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Legacy Wars

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06.10.2012 , 02:21 PM | #11
One of the better romantic stories. I hope you post more, soon.

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06.13.2012 , 12:00 PM | #12
*Warning - mild spoilers for a Hoth Empire Side Quest*

Chapter 10 – The Art of Deal Making (The Bounty Hunter)

Mako sat in the open door of the shuttle. I stood with my shoulder propped against the cold metal. We weren’t waiting long before two of my mother’s closest friends and allies, Darth Shadishan, and Darth Miji arrived.

My ability to sense to the force made me so aware of their power it was… weird. I could feel their anger and their control over it and it was slowly but surely jacking me up. Mako just might see a whole new side of me today.

“Hunter,” Darth Shadishan said. Darth Miji winked at me. “You must be the slicer,” Darth Shadishan looked at Mako.

I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind as she got to her feet and looked at the two Sith Lords. “Hey.”

“The whole crew is inside,” I motioned at the compound in the distance. “Security is pretty thick.”

“Cover us.” Darth Miji immediately withdrew both her lightsabers and strode toward the open door. I could see Darth Shadishan’s cold smile as he turned and followed, nonchalantly withdrawing his blade.

Mako moved to my side. “This is going to give me nightmares isn’t it?”

“It might.” I fitted my hands around my blasters, pulling them loose.

“Guess you’re gonna have to keep me up late then,” Mako barely hid a smile as she walked alongside me.

I had my helmet on, she couldn’t see my grin.


Want to feel useless? Go on a mission with two older, insanely powerful Sith Lords with planet conquering battles under their belt. I gotta give my little slicer credit, she didn’t flinch once, which was pretty remarkable considering the carnage.

Darth Miji severed limbs, and cut off heads like it was nothing, Darth Shadishan did the same beside her, but went so far as to torture his opponents a little before they died. He’d use the force to hold them in place while he killed their comrade, or electrocute them until they were useless before he rammed his lightsaber through their hearts.

I shot a few guards when I got the opportunity, like when Darth Miji lifted one in the air and forced choked him. But I didn’t get to participate too much in the carnage, which was a shame because I was pretty riled up from all their energy.

The last White Paw guard fell, and we were in front of the sealed door. Breaking the control box would get it open easy enough.

“This is a family matter. Wait here,” Darth Shadishan looked at Mako.

Mako blinked. “What? I’m-“

“Adopted crew members don’t count.” Darth Miji didn’t bother looking at Mako as she walked up to the control panel.

“If your loyalty is real, you’ll be privy soon enough,” Darth Shadishan said. “And If I were you, I’d be careful what I wished for.”

Wasn’t that an understatement.

Darth Miji stabbed the box and the door slid open. They walked through and I paused by Mako. “Be right back. You’re not gonna wanna see this anyway.”

Mako looked up at me. I could tell she didn’t like it, but she was taking it. “Be careful.”


“We’ve heard enough alarms. The time has come to move our base of operations to Loramarr,” Ellis Tarn said

“I agree,” Darth Shadishan said.

He and Darth Miji walked in, one of them made the door slam shut behind us. I stayed just a little behind and to the left of them, watching for itchy trigger fingers.

Boss Undro was not going to make it out of this meeting alive, I could just tell as he demanded nastily, “Who the frak are you?”

“Gentlemen, we’ve got a business arrangement for you,” Darth Storm had his hands behind his back. Darth Miji hadn’t put away her lightsabers. I could tell by the look in her eye she wanted one of them to make the wrong move.

“Talk,” Rhee Naez said.

“Just a moment,” Darth Shadishan pulled out his holocom. He placed a call to my mother and General Pierced answered.

“Lord Storm. She’s still on the battlefield. Soaking up the win, most likely,” General Pierce said.

“Get her. I’ve got her new business associates on the line.”

“Right away.”

We waited, some patiently others not, until my mother’s image appeared. Her helmet was off but her cowl was still raised, casting most of her face in shadows. “I am Darth Laresa Jinobie. And I have need of you.”

“I’ve heard of you. You use to be the Emperors Wraith, or something,” Boss Undro said.

I looked over at Undro. That wasn’t a public knowledge title among those that were not high ranking Sith. Undro had connections.

“Yes,” my mother replied simply.

“But you aint anymore. You lost the job. Rumor is some Jedi beat you,” Undro gave her a nasty smile I was going to rip off his ugly face. That Jedi was my mother’s sister.

“You have an inside source. Who?” Darth Miji suddenly demanded.

Undro glared at her, as ready for a fight as she was. “That’s my business. Is it true? Yes or no?”

My mother still didn’t appear phased. “Yes.”

“Then you’re weak,” Undro laughed. "Aint no reason for us to fear you.”

“Um, have you ever beaten a Jedi Master?” Ellis Tarn looked over at Undro.

“You mistake the matter, Boss Undro,” my mother explained. “I needed a way out of that position, the Jedi presented one.”

Undro made a disgusted sound, and threw his hands out. “I anit buying it. No Sith gives up that kinda power.”

“I don’t need to be the Emperors lackey to claim power. Nor do my associates. You are better off working with us,
then against both the Empire and the Republic.”

“She’s got a point, we ought to hear her out,” Rhee Naez said.

“I have large quantities of sensitive materials I need ferried across Imperial and Republic space. I need professionals. And I need manpower. Grunts. Lots of them.”

“That sounds profitable.” Ellis was on board. That didn’t surprise me, he was an opportunist and had loyalty to none.

“There are also a few persons of interest I need watched, others I need picked up and brought to me,” my mother continued.

“This all sounds a lot better than fighting over a ship graveyard in the middle of the arctic,” Rhee Naez said.

“And I want the location of Loramarr.” Mom dropped the bombshell and all the White Maw Bosses got quiet.

“No way,” Undro growled. He’d been overrun by his companions’ greed, but with this demand I could tell the others we’re wavering a little too. Did they know what was so special about that place, too?

“Why not? What do we really need it for?” Rhee Naez said.

Okay, that one didn’t. But what about the others? I scanned their faces.

“I don’t wish to take it from you. I want the Bounty Hunter and his associate to go there,” my mother explained. I always did marvel a little at her patience. I would have shot this idiot in the knee by now.

“What for?” Vadis Krag finally spoke up.

“Something above your intelligence level,” Darth Miji sound as impatient as I felt. Any second now, she was going to pounce. Krag and Undro glared at her.

“Don’t look so offended, she was just being honest,” Darth Shadishan said so simply.

“Forget it,” Undro growled. “The Empire, and the Sith can kiss my-“

“Darth Minamoto,” my mother interrupted. “Convince them your way.”

Darth Miji’s eyes suddenly turned red. “It is a perfect time for violence.”

I walked forward touching her shoulder and pointed at Undro. “I want him.”

“Done,” Miji sprung at Krag. He was dead in seconds. Ellis Tarn and Rhee both threw up their hands looking at Darth Shadishan pleadingly.

“We’re on your side,” Ellis said quickly.

Undro pulled his blaster, but I was a lot faster. I shot it right out of his hand and was in his face a second later. I used the jet pack on my back to give my strike a little more oomph so when I slammed my armor covered fist into his jaw blood exploded out of his mouth and he went flying back into the computer console behind him.

Careful not to damage the equipment I advanced on him, took him by throat and beat his stupid, ugly face in. When I got tired of looking at him, I threw him to the ground, kicked him a few times, and then stuck my foot on the back of his head. I withdrew my blaster and pointed it down at him.

“Wanna beg for your life?” I asked him.

He muttered something, some expletive I could barely make out. I smirked. “Yah know what I’m proud. I hate beggars.” I pulled the trigger, blowing his brains out all over the floor. Darth Miji looked proud.

“Go get your slicer. We need the information on that computer,” Darth Shadishan said.

I nodded and twirled my blaster before I holstered it. I have to admit, I was in a pretty good mood. Whoever said Sith were no fun.

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06.13.2012 , 12:03 PM | #13
Chapter 12 – Serious

I pushed open one of the big metal doors, sticking my head around it. Mako was pacing the corridor. “You’re not too mad at me are yah?”

She stopped and gave me a look. “You need something sliced don’t you?”


“On it.” Determination flashing through her eyes, Mako walked into the room. She stepped over Krag’s severed head, and walked up to the computer terminal. She didn’t like me crowding her when she was working so I backed off to let her do her thing. I stood off to the side, paying more attention to Darth Shadishan as he spoke to my mom on his holocom.

Tarn and Naez were standing behind him with Darth Miji sandwiching them in. They looked more than a little nervous and I tried hard not to laugh at them.

“Ellis Tarn and Rhee Naez are alive. Tarn is the better of the two, but he’d squeal the minute he got captured. There’s not a location we can trust him with,” Darth Shadishan said.

“And the other?”

“To be honest I don’t trust him enough either. I think we’re better off using their men in the factory, taking their ships, and filling them with our own crew.”

“That will slow us down significantly.”

“What’s the rush?”

“We’re being watched. Our cloak of secrecy can only be maintained for so long,” my mother said.

“Understood. I think it’s a necessary risk however.”

“Leave Ellis alive. Kill the other one. I have a plan, I’ll share it later.”

Before Rhee could say a word in his defense Darth Miji shoved her lightsaber through him. He dropped to the ground and Tarn looked so scared I thought he was going to vomit.

“Done. The Hunter’s slicer is getting the location out of their computer.”

“Tell her I want access to everything.”

“I’ll transfer you.” Darth Shadishan hit a button and my mother’s holo image popped up on the display next to Mako.

She jumped a little, surprised by the sudden figure. Then her eyes got big. “Oh wow… you’re… you’re Coro’s mom.”

“Mako I need everything on that computer. Can you do it?”

“Their back walls, not even as tricky to get into as the SIS. Won’t be a problem,” Mako’s fingers were moving with fluid ease over the terminal keys. The lines of code flashed by on the screen so quickly they looked like a wacked out picture book to me. I still marveled that she could translate all that crap.

“Excellent. Lancoro is lucky to have you.”

I watched a small smile appear on Mako’s face. “That’s what I keep telling him.”

“We will meet you and I if things between the two of you get serious.”

“Well, I mean we're.... serious.”

I perked up considerably at that. Mako thought we were serious?

My mother said nothing and Mako started talking fast and a little over herself, the way she does when she gets really, really nervous. “I mean… I know we just uh… but I was with him since the Hunt and I really…” she took a breath, focused hard on that terminal keyboard and said in a softer tone. “…I really like him.”

There I went wanting to pound my chest again. I settled for kicking Krag’s head across the floor. Only Darth Miji noticed and she laughed at me.

My mother said nothing for a long moment. “Well then, I hope that’s always enough.”

I frowned. I really wanted to know who had hurt her. I couldn’t kill him, because if she wanted him dead he would be, but I could pound on him till his brain rattled in his skull a little.

“Okay I’m in,” Mako said.


I walked over to the computer terminal. Mako avoided my gaze. “Yes ma’am.”

“Go to Loramarr, call me when you find it.”

“Leaving now.”

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06.13.2012 , 12:06 PM | #14
Chapter 13 - Interruption

I cut Mako a break and didn’t say a word about her interlude with my mom. Instead we took one of the shuttles back, hopped on my speeder and set course for Loramarr.

Loramarr the scientist/engineer was a genius droid maker who had disappeared. All those types had their secret facilities and it was rumored that Loramarr’s was where the White Paw had shacked up, hence it’s name. If Loramarr had been here, however long ago, there was a good chance he’d left something behind.

I stopped the speeder well before we got there. Mom had said we were being watched. I didn’t know the details of that, but I wanted to be more cautious then driving up to the front door. I also wanted a better view of what we were walking into first.

Mako followed silently behind me as I climbed a snow hill to get the layout. As I suspected, about a dozen different White Paw camps littered the area. I couldn’t see any signs of a compound from this distance. I was running through the different scenarios in my mind that would get us inside the fastest and the quietest when I realized we were in trouble. I could feel-

“Someone’s coming,” I said, jumping up and pulling lose my blasters.

Mako was immediately on alert but she couldn’t sense what I had. “Wh-“

The question had barely left her mouth before a Republic trooper came out of nowhere and slammed into me.

“Coro!” Mako aimed her blaster at him, and I wanted to shout at her but I was too busy under Havoc Squad Lieutenant Aric Jorgan. He still had his helmet on, but I knew that’s who he was. Who else would be out here with my Aunt.

And it was my aunt, Havoc Squad Commander Mekethia Jinobie that charged at Mako. Mako pulled the trigger, but Mekethia had a few advantages over us. One, was that she was a pure blood Sith, with force powers. She didn’t carry a lightsaber but she used the force as well as a Jedi. Mekethia merely lifted her hand, jerking her wrist left and right, batting away Mako’s blaster fire and coming closer with every step. Mako looked confused as all hell and in the next second, Mekethia slammed the butt of her rifle into Mako’s temple and my slicer dropped.

Pure rage exploded inside of me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this furious in my entire life. Jorgan and I were trading metal punches, and he was winning. I wasn’t strong enough to take him, and I knew that, but I was going to hurt him.

He rammed his fist into my helmet again, rattling my brain. I got to the button on my belt and my jet pack slid me backwards on the snow, out from underneath him. I stopped it at the perfect moment to be able to slam my booted foot into his jaw. I hit him so hard his helmet came off. I quickly rolled to the side, coming up with my blaster in hand but there was no way I was going to take both of them. Mekethia used her force power to yank the blaster out of my hand, and Jorgan slammed his knee into my face. The crack made my nose bleed and I dropped hard. I was going to get up, but they jammed a modified vibrostaff into my side and suddenly I was being electrocuted.

You have no idea how well metal can conduct electricity until it’s covering your body. It sucked.

“I fought beside Master Jarro, you slime,” Jorgan growled down at me.

Master Jarro had been one of my targets on the Great Hunt. It was nothing personal and I hated when people made it that way. I would have said something ******** back to him, but I was too busy being in pain.

Mekethia looked down at me. “Restrain them, Jorgan. I have questions for my nephew.”

“Yes, sir.”

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06.22.2012 , 02:01 PM | #15
Chapter 14 – The Republic Side of the Family (The Bounty Hunter)

I was on my knees, my hands secure behind my back. Mako was lying on the ground next to me. The cut on her head was a nasty one, and I couldn’t seem to stop staring at her blood marking the snow. My fury grew as the seconds ticked by.

Patience, Hunter. I reminded myself.

“She’ll live,” Mekethia said. She squatted down in front of me and I slowly pulled my eyes to her.

She resembled my brother, Vanceto in that pure blood Sith way, but that was the only similarity. I’d have gladly died for Vanceto. I can’t say I’d interfere if someone wanted to kill Mekethia. I couldn’t do it myself, merely because she was my mother’s sister, but –

“Squads’ on the way, sir.” Jorgan stood behind her.

“Where’s Loramarr, Lancoro?” Mekethia asked. “It has to be close.”

“What’s a Loramarr?” I asked.

“Don’t get cute. Your list of crimes against the Republic goes on for a mile,” Jorgan said.

“Only a mile? I’m slacking.” That remark earned me Jorgan's fist in my face. He wasn’t family. He was open game. And he wouldn’t always be stronger than I was. Blood filled my mouth and I thought about spitting it in his face. I restrained myself, and spit at his feet instead.

“I’ll make you a deal Lancoro,” Mekethia said.

“Gonna untie me and let me go another round with Mr. Thundercat over here?”

“What… Mr. what?” Jorgan’s face had the look of someone who knows they should be offended but aren’t sure why.

I smirked. “Human joke, Bantha breath.”

Mekethia interrupted us, and I’m sure she prevented another fist in my face. “We’ll let Mako go if you tell me where it is. You care about her, I know you do, I can feel it.”

I glanced over at Mako. She still hadn’t moved. Worry begin to leak into my anger, which made it blaze hotter. I looked back at my Aunt and let her see it. I hope she did feel it, because I was positive my mother wasn’t going to take her crap forever. That meant one day she’d be open game too. “You’re a traitor to your own family. You have no honor. I don’t make deals with scum like you.”

Jorgan looked pissed. He advanced on me, grabbing me by the collar of my armor and pulled me right into his fist. “How dare you, you-”

“Jorgan stop,” Mekethia said.

Jorgan did, but only after he smacked me again. My shoulder hit the snow and I gave my head a little shake to clear my vision. I picked myself back up. Mekethia was studying me.

“Your mother doesn’t command the type of loyalty you think she does,” she finally said.

“If this is going to be a five minute speech where you try to convince my mother isn’t awesome, you can save it. It’s only going to piss me off,” I looked back down at Mako. She needed a med droid, which meant we needed to get out of here.

“She keeps a traitor in her ranks, do you know that? He’s on your brother’s ship now,” Mekethia continued.

That actually made me pay attention to what she was saying as I remembered my conversation with my mother:
He betrayed me, tried to kill me, and he lives.

It was Quinn. Quinn had just gotten assigned to my brothers ship. Quinn had done that to my mother? That scrawny little-

“When her Master put Malavai Quinn in her employ, we didn’t trust him as much as she did. Every time he communicated with her master, we knew about it.”

The implication of what she was telling me slowly sunk in. “You knew he was going to try and kill her,” I all but growled.


“And you did nothing,” I couldn’t keep the venom from my voice. “She’s your sister.”

Mekethia looked at me with an emotionless face. “Had he succeeded he would have done us a favor.”

“You know for a butt kissin, Republic, lightside lover, you sure are a ***** aren’t yah?”

I jerked my gaze to the right and there was Aunt Reide. She sported a white Mohawk, cybernetic right eye like my mothers, and a **** eating grin on her face, her blaster pointed right at Mekethia's head.

Aunt Reide was a smuggler that got away with doing jobs for both the Republic and the Empire on occasion but she was mostly renegade and one of the best in the galaxy. If you needed something moved or found, you called Aunt Reide. It had been because of her we’d narrowed down Loramarr the droid makers last known location to somewhere on Hoth.

I grinned darkly as I watched the surprised expression come over Mekethia and Jorgan’s faces. I wouldn’t pull a blaster on Aunt Reide. She was naturally good with weapons, and she used the force like Mekethia did. And Aunt Reide didn’t agree with my mother in regards to keeping family alive. She harbored no hope they could be persuaded to see reason. Basically if not for my mother, Mekethia would have been dead five minutes ago, I was sure of it.

Jorgan reached for his weapon but even if he had of been quick enough, he wasn’t getting a shot off. Akaavi Spar, one of my aunt’s crew members and a fellow Mandalorian, crashed into him. Akaavi versus Jorgan was one hell of a fight, let me tell you. The Hutts would have made good money off of putting these two in a ring.

“My squad is on its way. You’re not going to accomplish anything here,” Mekethia looked furious. “Other than piss me off.”

“Well, they might be a while. Right now your squad has got its hands full with my Wookie, and my nephews Mandalorian,” Aunt Reide's voice dripped with sarcasm. “So you and me can catch up.”

Emerging from their stealth positions, Imperial Agent Rystaan Minamoto and my Operative sister, Veltana came up behind me.

“I leave you alone for five minutes,” Veltana was technically my step sister, but it didn’t matter much. I’d grown up annoying the hell out of her like a good big brother. Lots of “why are you so blue” jokes were involved because she was a Chiss, like our father.

“What took you so long,” I said. She cut my binds loose and tossed me my blasters. Rystaan kneeled over Mako, tending her to forehead.

“I’ll take her back to your ship and ensure the Republic Troopers don’t follow. You two proceed with your mission,” Rystaan said.

I took the moment to run the back of my hand over Mako’s cheek. My sister noticed and smirked. I ignored her and shoved on my helmet. Aunt Reide could handle Mekethia. “Let’s go.”

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06.22.2012 , 02:05 PM | #16
Chapter 15 – A Conversation Between Sisters (The Smuggler)

I saw Mekethia’s eyes move when Lancoro took off. She was so easy to read. I brought her attention back to me quick when I turned my stance and fired my blaster into Aric’s back. It didn’t breech his armor but it stunned him and gave Akaavi an all too easy advantage. She slammed her techstaff into Aric’s stomach, his head, and then knocked his leg out from underneath him. She added insult and more pain when she brought her fist into his chest while he was still slightly mid-air, drilling him into the ground.

Mekethia wasn’t easy to anger – except when it came to Laresa and me. My sources told me she and Aric had a thing going which made attacking something she loved all too easy to pass up.

Mekethia shot her hand and the force wave she sent at me knocked me right onto my back. Pain shot through me, pulling the laughter from my mouth. “Nice to see you too, sis.” Provoking her wasn’t always a good thing.

I spun to my feet, and fired about six rounds in her direction as I came up. She dodged them, moving sideways and somersaulted for her gun. I wiped a grenade from my belt, yanked the pin out with my pinky, and tossed it. It hit the ground next to her weapon a second before she arrived. The explosion knocked her violently backwards. She was a quick bugger, so it didn’t hurt her that much; she got her hands up and used the force to send the majority of the blast away from her face.

I leaped and landed right on her, my knee in her chest my blaster pointed right in her face. “Move and I’ll let Akaavi kill Jorgan. You know she’s dying too.” She went still and I could feel the force of Mekethia’s anger and wondered for the thousandth time why she didn’t just give into the darkside . She’d have had a heck of a lot more fun. “You know why I think Laresa won’t let me kill you?” My sister said nothing, but I didn’t expect her too. It was a rhetorical question anyway. “Because you look like Vanceto. I think that’s the only reason. And I think, after telling her what you did to her boy, she’s gonna get real tired of you.”

“Oh, just do it. You backseat lackey,” Mekethia hissed, and lifted her head, pressing her forehead right into my blaster. She shot her hand up, curling her fingers around the barrel. “Make your own decisions for once. Pull the trigger. Do it.”

“Mekethia!” Jorgan growled out. “Don’t!” He was on his knees, his helmet off, his face bruised and a little bit bloody. Akaavi had her arm around his neck, her staff in his back, keeping him place.

I glanced over at Jorgan’s direction. A cold smile slide over my face. I looked back down at my sister, leaned a little closer and whispered, “He’s not family. That means I get to kill him first. And no, you don’t get to watch. Just wonder how I did it. Where I did it. If it hurt him or not. Did he turn coward in the end?” I could feel her anger surge through her and I knew she was close to her snapping point. I smirked. My sister was kidding herself, pretending to be all light side Zen like Xerrin. “Don’t worry, you’ve got some time. Enjoy him.” Before she exploded and gave me more of a fight then I felt like dealing with just then, I slammed the butt of my blaster into her temple and put her out. I glanced over at Akaavi and nodded. She did the same to Jorgan.

I holstered my gun, climbing off my sister. Akaavi came up to me. “What are we to do with them?”

“Take them to the coordinators programmed into my speeder. Tell Bodwaar to lead rest of Havoc Squad there and then get out,” I said.

Akaavi nodded and began securing Mekethia and Jorgan’s hands and legs. “He is a good warrior. I should kill him.”

“I agree with you. Soon, just not now. But hey,” I gave her a playful punch in the shoulder. “This means you get to beat him down again.”

Akaavi gave me a very tolerant expression but followed orders. My holocom beeped and I answered it. I wasn’t surprised to see my sister.

“Is he all right?” She didn’t waste any time, and I adored that about her.

“Took a few licks. Good for him though. They’re on their way. Rystaan cleared the path.”

“And Mekethia?”

“She’s still alive if that’s what you’re asking.” I watched Akaavi drive away with both of them. “I’m a killer, not a rabid murderer.”

“You left her alive because you love her,” Laresa said.

My lips quirked. “If you say so, sis. Your boys little girlfriend got hurt. He stayed focused.”

I could hear the pride in my sister’s voice. “Of course he did.”

“I’m on my way to meet them,” I said, walking over to my speeder.

“Thank you Reide.”

“Stop it. It’s ridiculous to thank me. We’re family.” I straddled the bike. Paused. There was no sarcasm in my voice for once, when I told her; “They knew about Quinn. Monitored his communications.”

I could feel, even from the distance, the slow boil of my sister’s anger at that news. “My second biggest failure, laid bare for her to mock.”

“The first wasn’t your fault,” I said, and I meant it.

She didn’t believe me and I knew it. It was the reason for everything we were doing and a lot more than she owed in my opinion. Mekethia and Xerrin owed their lives and their success to my sister so many times over. And I always made sure they knew it every chance I got.

“Let me know when you have it,” Laresa finally said.

“I will. See on Dubrillion.”

“Good Hunting.”

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06.22.2012 , 03:25 PM | #17
I Looove this story!! I think I actually squee'd a little when I saw there was a new post! Will wait with baited breath for the next installment!

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06.23.2012 , 09:34 AM | #18
Me too, glad to see you post again.

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06.23.2012 , 12:23 PM | #19
Yay! I'll have the next installment up real soon (like maybe tomorrow)

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06.27.2012 , 10:33 PM | #20
Chapter 16 - Loramarr (The Bounty Hunter)
Loramarr Secret Facility

Working with any of my siblings, things just clicked. I had a great rhythm with Mako, but there was something very natural about being in combat with my sister. I felt the same with Vanceto.

The compound was full of White Paw Gang members that apparently hadn’t gotten the message we were now allies; or rather, they worked for us. Neither I nor Tana were in the mood to negotiate so we just killed them. Tana would go stealth, and knife one in the back. Before his comrades could figure out what was going on, I’d shot two and she sniped the fourth. We tore through the compound, and I didn’t hold anything back. I had a lot of aggression that needed to come out, and every time I kicked someone’s face in, or blew their stomachs all over the floor I felt a little bit better.

We finally got to another sealed door, and Tana had it open in no time. I went in first, blasters out. I was checking corners when Tana nudged me and then I noticed it; sitting in the far center of the room was a large closed container. And sitting behind that closed container was a big frakkin droid that appeared to be offline.

“Bet you ten credits the droid wakes up when we open the box,” I said.

“Bet you twenty we don’t even open the box before the droid wakes up,” she countered.

I studied the container and droid in front of us a moment longer and decided my sister was probably right. We advanced slowly, cautiously, prepared for anything. The minute we got within a click of the container, the droid shot upwards on full alert.

Tana smirked. “Told you.”

“I am Heavy Resource Recovery Machine 5,” the Droid said. “I will not allow you to open the case. Do you understand?”

I opened my mouth to say something ******** but was stopped by my sisters hand on my arm. “We were sent here by Loramarr to retrieve it,” she said.

The droid went silent and I noticed a red line scanning over Tana, then myself. “Your bio signature does not match that of the retriever. Fail Safe 1376 activated. State the password or be destroyed.”

I looked at Tana and she looked at me. Neither one of us had the password of course.

“Kill it?” I said.

“Kill it,” she agreed. “Try to save the memory core though.”

“Got it.”

Battles with droids are not long. You either shut it down, or you get blasted to pieces. Tana stunned it, and I opened up on it, taking it down quick and hard.

While I went about opening up the case, she retrieved the droids memory core.

“Think you’ll find out who was supposed to pick this up?” I asked her and with a little grunt got the heavy lid off.

“Maybe,” she said. “It’s always good to know who you’ve taken something from and just made an enemy out of.”

“Good point.” I stared down into the case, which was unnecessarily huge for what was inside. I reached down and pulled out a small, square shaped, closed black box. Popping it open, a neural chip sat inside.

Tana came to stand at my shoulder and grinned. “Bingo.”

“How about that,” I said.

“Let’s move. We’ll celebrate later.”

Always the smart one, my sister. We left quickly, stepping over dead bodies and emerged back outside. I took off my helmet to let some of the cold air in and looked at Tana. “Where you headed next?”

“Belsavis,” my sister said. “The Empire it’s…” She paused and just shook her head. “Every day I understand Mom and Dad a little bit more.”

“Yeah…” I said, thinking about Quinn. “Me too.”

I snapped back to the present though and hugged her. She hugged me back. “So what’s with you and the goody-two shoes slicer?” Tana asked me.

“She’s not goody-two shoes,” I defended. “She… keeps me grounded. I like her.”

“Yeah I could tell. Don’t lose focus. Men get stupid when they start falling in love,” Tana said all matter of fact.

“I am the most focused member of this family,” I shot back. “And what about you? No boyfriends or anything? What about the Vector guy?”

“Seriously? The man who joined with Killiks? Yeah, because I could share all the family secrets with him. Then the whole hive would know.” She rolled her eyes. “He’s too nice for my tastes and way too in love with spreading the message of the Empire through diplomatic channels.”

She sounded so disgusted I had to cut up laughing. “Put a bounty on him and I’ll take care of it,” I offered.

She smiled at me. “Thanks big Bro. I can handle it. Had a threesome with Kaliyo last week. I’m good for a while.”

“Okay, way too much information.”

“I told her if she was going to keep bringing guys onto my ship, she was going to start sharing.”

“Stop, stop,” I held one hand up to my ear, trying not to laugh while being completely skeeved out. “Me inquiring about a boyfriend does not mean I want to know about your sleazy sex life.”

“Mako only likes missionary huh?” Tana grinned at me.

“I will not be baited by you. Don’t you have some where to be?”

“Yeah I do. Important Imperial business and all that.” She hugged me again. “Be careful out there.”

“Yeah, you too.”

I watched her jog away a second before I felt a presence behind me. I grinned faintly. “I wish I could have stayed for the beat down,” I said, turning around to face Aunt Reide.

Apparently she didn’t like my remark because Aunt Reide clocked me one good. “She’s still your Aunt, show some respect.”

“She might be your sister, but she’s not my aunt,” I said, but not disrespectfully. I didn’t understand it at times, but I could respect my mother’s decisions regarding her sister’s. I wondered how I’d feel though if Mekethia had actually killed Mako. Suddenly, I had the urge to see my slicer.

Aunt Reide sensed my change in demeanor. “Did you get it?”

I handed her the small square container. “Neural chipset inside. Looks like you were right, he was here.”

“How about that. Been chasing after this thing for a long time.”

“You find Loramarr?”

“I’m getting closer. I’m sure I’ll get him right when I need too.”

I nodded. “There was a big droid guarding the chip. It was waiting for someone to pick this thing up. Veltana’s got the memory core.”

“Smart girl. I’ll check in with her. Good seeing you boy.” Aunt Reide gave my cheek a loving slap this time, jumped on her speeder, and hauled butt out.