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Legacy Wars

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The Sith

For the first few seconds Satele said nothing, and I didn't either, we simply regarded each other. It was almost ridiculous that we were an hour after battle, in the middle of the war, two leaders on two very opposite ends of the spectrum merely looking at each other.

"Should be I concerned about leaving you alone with her?" Satele finally asked.

"Of course you should," I said evenly. "I am Sith."

The Grand Master said nothing for a long moment. "She was not herself. I don't think you were either."

I narrowed my eye at her. "Do you know why it is so easy for Jedi to turn to the darkside?" I didn't wait for her response, I stepped into her and growled out - "Because in the heart of a true warrior, in the reality of battle there is no difference. You fight your nature. I embrace it. The Voss did nothing but sharpen ideals she already had."

Satele studied me in silence for another moment, but said nothing. I'd had enough of Jedi justifications. I walked past her.

"I know what a mother would do for her child."

My steps paused. There was something in her tone - I turned halfway to glance at her arching a questioning brow.

She released a subtle nod. "I won't pretend my actions may have been any better if put in your place. But they're not dead-"

"Reide and Elliah are."

"Don't lose your way again Master Jinobie," she quietly continued like I hadn't interrupted. "You owe them both that."

My back stiffened that she would dare call me Master and not...

I had been once. And the only good thing I could say about it was that it had given me... balance. I nodded once at her. Nothing more need be said between us. I walked into Xerrin's room.

As I shut the door Xerrin focused her eyeless Miraluka gaze on me.

"Reide is dead," I told her flatly.

I felt the emotion that slammed into her. "How?" She asked so quietly.

"She got my children of off Voss. A mystic poisoned her in the process."

I could hear the agony in her voice. "Oh god, Laresa. What have I done..."

I did not want to feel her pain, her regret, her guilt; it was too much. I thickened the darkside around me like a protective barrier and snapped - "Where is this Voss that thinks he can destroy the force?"

Xerrin went quiet.

"Do not." I growled the warning, surging towards her. "You will tell me."

Xerrin still said nothing for another long moment. Then, finally, "You can't go alone."

"There is no other way. Our time grows short. Tell me."

"Yes, there is. I'll go with you," She rose to her feet.

"Xerrin," I paused. Worked my jaw back and forth. "This is the last good thing I can do."

Xerrin opened her mouth to speak again but I wouldn't let her.

"Let me avenge her, Xerrin," my voice betrayed my precarious state. "Let me avenge Elliah. Let me avenge us both in a way that you cannot."

Xerrin hesitated, staring at me. Finally she began speaking, telling me everything that had been left over in her mind because of the Voss sorcery.

"Can the force be used planet side?" I asked when she had finished.

"Yes. They only hid it's power from me. That's why you couldn't feel the children while they were on Voss. There was always a mystic close enough to act like a shield, but had any of them tried they would have been able to use their force ability."

"And the Voss's mind control?"

Xerrin paused, searching her own mind for the answers. "It's a process. It can't be done on a whim."

I had heard all I needed too. I turned on my heel and marched towards the door.

"It wasn't because I didn't accept you. I thought that might be for a moment but, it wasn't."

I halted.

"Maybe it was my own fears. But I'd.... " Her voice broke just a moment. She strengthened it and continued. "I'd decided when we parted after the emperor that you were right, about a lot of things. I'd ask Doc to marry me. I couldn't wait to tell you."

I didn't want to hear this, but Xerrin wasn't done. She moved to stand in front of me, blocking my path and touched my shoulders. "I wanted to reconnect Laresa. I wanted to understand you. You had so much. And even moreso you had the family that I'd lost, given up for the order. I don't regret being a Jedi, but I do regret not being your sister. I'm sorry, Laresa. I'm so sorry."

I closed my eye. I cannot say that sadness didn't rock through me hearing what had almost happened. Things might have gone so differently had the Voss not played both sides for fools. But they had, and we'd given into our very natures, into the biases that ran rampant through both sides. I realized I didn't feel any guilt over my actions, but the consequences of my choices, of the path I'd chosen to walk down could not be ignored.

There was only one way this could end now.

I opened my eye and looked at my sister. Xerrin had forgiven me once, as only a Jedi could. But I wasn't a Jedi, I was Sith. After a moment I admitted, "The part of me capable of forgiving you died with Reide. But you don't need forgiveness, Xerrin. Not from someone like me."

Xerrin said nothing and I could sense that now she finally understood; I, was gone. I pulled out of her embrace and walked out.

The Jedi

I hung my head in my hands. Had I been capable of tears they would have poured out of me. It would have been a much needed release. I was wallowing in my sadness when I heard the door to the room open, raised my head and saw Doc standing there.

He was holding my Jedi robe. And my lightsaber. "I'm going with you," he said before I could get a word out. "And that's the end of it."

I walked rose from the bed, walked over to him and pressed my mouth against his. It was a hard passionate, loving kiss that he returned with just as much fervor. After a long moment we broke it off. I took both items from his hand, sliding on my robe, equipping my lightsaber to my belt. "We must hurry."
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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Chapter 9: The Power of The Darkside

The Sith
The Darkheart Temple

Jaesa could not be allowed into the next section of my families future. She was as dark, as black as I was. I ordered her with me, and she obediently obeyed as we set course for Voss.

When we reached Voss's orbit, I killed her. I couldn't allow her to be used in battle to make the Voss stronger or turned against me while I fought them. I let her death feed my hatred, and used her body in the cockpit.

Xerrin had explained that a hundred people had been captured, the species hadn't mattered. Voss magic and Sel-Makor's dark power combined in conjunct with the ritual sacrifice, on the anniversary of the abomination that had occurred on Nathema could destroy the energy known as the force.

I had faced Sel-Makor before when I'd struck down Darth Fulminis. It had been my mistake not to have allowed the Voss I'd worked with to actually kill him. A mistake I now intended to rectify.

I expected that the stealth technology in my ship would hold past the blockade and it did. When I broke into Voss's atmosphere I uncloaked my vessel, set the coordinates and used the escape shuttle. The ship crashed in front of the Dark Heart Temple, and I landed just a few clicks away.

I disappeared into the force, moved undetected past the chaos my distraction had caused and ran inside the temple. I uncloaked once inside and killed every Commando that stood in my path on my way into the inner most sanctum. The Voss were well trained warriors - but without their mystics constant foresight in any basic battle they were just another enemy to be killed.

I rounded a corner and saw two large closed doors. A pair of Voss Mystics stood in front of them, standing guard. They immediately saw me and began whispering. I could feel their power probing at my mind, trying to gain access. I charged at them.

Before my lightsaber could cut them down they disappeared. I could not see them, something other than the force blocking them from my sight. I went very still, only the sound of my pulsing saber echoing so very quietly around me. I heard the hiss of air as one of them reappeared and caught him with the backward thrust of my lightsaber. I pulled my blade out and whirled, removing his head before he could collapse.

The second appeared in front of me just as his comrade hit the ground, his knife aimed for my throat. I was faster and I shot out my hand driving a blast of lightening into his face. He cried out loudly, dropping the knife and clutching at his charred skin. I sheathed my lightsaber and picked up the fallen dagger. The Mystic was crying out in pain as I studied the blade remembering what had happened to Reide. My fury surging, I snapped my dark gaze up to the Voss, grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved the blade into his chest.

He cried out again and I cruelly ripped the blade out, dropping it to the ground. The mystic clutched at his chest, his agony rising as he died.

Stepping over his dead body, I reached to withdraw one of my lightsabers when I suddenly felt the energy of their deaths seeping out of their useless carcasses and surging into me, merging with the darkside of the force; a strange and unexpected circumstance - perhaps because of the Voss ritual going on behind those doors. I paused to study it effects. They were not controlling, they were strengthening. Good. I reached to push open the door when I felt -

I whirled around and stared at Xerrin. "What are you doing here?" I demanded.

"Being a big sister for once," she said so simply.

I narrowed my eye at her. "You fool," I hissed. "Do you realize what must-"

"You'll do it. I'll ensure no one stops you."

I paused for just a moment. She was giving me her stubborn face and I knew I wouldn't be able to sway her. I merely nodded, turned back to the door and kicked it open.

The room was wide. Voss Commandos stood on the outer edges. In the middle the hundred captured all kneeled around a large pit, ready to sacrifice themselves because of Voss mind control. I had to relent that the Mystic's power was impressive.

On a top upper ledge I saw three Voss, the true mystics I assumed, glowing a strong golden color, watching with emotionless expressions on their faces. They didn't even look up as Xerrin and I entered the room.

"Do not allow them to interrupt the ritual! Kill them!" I heard a Voss shout. "Children of the Darkheart, give yourselves to him! For the greater good of all Voss! The Mystics see! You must act! Now!"

The Commandos started firing at us. The lesser Mystics started chanting. And the mind controlled began jumping in the pit.

"Try not to kill them," I told her and let her deal with the Commandos as I sheathed my lightsaber and raced towards the center of the room.

I blocked blaster fire coming my way with the annoyed twist of my palm, sending their bolts spinning back at them. I leaped, landed on a ledge next to all the idiots waiting to kill themselves, held out my arms and channeled the darkside of the force. I called upon a wide circle of lightening that crashed down around them. There was no escaping it - before they could sacrifice themselves I killed them, turned the Mystics own magic against them and absorbed their very essences into myself instead.

It was pain. It was power. It was agony. But it was addicting. I heard a Voss scream - "NO! Kill her then throw her into the pit!"

I stopped channeling the lightening. Never before had I felt such power. Or such pain. I couldn't even begin to describe the vortex churning inside of me. Two Mystics attacked me, and I caught them both by the throat, crushing their windpipes without thought. Literally without thought - I just did it, and tossed their dead bodies to the ground like they were nothing.

The rest of the Mystics came at me with knives in their hands, trying to swarm me like a pack of rabid crystfangs. And if they didn't have knives, they stood there chanting, a dark black cloud swirling around them, their power slamming against my skull, trying to gain access to my mind.

I heard myself laugh. The hiss of my lightsabers echoed out. They tried to blink in and out of sight, but this time I could see them, their frames like dark shadows. They were fast, I would give them credit for that. Severing a limb didn't slow their attack either, but I delighted in the challenge, in the carnage of it all.

I struck the last of them down and heard a wild cry. A lone Voss, their little ring leader perhaps had charged at me. Two quick moves and his hands struck my wrists, a jolt of some strange energy erupting from his palms that shocked my nerves and forced me to drop my blades. He withdrew a knife from his belt in the next motion, his movements as fast as any trained Sith and I hissed in delight as I was forced to block his attacks with my armored forearms, ducking his swipes, twisting my body around his to dodge the thrust of his knife and slammed my elbow into the back of his head in the same motion.

He stumbled, disappeared and didn't realize I could see through his stupid little trick now. I caught him before he could attack me, dropping to kick his feet out from underneath him. He shouted in surprise as his back hit the ground and I thrust my hands out, drilling lightening into his body. He screamed in pain, but even I admit I was impressed when he surged upwards, smoke rising from his robes as he pushed through my lightening like it was the gust of a strong wind.

I let him get closer, a little closer still and then I stopped the blast. He surged into me like he'd been pushed and shoved his knife into my stomach. I barely felt the pain. My lips tilted into a cruel smile as I grabbed his shoulder and shoved my hand into his chest, closing my fist around his heart.

I canted my head, staring into his eyes, reading his thoughts as his burnt face contorted in pain. It was he who had tortured my sister. Robbed her of her mind. Made her raise a hand against me. Set everything in motion.

Pure hatred surged through me. "You lose," I snarled and ripped his heart out. His body dropped, and I threw the useless organ in my fist to the ground next to him like it was nothing.


I glanced at Xerrin as I pulled the knife from my stomach. I could feel the poison in my system, but it was a distant burning sensation to the tormented power of absorbing the energy of the dead. I dropped the blade to the ground, and looked down into the pit. The looming darkness was almost welcoming.

"Don't you dare Laresa!" Xerrin shouted.

Before she could say another word I jumped down into the black hole where Sel-Makor waited.

As I fell I threw my lightsaber up at the sphere floating over the pit, shattering it. The intense wave of its contained force power reverberated out. I sucked it in as I landed at the bottom of the pit. The phantom, glowing, monstrous manifestation of Sel-Makor appeared. Lightening flew my fingers again, closing around him, containing him as I drained his power and forced him into me.

As I expected, he was not opposed to finding a more solid form. His utterly dark, evil power exploded inside of me, merging with the darkside that literally coursed through my veins and like any vengeful Sith he immediately began trying to take control of me, to exert his will over my own.

I couldn't resist him forever. But I knew how to kill him


I heard Xerrin's shout as I climbed back out of the pit immediately sinking to my knees. I was trembling. Sel-Makor's voice was in my head, an endless loop of pain and destruction and death and rage; all things I had spent the last week feasting upon to cover up my grief.

I stared hard at Xerrin as she slid to her knees next to me. Gritting my teeth I withdrew one of my sabers and shoved it at her hilt first, meeting her gaze. "Do it."

She stared at me. The pit. Back at me. Understanding dawned. Her jaw clenched. "I won't. We will find another way. The Jedi can heal you-"

"Stop. There is no time. You have too."


"I am a Sith." I growled. "You are a Jedi. Do it!"

"You are my sister!"

I shot out my hand and gave her a nice hard shock of lightening to provoke her. It took everything, everything inside of me, every small part that was left of me not to kill her. "DAMN YOU DO IT!" I roared.

Xerrin blanched at the hit, but my utterly stubborn sister wouldn't budge. "NO!"

With a growl I surged to my feet. My sister rose too but she would not be intimidated. I wanted to kill her. It would be so easy. For a second I lost my mind to Sel-Makor's voice and didn't understand why she was alive. I lifted my hands - and focused on her face. My sisters face. It was that tiny recognition that allowed me to regained control but, it was like trying to stop an avalanche.

If I began fighting her there would be no containing the monster inside of me.


"Fight it Laresa. You have too. We'll go-"

I turned her out, my mind spinning. I whirled and saw Doc watching us. Perfect. I raised my hand, closed the force around his neck and began killing him.

I felt Xerrin's panic. "Laresa stop!"

But I didn't. I kept force choking Doc, harder in fact. Xerrin came at me, trying to use the force to push me but I didn't budge. She used my lightsaber to give me a few warning cuts but I didn't even feel it. "Laresa don't!"

She tried to ram the hilt of the saber into my temple to knock me out but all it did was make me bleed a little.

"Do it! DO IT!" I screamed at her, my vision swimming. I backhanded her hard enough to break skin, but kept my grip on Doc. She stumbled, but quickly regained her footing.

I squeezed harder, staring at her with pure hatred on my face, taunting her. Doc would be dead in seconds and we both knew it.

"Laresa I can't, I-"


The sure strike of her blade, my blade, stabbing into my heart robbed me of my breath.

I released my hold on Doc because I had no choice. I could feel my life force fading. Could feel it, the nightmare that was Sel-Makor howling in fury as it began to die with me, its power the only reason I hadn't died instantly.

Xerrin went to pull the lightsaber out but I grabbed her wrist, halting her motion and keeping it lodged where it was. I met her gaze. "Watch over them for me," I whispered.

"I will, I promise." she whispered brokenly. "I love you, sister."

I felt my faint smile. "Should have... let me fall off the roof..."

The sound she made was more choked sob then laugh.

When I was sure that this power that none should ever posses would die with me, I let the blade go. She pulled it out and I dropped. Xerrin caught my weight, pulling me close to her.

The endless, numbing, insane loop of power and pain blissfully stopped, reminding me what peace felt like. I dropped my head to my sisters shoulder, my gaze falling past her. I can't say I wasn't surprised when I realized I could see them; Kazrin. Elliah. Reide. Even Malavai. I wanted to tell Xerrin but she'd just have to find out on her own.

A second later, I joined them.
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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Poor Laresa only she wanted was her family.
But thank the force u kill darkJaesa that me happy

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Chapter 10: Legacy

The Jedi

It was an interesting mix. Vette, Pierce, Risha, Andro, Bodwaar and Akaavi, standing in solemnly behind what was left of my family.

My sister's children stood next to me, close to each other. Tana stood between her brothers, Lancoro's hand in hers, her head on Vanceto's shoulder. They stared in silence as we watched the flames burn around Reide and Laresa.

I turned my gaze from my sisters and looked at them. Their faces, their eyes, their rigid stance and the square of their shoulders as they each digested the pain of loss in their own way. I did not know them. But I would. My siblings and I had been ripped apart by war. Never again would I allow codes, or misunderstanding, or intolerance to separate my family again.

I knew exactly what we had to do.

One Week Later...

The Imperial Agent

"Stop fidgeting, you look great."

I was standing in front of the mirror, adjusting my uniform. Shara code name Watcher Two, came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist and put her chin on my shoulder.

I laid my hands atop of hers meeting her gaze in the mirror. "I still feel like everything's more real now. In way it wasn't before."

"Because we're not spying on Jadus, trying to undermine him at every move. You're running the operation in earnest. And I get to take the Grand Moff home every night. It's a delightful win, win."

"What a big failure to your pure breeding program you are," I teased.

Shara laughed. "I suppose if the urge ever strikes me there's always your brother isn't there?"

My eyes widened and she broke into laughter. You'd never have guessed Shara's sense of humor unless you really knew her, like I did. I turned in her arms, kissing her gently. "Once you go chiss, you never go back. Remember that." I winked at her.

"Mmm, don't I know it." She kissed me again. "Ready?"

"See you in a few days." I touched her cheek, picked up my briefcase and walked out of our home. Vanceto waited for me outside, leaning against a speeder for once without the entourage him being the Emperor demanded.

So far he'd only had to execute one General and the former War minister who didn't like the direction he intended to take the Empire in. As Grand Moff I had made the announcement that he had the full support of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, a title he had restored. General Pierce had sworn allegiance to him and that meant all of mom's army with it. Even Mandalore, thanks in part to Lancoro's influence all fully supported his bid to power. And since there were very few Sith Lords left powerful enough to challenge Vanceto for right now, it was sticking. I expected on top of all the rebuilding we had to do there would be many power plays in the coming months but it was a damn good start.

"Into the mouth of the enemy we go," he said.

I nodded. This was going to be a very, very interesting.

The Bounty Hunter

I was standing in the space port, leaning against a wall with my arms crossed over my chest, waiting for Tana's and Van's shuttle to arrive. Kaliyo waited with me. Since I'd taken over Aunt Reide's spot as the Boss of the Underworld, she'd become a damn good ally to have.

In the week after Mom and Aunt Reide's death we'd done exactly as Mom had told us - combined our strength and made sure we took care of business. In the quiet moments I often wondered if this had been her and Dad's purpose for us all along. Not that I cared, in fact I kinda like my new line of work.

It had been my job to re-secure the Underworld and keep the alliance between the crooks going. I was actually a little surprised that Ivory hadn't made the first power play for it. Maybe it was because of my rep as a Bounty Hunter. I still had eyes on the black list, though Bounty Hunting had become a part-time gig, it wasn't something I was going to give up either.

Andro had gathered up his crew to rally the others in support of me. Kaliyo had used her connections to spread some rumors about my rep, and help conjure support among the riff raff that I was legit enough to take my Aunts place. Risha and Vette had both used their connects to do the same. I still worked with Blizz and Gault had been downright giddy when he found out. Torian was the only one who had left and last I heard he was back with his old clan. Bodwaar had stuck with me. I'd asked Akaavi to go to Dromund Kaas and watch Vanceto's back. She'd agreed.

So far, things were going as planned. Today was going to be one hell of an interesting day though.

"Want to get a drink after this little party, Bounty Hunter?" Kaliyo asked.

I glanced over at her, hide my smile and turned my attention back in front of me as Vanceto and Tana's shuttle came in. "What's in it for me?"

Kaliyo smirked. "Pity sex if I'm drunk enough."

I chuckled. "We'll keep it to just getting drunk." Kaliyo was hot, but right now I didn't want anybody. I hadn't even taken off my wedding ring yet. Still, she was becoming a good friend and I'd be stupid if I didn't admit that everything, including mourning Mako, had been a little easier with her crazy *** around.

I pushed off the wall as Vanceto and Tana headed in my direction, hugging them both. "Xerrin is already inside," I told them.

"The look on their faces when they see us will be classic." Vanceto grinned wolfishly.

I kinda felt like that was the understatement of the year.

The Jedi
Senate Tower

The room was packed. Grand Master Satele sat next to General Garza and Supreme Chancellor Saresh. I had just finished testifying. For the last week an uneasy cease fire had been called and today was the day for the full senate hearings about everything that had transpired on Voss and beyond.

"Thank you for your candor, Master Xerrin," Chancellor Saresh said as I finished.

"Just Xerrin," I corrected gently. "I am no longer a Jedi." That brought a quite hush to the room. Before they could grill me about that, I continued, "Chancellor Saresh, Grand Master Shan, General Garza, members of the Senate, I have invited someone here today that I felt needed to be a part of these proceedings for the sake of our future."

"This is a private inquiry, Ma-" Chancellor Saresh corrected herself, "Xerrin. Who did you invite?"

"Sith Emperor Vanceto Jinobie."

My mouth twitched in amusement at the shocked expressions on their faces. Before they could argue one way or the other, Doc had opened the door to the room to let Vanceto, Veltana, and Lancoro walk in. Vanceto pulled his hood back, exposing his Sith face and Veltana did the same. I had employed the help of Master Sumalee to smuggle them onto Coruscant.

The troopers in the room immediately pointed their blasters at my niece and nephews. Vanceto calmly put up his hands. Tana rolled her eyes. Lancoro glared at the Trooper closest to him.

"Get that gun outta my face," I heard him snap. I bit my lip to keep from chuckling.

"Master Xerrin what is the meaning of-"

"Supreme Chancellor Saresh we are unarmed. I arrived with no additional forces. I merely wish to be heard," Vanceto said.

I stepped aside and motioned Vanceto forward. He moved almost mockingly slowly so the Troopers wouldn't shoot him and I had to resist the urge to laugh again.

Stop that I mouthed to him. He merely grinned wolfishly at me. I hugged him as he approached and then stepped aside as he took to the podium.

Lancoro had shoved the blaster out of his face, put a hand on Tana's back and they walked right past the soldiers and sat down. I sat with them, and we patiently waited while Saresh covered her microphone and whispered in hush tones to General Garza and Master Shan.

Vanceto glanced back at me. I nodded once. He turned his attention to the front of the room and without waiting for them to decide he began speaking. As he did, Master Shan shushed them and they started listening.

"The start of the Great Galactic war was caused by the machinations of an insane Emperor. An Emperor destroyed by the combined forces of both Jedi and Sith. Had the Voss not began their treachery, regardless of the events that transpired because of General Rakton, peace might have been reached. We may still reach that peace today. That is why I am here, to offer the Republic a true treaty that would restore the Galaxy to the state it was before the war."

The was a murmur around the room before the Chancellor called for silence. Vanceto paused, then continued.

"As a measure to prove my sincerity, I wish to present to this council the stealth technology we've employed for your own usage. I have given control of the powerful weapon known as the Eradicator to Queen Risha Drayen of Dubrillion. Should both sides agree to the treaty and follow its terms with no further hostilities, she has agreed to destroy the eradicator for us both to see. Should we decide to continue the war, she will use it as she see's fit with sworn prejudice against both our idiot asses."

There was a mixture of laughter and more hushed murmuring.

"Do you mean to force our hand with the threat-" General Garza started but Vanceto interrupted her.

"If I meant to force you hand, I would have pointed it's power at this planet and I would not be offering to return to you things that were once yours before the Emperor started this insanity. The mere fact that a Sith has relinquished control of its power should be evidence enough of my sincerity." He said simply. "Intolerance has spawned our hatred of each other. We do not approve of all of your ways, anymore than you approve of yours. That doesn't mean we can't live in peace. There are plenty of common enemies we can fight together if we must. And when the Emperor rears his ugly head again, we will need each other."

He paused as the room exploded into more murmurs. Master Shan looked, amused. It made me smile. Vanceto continued. "To help relations, may I present the Sith Empire's offered Liaison to the republic. Your former Supreme Chancellor and now titled - Ambassador Janus."

Janarus who was seated in the room next to Risha, stood up, nodding at Vanceto. His appearance in all this would help matters a great deal. Regardless of the circumstances of his resignation, he was still respected in many circles in the Senate.

"We have the power, today, to have peace. Real peace," Vanceto said. "After all the lives lost, think of the families that could be restored, planets given the chance to remake themselves - I implore you all, is there any good reason to continue this war?"

Together we walked out of the Senator Tower.

"Think they'll sign it?" Veltana asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. The deliberation is a good sign though."

"I bloody hope so," Vanceto said as we stepped out into the sunlight. He stretched, then set his hands on his waist, surveying the busy cityscape of Coruscant. "There is much to be said for being an Emperor who requires no senate. I told the Sith Empire my plan, and it was done."

"And you thought I was bad when I won the Great Hunt?" Lancoro watched his brother amusedly, poking him in his puffed out chest.

I trailed my gaze over the three of them, teasing each other, barely containing my laughter. "You are so much like her," I said quietly. "All of you."

They paused. Looked at each other, then looked at me. "You've got the stories," Tana said.

"Ahh. The one's Aunt Reide wouldn't tell us because she was a part of them," Vanceto added.

My lips twitched. "Perhaps."

"Name your price, Jedi," Lancoro grinned faintly.

I crossed my arms over my chest. "First, it's Aunt Xerrin. Second, I'm not a Jedi anymore. Third..." I paused. Then I continued. "Dinner. All of us. Every other Sunday. On Dubrillion."

I have to admit a part of me feared they would turn my offer down. I watched them look at each other in question, some silent conversation had between siblings. My heart ached a little as I remembered having that connection what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Lancoro spoke for them. He was different, even not knowing him as well as I wanted too (yet) I could sense he was becoming stronger, more comfortable in his pain and the burden of living with it. "We'll work up to the Aunt part. Deal for dinner. We require a sample of the goods though."

I smiled, perhaps a bit mysteriously, turned and began walking. They followed. "Your mother, and Reide, may or may not have locked a visiting Senator in the Jedi Archives, stolen his speeder and may or may not have crashed said speeder into a statue in this very square. And may or may not have spent the next two days in hiding for fear of the consequences."

Their laughter was a joyous thing, echoing out to the ghosts of those that had passed. Even if the Republic refused the offer for peace their legacy was strong.

Perhaps that, would be enough.


The Bounty Hunter
Outter Rim
The VoidHound

"You bring that **** on my spaceport again, I'll shot you in the face. Got it?" I narrowed my eyes at the Justicar. I really hated dealing with them, but smuggling was smuggling. It didn't pay to hold any biases. I just kept hoping a few of them would end up my black list. Then all bets were off.

Before the moron could answer, Kaliyo threw open the door to my office. She gave the Justicar a brief, distracted glance. "Get out."

The Justicar paused like he was going to argue but most people who knew Kaliyo knew better. Instead he shot me a none too happy look I wanted to smack right off and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

I gave Kaliyo my full attention. "What's up?"

"Troubles brewing."

"Troubles always brewing. What now?"

"Ever heard of Makeb?"

The End
(for now)
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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12.22.2012 , 11:39 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by Rabbarabba View Post
Hope it was worth the poking!
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
Schizo Extraordinaire; too many alts to mention.

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Quote: Originally Posted by greyjedibp View Post
But thank the force u kill darkJaesa that me happy
I know it's not quite the torture you wanted but hey, Laresa had other stuff to do
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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Quote: Originally Posted by NatashaTerenzio View Post
Hope it was worth the poking!
Indeed, well worth waiting

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05.08.2013 , 02:14 PM | #119
Poppin in to give you all an update that I completely upgraded Legacy. Meaning because it was so long I couldn't just leave it as is, so I went in and cleaned it up quite a bit, added in a ton of back-story, had some cover art done and even made a trailer for it. You can check it out in it's final version: Legacy. Enjoy!
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
Schizo Extraordinaire; too many alts to mention.