces urgent voice. “There’s been some kind of attack,” his voice carried his disbelief. “Both the Citadel on Dromund Kaas and the Jedi Temple on Tython have exploded.”

The vicious hand of dread squeezed my heart, robbing me of my breath. “Find my family, General Pierce. Now.”

Except despite my order I knew where they were. And I knew we were too late.

The End (for now)
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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08.22.2012 , 05:04 AM | #67
Mekethia brought on her self so I'm glad she die.

Oh I hope everybody ok.

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08.22.2012 , 06:57 AM | #68
What a finish!!! Holy crap! Well done!! Encore! Very much looking forward to part 2. This has been one of my all time favorite reads I love you characters, even Mekethia loved to hate her. Need to give my emotions a break now.

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08.22.2012 , 10:51 AM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
What a finish!!! Holy crap! Well done!! Encore! Very much looking forward to part 2. This has been one of my all time favorite reads I love you characters, even Mekethia loved to hate her. Need to give my emotions a break now.
^^This right here, very nice!
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08.22.2012 , 01:12 PM | #70
I loved it, I just adore these big, family epic stories.