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Legacy Wars

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12.09.2012 , 04:20 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
Decapitated Jadus! Whoo!
He had it coming.

I finished writing like 95% of the story last night- my brain just vomited the story out. Cannot wait for your guys to read it.
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12.09.2012 , 10:11 PM | #92
[Big chunk incoming and early too!]

The Smuggler
The VoidHound
Mobile Spaceport

Laresa had thrown herself into vengeance. As I boarded my ship, recalled my crew and made way to the base of my operations to start looking for Gaden-Ko, as far as I was concerned gosh darn bully for her. Whatever Laresa did as a result of her children being murdered was nothing less than the frakking Republic deserved. They had always been a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites and in my opinion of the worst kind. I had no respect for those Senators who tried to talk like they gave a rats *** when I knew half my criminal underworld controlled their politics with a few Twi'lek slave girls and a couple credits. It had always both amused and annoyed me how the Republic like to judge the Empire for the way it conducted it's society - sure the Sith did a lot of backstabbing and manipulation but you expected that. That was the Sith way. The Republic liked to hide it's **** behind closed doors and fancy meetings all the while pretending they were the saviors of the galaxy and I was beyond done.

I spent the trip to the base of my operation in silence, my anger seething and Andro didn't bother trying to calm my silent rage. I really loved that about him; that he got it. As I navigated my ship into the hanger bay of the VoidHound, my biggest hope was that Laresa finished what Malgus and had started all those years ago, blew Coruscant right out of the frakking galaxy and took all those idiot Jedi with em.

A lot of my anger was the hurt talking and I knew it, but I sure as frak meant it. I'd loved those kids like they were my own. And after our throw down with the Emperor I'd even believed for one small second that maybe I'd been wrong about Xerrin. Ha! I should have put one in her big ugly head the same way I'd done to Mekethia. I didn't fault Laresa's heart, not at all. But this was one hell of a consequence of trying to be a better person.

I cut the engines, told the crew to stay close, we wouldn't be here long, and stepped off my baby into one of my biggest accomplishments.

I cut the engines, told the crew to stay close, we wouldn't be here long, and stepped off my baby into one of my biggest accomplishments.

Once upon a time Port Nowhere had been the hot spot for Smugglers and all the other Pirates and riff raff of the Underworld. When I'd taken over as the Boss of Bosses, I'd changed that. Briefly, I'd considered blowing it up but, Port Nowhere had held a bit of sentimental value to me, namely because of all the lessons I learned there in my own rise to power. It was inside that Cantina that Andro and I had first met too, which was why he and I had used it for our frequent hook ups.

It wasn't where my "criminal" distribution center was stationed though. I had turned the VoidWolf's former flagship into a better version of Port Nowhere, renamed it the VoidHound, and given Ivory my gentlemanly crime lord control of it. I had managed to keep the majority of the bosses in check for years now. Maybe it was because I'd frozen Rogan the Butcher, Darmas Pollaran, the Voidwolf, Senator Dodonna, and a few other wanna be tough guys that had tried to challenge me in carbonite and hung them in the spacious corridors of my moving spaceport. Less as warning, more because I was a spiteful ***** and it made me made me giggly every time I saw them hanging there.

Installing the stealth technology from the Adegan crystals Laresa's men had mined on Ilum had turned it into one of the most secure locations for my kind of business in the galaxy. It was busier than usual tonight and I wasn't surprised. War was a gold mine for my kind.

"Our informants on Dromund Kaas have some interesting news," Ivory was waiting for me in the corridor just outside the hanger bay.

"It's true," I said, falling into step next to him. Andro followed us.

"If we can no longer hit Imperial targets, that will become... problematic."

Didn't I know it. One of the reasons I'd remained so popular is my refusal to cater to either side. There were few things the pirate leaders respected more than the freedom to do whatever they pleased. And for the most part, they had had it.

"I'm not giving any orders to the contrary yet. The first thing I want to know is who the holy frak had the balls to hire someone to go after my family."

"That is the mystery of all this Captain," Ivory said, following me into my office. If I didn't like you, I made you call me Boss. Ivory and I had become friends though, so he got to call me Captain. "No one knows."

I narrowed my eye at him. "No one knows, or no one's talking?"

"Consider this. Everyone of importance knew who your niece and nephews were. Kidnapping them, or even killing them to teach you a lesson wouldn't be out of the realm of impossible. However to strike against them would also be to strike against a Sith who once stood next to the Emperor. Criminals are desperate, but not that desperate. What could they possibly have been offered to make it worth their while?"

I frowned deeply. I had come to the same conclusions. "What about the attacks?"

"The same. These people were ghosts. Although..." Ivory paused as a thoughtful expression ran over his Rattataki face.

"Spit it out," Andro said for me.

"There have been reports of missing persons. It's strange. Criminals go missing all the time, but it was causing a bit of a rift that we had to quickly squash among the Bosses. They were blaming each other for randomly snatching each other's men."

I arched a brow. "Fighters? Demolitions experts?"

Ivory shook his head. "It's been no one of real importance so the situation wasn't impossible to contain. A few credits, some cargo, etc and tempers were eased. The only commonality is that all have gone missing while traveling either to or from the planet Voss."

I perched myself on the edge of my desk, folding my arms in front of me. That made this whole little picture a lot more interesting. "How long has it been going on?"

"It had been going on for months. It abruptly stopped four weeks ago."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It seemed below you, Captain. Missing persons hardly qualifies and everything was handled accordingly. But now, in light of everything else... it's suspicious."

"How are our operations on Voss?"

"I spoke with Scratch this morning, they're still safely tucked away in the Gormak lands. But, considering how the Voss feel about war we may wish to consider shutting it down temporarily. It will be nearly impossible to get anything planet side now with the blockade."

Ivory had a good point, but I'd come back to what to do about our operations on Voss later. "Do we have any reason to believe the Voss have sided with the republic?"

Ivory laughed. "None. When news of the war broke out, the Voss have removed them with as much prejudice as the Empire. The epitome of neutrality."

Still, something was rubbing raw at my instincts. "Thanks Ivory."

"Of course Captain." He paused. "I will inform your top three that it may be more beneficial financially to supply Darth Jinobie's war effort than take away from it. And we will keep ears on the ground in search for your family."

I nodded and gave him a slight smile. Ivory returned it and left the room.

Andro had walked over to my mini bar and helped himself to a drink. "You didn't tell him Xerrin killed them. Why?"

I paused, considering. If I had, the Bosses would have no problem targeting the Republic a lot more than they usually did. But before I started all that - "Because something's wrong. With all of this."

He didn't bother with a glass he was drinking straight from the bottle. He came to perch next to him and offered it over. "What are you thinking Ria?"

I took a couple healthy swigs first. "I'm thinking Elliah's last contact was with a Voss. I'm thinking about what Ivory said about the missing people and it all happening around Voss. I'm thinking somehow the Voss are tied up in this."

"What for?"

"I don't know. But neither the Republic or the Empire has taken credit for the attacks and I don't know that they'll ask the right questions, especially now that Laresa is about to stick it to em. That attack weakened both sides. But why? And how the hell does my family fit into this?"

"Rift Alliance maybe? They've wanted to put down both sides for a while now."

"They couldn't have rebuilt that fast, not after the hit Tana put on them."

Andro give me a long thoughtful sideways glance. "You want to go to Voss, don't you?"

"Laresa asked me to find Gaden-Ko. That's the best place to start."

He nodded. "Gonna be a ***** to try and maneuver through the blockade."

I grinned at him. "Not if you've got a stealth ship."

The Sith
Kaas City
Sith Intelligence, Headquarters

Once, they had called me the Merciless. At the time, I had had mixed feelings about the title. Now, I intended to prove it. After the Republic had stopped the Empire constructing the Gauntlet, Aric Jorgan had lead Havoc Squad to capture General Rakton, Supreme Commander of the Sith Military.

Republic Supreme Chancellor Saresh had called for a trade - Rakton in exchange for a hundred POW's. The Empire had agreed. Despite the events that had transpired, that transfer was taking place as I stood in front of the command terminal, watching my agents work.

Darth Shadishan had been sent to deal with the Minister of Defense. Darth Minamoto had been sent to fetch Rakton. I had called for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Corellia. General Pierce had come out of the kolto tank a few hours ago and I had ordered him to meet those forces, take my droid and human army aboard our stealth fleet and await further instruction.

I stood in front of one large terminals, watching the display. Darth Jadus had served his purpose better than he'd realized. The Empire had only shown interest in Hoth in order force the Republic to commit valuable troops they may need elsewhere. It had worked of course. And I knew better than most because of information my family had gathered that the reason the republic was so adamant about Hoth was the powerful hidden technology in their crashed ships. I also knew how close they were to recovering that technology and how much they would need it now.

"Eradicators online, my Lord," Watcher Two said.

"Target acquired," another uniform said.

Such a small petty mind Darth Jadus had possessed. Why target our own Empire just to spread fear, when we could spread fear somewhere else. "Fire."

What a glorious weapon to posses. The Eradicators unleashed their power onto the ship graveyard the republic had taken so much interest in and blew it out of existence. Reactors cores from the ships detonated on themselves, making the destruction a thousand times worse. Miles upon miles of Hoth's white icy surface turned black in an instant, Republic and Imperial basses caught in the blast and swallowed hole. A cruel smile titled my lips as I watched the destruction.

"How dare you treat me like a mere-" General Rakton's words were cut short as Darth Minamoto violently shoved him to the ground in front of me.

I did not look away from the screen as I spoke to him. "You failed. You were captured. By Aric Jorgan of all people."

Rakton got his feet. "My career is full of victories for this Empire. The Sith Army is what is today because of me. Not even you can claim otherwise."

I had yet to look at him directly. "You will not die a failure. You will be... instrumental, in ensuring my success in the war you declared without the approval of the Sith you serve."

Rakton released an arrogant, indignant noise. "I serve the Empire."

One second there was distance between us. In the next there simply wasn't, because I was in front of him. I snatched him by the face, pulling him close, ensuring he could see my gaze past the shadows of my cowl.
"You serve me." He attempted to struggle free of my grasp but lightening erupted my fingers and all those proud words melted like his flesh into painful screams of suffering.

I released him only when he'd become unrecognizable. He collapsed onto the ground, howling and whimpering in pain. I rested my gaze on Darth Minamoto. "You know what to do with him. When it's done, meet Malgus's former forces on Ilum and destroy the Republic there."

Darth Minamoto nodded. She motioned one of her men who grabbed Rakton and dragged him out. I had already turned my attention elsewhere. "How long will it take the next set of Eradicators to be grown?"

"Little less than a week my lord," Watcher Two said.

"Begin immediately. Our next target lies within the Core Worlds."

"Yes my lord."

I stepped over to the holoterminal calling General Pierce. He responded promptly.

"My Lord."

"Set course for Balmorra. Ensure the Republic knows we're coming. There is a particular Jedi who must die long before this war is done."

"Consider it done my lord."

I nodded and switched off the channel. "Keep me apprised of any developments Watcher Two. I will contact you when I am planet side." Turning, I marched out of the room.

Vette was standing outside. She did not even notice my approach and I realized it was because she was staring at a picture of Vanceto.

I did not need a picture to see his face, to remember my beloved son but I was unprepared for how much pain the sight of it caused me, and how quickly it enraged me.

"Put it away," I snarled in a dangerously low tone, much more harshly than I'd ever spoken to Vette.

She actually jumped at my tone, and quickly hid the picture. "I'm sor-"

"Don't." I looked away from her and began my quick pace once more. "We go to Balmorra to seek our vengeance against those who have taken him from us."

My rage had only just begun.
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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12.09.2012 , 10:20 PM | #93
The Jedi
Tython: Makeshift Outpost
Outskirts of the Former Jedi Temple

"You must understand Chancellor we suffered many losses. And I sense other forces at play here-"

Supreme Chancellor Saresh made a frustrated sound. "Darth Jinobie has claimed control of the Sith Empire and has just destroyed Hoth! Millions of lives have been lost! Who knows what planet she'll target next. What more do the Jedi need?"

"No more," I heard myself say as I walked into the tent. Master Kaden was the lone Jedi standing in front of the holoterminal. Grand Master Satele and Master Sumalee were holo images along with Chancellor Suresh and General Garza. "I will rally the Jedi Masters who understand the necessity of this war and I will lead them as I led them on Corellia."

Grand Master Satele looked at me in surprise. Master Kaden with a mixture of relief and suspicion. "Where have you been?" he demanded.

"Meditating on the events that have transpired. I apologize for my absence. I was wrong about Darth Jinobie. It should be my burden that I stop her evil from spreading any further than it's gone."

"Master Xerrin you left our order-"

"Will you accept my aid, Chancellor?" I heard myself interrupt Master Satele. "There are many Jedi who will answer my call and follow me and your troops into battle."

"We will accept Master Xerrin. Your success on Corellia is widely known. You would be a great asset to us now."

"I will gather my forces and contact you then."

"Master Xerrin-"

Ignoring the rest of them, I felt myself turn and quickly leave the tent. Had Grandmaster Satele actually been present I'm certain she would have sensed something wrong with me, but she wasn't. Right now, there was little the Jedi could do to stop me, especially after the losses they'd already suffered.

I had to find a way to break control of the Voss. Laresa had already done exactly as I feared by destroying Hoth. I could not imagine the pain she must be going through thinking that I'd killed her children. I had to find a way to break free of the Voss control, to stop myself before things got worse.

"Master Xerrin!" I felt my steps halt as Nadia and Doc jogged in my direction. Oh dear god, Nadia. How was I ever going to tell her what I'd done...

"Has Elliah-"

"Darth Jinobie killed him Nadia," I heard myself say.

NO! I screamed. But of course Nadia didn't hear me and the look of grief that shattered her face was heartbreaking.

"What? She... but why?"

"He tried to talk her out of taking sides in this war and she killed him for it. I'm so sorry." I stepped into Nadia touching her shoulder. "Come with me. I am gathering the Jedi who need no more deliberations and are ready to act in this war. We will fight her together."

Tears were streaming down Nadia's face. Words failed her. She just nodded vehemently. "Meet me at my shuttle," I told her, stepping past her to look at Doc.

I had been so scared he'd been killed in the explosion. He looked exhausted, a little beat up but he was alive and staring at me with no small amount of relief and a healthy dose of confusion. I felt him grab me, trying to hug me but I pulled away. His face twisted.

"What the hell is going, Xerrin? Where have you been? Why didn't you contact me?"

I had to reach him. I had too. But what message could I give him? Laresa would be inconsolable with mere words. If Doc tried to contact her she'd probably just kill him. But maybe Reide...

Tython was a powerful conduit for the lightside. It was the ancient home of the Jedi after all. Perhaps if I tried hard enough...

Sitting in the prison of my own mind I meditated. I pulled at not only the lightside of the force but my deep love for the man in front of me and prayed a single message got thru.

"I made a mistake this morning, Doc." The conversation was a distant background noise. I refused to let the lies I heard myself speak deter me. "This war requires a Jedi. I must be one."

"I... Xerrin what happened to you? Something's wrong-"

"They will need combat medics on the front line. You should see General Garza and do what you can to help. I'm sorry Doc. We'll talk more when this is over."

Something.... something in Docs eyes made me think my message had reached him. But I would have no way of knowing immediately because I'd turned and walked away to continue carrying out the Voss's nefarious plan.

Revenge, vengeance, these were not the Jedi way, but I can't say the thought of shipping the Voss that had done this to me and my family to the blackest hole in Belsavis didn't comfort me a great deal.

Chapter 5: A Dark Heart

The Dark Heart

Varan-Wyn had never approved of the Outsiders on Voss. But the Mystics had allowed it and he had great respect for the Mystics so there had been little he could about it.

Then, six months ago the Elder Mystics, the true three, had foreseen a future that could not be allowed to pass. The Mystics saw. Varan-Wyn acted. The Sith and Republic had refused to heed warnings not to venture into the Nightmare Lands. The Sith Emperor himself had used its power to bring himself.

When the Emperor had been killed some of that power had returned to the Dark heart. Sel-Makor had manifested again but Varan-Wyn and his young Mystics had anticipated it, and been ready for it. Then, they had captured the Sith Lords and Jedi who remained in the ruins, studying Voss knowledge for their own selfish aims. Varan-Wyn and his young Mystics had ripped not only knowledge from their minds but the very force itself and contained it's power in sphere that now levitated over the pit where Sel-Makor was imprisoned.

Knowledge of the Sith Emperors past and how he had had gained immortality had shown Varan-Wyn the way. The waited now only for the anniversary of his destruction of Nathema. Then their ritual would begin in earnest and the force would be destroyed, the Outsiders a threat to the Voss no more.

"Varan-Wyn!" Voss Commando Squad Leader Koth-Tull ran into the room. Varan-Wyn turned from where he stared at the floating sphere to meet the young Commando's gaze.


"We have found the Outsiders. Our scouts saw them heading into the Gormak lands."

The Gormak were an abomination on Voss soil. Now that the outsiders had been driven off world because of their own primitive, warlike nature, they Voss could concentration on removing the Gormak once and for all.

"Lead your forces to attack. Bring the Outsiders to me alive."

"Yes Varan-Wyn."

The Commando quickly ran off to do his job. Varan-Wyn smiled and looked back at the sphere.
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
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12.09.2012 , 10:34 PM | #94
The Bounty Hunter
Gormak Lands

The easiest way to get to the Gormaks was to get captured by them. I had gotten information on one of their patrols so as soon as we broke out of the Nightmare lands we let them spot us. It was risky, the Gormak might have killed us first, but when we demanded to see Raklann, calming to have news about the Voss he'd mounted an offensive against they'd taken us prisoner and dragged us back to one of their camps.

We got thrown into the cell - big whop at this point. When I demanded to know how long it would be before we got to see Raklaan my response was a nice one to the temple. They left us with a guard and nothing else. I had a feeling time wasn't on our side but there wasn't a whole of a lot we could do about it.

Tana and Vanceto tried to get some rest. I didn't dare close my eyes. Soon as I did, all I saw was Mako. I missed her. I missed her so frakking much I didn't even know how I was functioning. It was like a blaster to my heart that just kept shooting, leaving me alive to deal with the seemingly never ending pain of her loss. She was gone. Gone. And just so some crazy frakking mystic I didn't have any beef with could destroy the force because the Republic and the Empire had picked the wrong planet to try and coerce. In between my anguish, my rage got me so hot I could barely stay inside my own skin. I paced, there was little else I could do.

"Nothing takes away that pain," I heard Kaliyo say quietly.

I glanced over at her. She was sitting with her back to the wall, looking at me. "What do you know about it?" I snapped.

"Nuff to know booze dulls it in sporadic bursts, sex only makes you forget about it until you come down, killing people feels good until you look at the corpses and remember all over again. And time..." Kaliyo smirked. "Time just tortures you until you get hard enough to live with it."

I touched my chest, glancing down at the blaster shot I'd taken that had gone through Mako. I'd always have a scar. A reminder of what I'd failed to do. My brows creased. "She was my wife. I should have protected her."

"Can't protect people, you know that Bounty Hunter. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you just loose."

I knew enough about Kaliyo to know she was a ******. Pretty hard herself. She had a reputation all of her own, and rightly earned. But there was something heavy in her voice I'd never heard before that made me think she knew exactly what I was feeling right now. I looked over at her. "How long?"

She was quiet for a long time before she answered me. "Ten years. Seven months. Five days."

Ten years. The thought of living without Mako that long was a kind of torture I couldn't even begin to deal with. I sunk down the wall and landed in the dirt next to her. "I don't know what to do with myself. I want to remember her, and I want to forget her. And I just... I just want her back."

"That's love for you. You'll survive Bounty Hunter. That's your curse. Do yourself a favor and don't bring guilt into it."

I knew she was right. I also knew it would probably be a lifetime before I forgave myself. Hopefully it would make me stronger, though if I checked out in the next few hours as selfish as the thought was, I can't say I would have been sad about. So long as Tana and Vanceto got off this rock alive, at this point, I really didn't care what my fate was.

"I can tell you **** about your sister to take your mind off of it," Kaliyo interrupted my dark thoughts.

I smirked faintly. "Why not."

The Smuggler
The Obsidian
Hutt Space

I dropped us out of hyper space about an hour away from the start of the Voss "don't come near our planet" zone. I'd been about three seconds away from turning on our stealth cloak, turning off the comm channel and getting ready for the fun part of our little mission when an incoming transmission came in.

"Where's it coming from?" I asked Andro.

Andro looked confused. "Tython."

"Tython?" I frowned. "If that's that ***** Xerrin, I'm going force choke her through the holoimage."

Andro chuckled, following me to the main hold of my ship so I could snap on the holoterminal. Can't say I wasn't shocked when it wasn't Xerrin who appeared, but Doc.

"What the frak do you want?" I asked point blank.

Doc looked like hell. He also looked... confused. "Something's wrong with Xerrin."

I smirked. "You think?"

"No no. Listen. Just hear me all right?"

I crossed my arms over my chest. "You got thirty seconds."

"The day the temple exploded, that very morning, she asked me to marry her."

Okay, that was unexpected. I blinked in surprise. No way miss Jedi poster-child had started up their fling again. "Are you bull******** me Kimble?"

"No. I got a message to meet her just outside the Twi'lek settlement. When I get there, she doesn't have her lightsaber. Xerrin always has her lightsaber. Then she tells me she quit the order, and that she wanted us to try again. She wanted to get married."

Something wasn't adding up. At all. "Okay, say I believe you. What happened next?"

"It got crazy. There was an explosion, I got knocked out and when I woke up Elliah was kneeling over me asking me where Xerrin went. She disappeared. She was not on Tython, I'm positive. Elliah would have found her if she was."

I frowned. "Did you ever see who attacked you?"

"No. Never. Just explosions. When Xerrin comes back, she does a complete 180. She tells Nadia that Laresa killed Elliah, tells me we can't be together and that she's got to go to war."

"Woah... woah... hold the frak up woah," I cut him off. "Laresa did not kill Elliah. Your girlfriend did. Not only did she kill Elliah and send Laresa the holo-recording to prove it but she killed the kids too."

Doc look horrified. "No."

"Yeah. You got played lover boy."

"Reide... something's wrong with her. While she was talking to me, I kept... I kept hearing her voice in my head."

I quirked a wry brow. "You heard a voice."

"No, I heard her voice. It was weird, like a fuzzy comm transmission. I couldn't make it all out."

I pursued my lips. "Well spit it out Kimble what did she say?"

"Tell Reide they're alive. Something about the real mystics. Blocking something, and then something else about destroying something. "

I frowned. A whole new picture was staring to shape up in my brain. "All right Doc. I'm following a lead, I'll let you know how it pans out."

"You have to help her Reide. This isn't her. I know it isn't. She wouldn't have killed those kids, and she wouldn't have killed Elliah."

"Yeah she aint real high on my priority list Kimble. But I'll follow up on this." I shut off the connection.

"You believe him Ria?" Andro asked me.

I frowned. "Maybe. Miss Goody-two shoes is acting real Sith like and despite the fact I hate her, she aint a Sith and Jedi just don't go killing people unless they can help it. Course he could just be yanking my chain." I paced a quick little line, then snapped my fingers. "Pull up the recording of Xerrin fighting Elliah."

Andro nodded, heading over to the controls and brought it up. I centered my gaze on the two fighting figures and used my cybernetic eye to clean up the image, zooming in on Xerrin.

"What are you looking for."

I canted my head. My real eye narrowed. "That's not her lightsaber."

"You sure?"

"I'm frakking positive. I know my sister. That is not the right hilt. It's not hers."

Andro frowned. "So Kimble was telling the truth. Xerrin gets snatched like your niece and nephews do. Elliah goes looking for her. He finds her, gets dead, and so do they."

A small glimmer of hope peaked my excitement level. "Kimble said tell Reide they're alive. They might not be dead, that's why Xerrin didn't show it because the ***** was lying. And the real Voss Mystics are behind whatever the hell is going on. That's why Gaden-Ko went to go see Elliah I bet you. Either to warn him, or to set up him up. Oh those Fraks." I slammed my hands on the terminal. "I never did like those multi-colored ******es."

"Nobody likes the Voss." Andro agreed. "Better call Laresa."

I shook my head. "And tell her what? She just destroyed a planet. Only three things are going to reign her back in and that's her children. We better find em before she blows up something else."

Andro nodded. "Get your crew ready, I'll take us in."

I grinned faintly at him. "Always looking for an excuse to fly my ship."

He stepped into me, gave me a quick kiss, then headed into the cockpit. I watched his cute li'll swagger for a minute then went to rally the troops.

When I got planetside, the first Voss I saw was going to get it.
"A king has his reign, and then he dies." -Meredith Vickers
Schizo Extraordinaire; too many alts to mention.

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12.09.2012 , 10:41 PM | #95
The Bounty Hunter
Gormak Lands

I don't know how much time passed with us stuck in that cell. We saw a guard once who gave us water to share and plate of some crap I didn't even bother eating. I gotta give Kaliyo a lot of credit for helping me not wallow in my misery during our confinement. I even caught a nap, it wasn't dreamless, but it was rest and when I woke up my head was in her lap and she was watching me with an amused, yet unreadable expression on her face.

Before I could open my mouth to apologize though we heard actual voices in the hallway. We all got to our feet as two men I didn't recognize stopped in front of the bars.

"Holy frak Gormak-Zak! That's the Bosses family! Get them outta there!" One of them said.

"We did not know," the human one answered and immediately took down the barrier.

I quirked a brow at them and asked the question for us. "Who are you?"

"Names Scratch. This is Gormak-Zak. I work for Boss Jinobie."

Aunt Reide. I wasn't surprised she had an operation here on Voss. In fact, we probably should have known. Good call on our part seeking the Gormak out, I sposed.

"The entire Underworld is looking for you guys," Scratch continued. "Wait till she finds out I found yah! And hey can you leave out the whole cell part?"

Vanceto and I smirked.

"We need a comm and fast. There's information Aunt Reide has to hear," Tana told him.

"Won't need a comm," Scratch said. "Boss Jinobie is on the way."

Before any of us could react to that piece of good news, the bad **** started going down again. We'd just taken an elevator up to a second floor when an explosion reverberated throughout the complex.

Gormaks started shouting, grabbing weapons and running towards some point in front of us. Gormak-Zak grabbed one of the Gormaks, speaking in their language.

"What's he saying?" Vanceto asked Scratch.

Scratch looked scared. Real scared. "The Voss Commando's are attacking. And they brought a Mystic."

"One of their future tellers? So?" Tana frowned.

I looked over at Gormak-Zak. "We're going to need our weapons now."

Gormak-Zak nodded. A few seconds later I had a new pair of blasters and was following a line of Gormak.

It was a mess towards the front of the facility. Lot's of Gormak in the doorway and from what I could see a few squads of Voss Commando's were closing in. No way the Gormak could hold them off.

"Got reinforcements?" I asked Gormak-Zak.

He shook his head. "Not that will arrive in time."

I frowned. There was no way we could all escape. "Scratch..."

Scratch looked like he was going to have a panic attack. I snatched him by the front of his shirt and shook him. "Scratch!"


"You know a back way out of here?"

Scratch paused thinking. Then his eyes got huge. "Yes. Yes!"

I nodded. "All right, I'll buy you sometime. Get the hell out of here."

Tana narrowed her eyes at me. "You're outta your mind if you think I'm leaving you behind."

"He's right Veltana. Lancoro and I will stay. You take the skinny one and go find Aunt Reide. Tell her what's happened." Vanceto brought the lightsaber to life.

Tana hesitated, I knew she didn't like it but I didn't intend to give her much choice. Before I could open my mouth to shout at her though, Kaliyo stepped in.

"Better work to your strengths Agent," Kaliyo said. "I'll watch their backs."

"Take him Tana. Go and find Aunt Reide," Vanceto agreed.

Tana made a frustrated noise through clenched teeth. "Fine. But you better stay alive. Both of you." She snapped her gaze to Scratch. "Let's go."

I nodded. Truth be told I was just looking forward to hurting as many of these Voss as I could. I watched Tana and Scratch take off and turned my attention back to the chaotic front line. "Let's frakking kill em all, Van," I said with clenched teeth.

Vanceto released the laugh of a warrior who loves the battlefield and twirled his saber once. "Come brother, do you want to live forever!"

Not anymore, I thought.

We charged.

(to be continued Friday... )
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12.10.2012 , 05:10 AM | #96
I never like Voss in the game and I hate more now in your story (Voss give Greyjedi a bad Name)

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12.11.2012 , 02:25 PM | #97
[Since it's 1.6 and Life Day new section!]

The Smuggler
Gormak Factory

I had helped the Gormak's rebuild one of their factories by providing the man power and supplies for them to do it. In turn they had built a private landing pad for my ship on the roof. Andro brought the ship down for a clean landing, I slipped on my jacket and lowered the ramp, beyond ready to get to the bottom of whatever the hell these frakking Voss mystics were up too.

No sooner had I stepped off the ship then I heard a familiar shout -

"Aunt Reide!"

I whirled to see Tana running towards me, Scratch behind her. The relief that poured through me was damn near dizzying. She flung herself at me and I wrapped her up nice and tight. "Holy frak your mom's gonna be glad to see you," I whispered.

"We gotta go Aunt Reide," Tana pulled back looking at me urgently. " Lan and Vanceto are under attack by the Voss. I can explain everything on the way."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I nodded. "I got your gear in the cargo hold. Suit up." Tana ran aboard and I looked at Scratch. "Can you get a message back to the VoidHound?

Scratch shook his head. "They started blocking all communications a day ago."

I figured as much. "Akaavi, Bodwaar, you and the Gormak hold this spot until I get back. I don't care what they have to do. You get me?"

Bodwaar gave me a nice good roar and Akaavi nodded. "It will be done Captain."

Tana came charging back down the ramp, slinging her sniper rifle over her shoulder. I fell into step with her, Andro at my other side. "Okay kiddo, start talking."

The Sith

When I arrived at Sobrik the Governor of Balmorra Darth Lachris was waiting for me. I had gotten along quite well with her in the past. I was pleased that she did not challenge my power. Moreso when she kneeled before me.

"My lord," Darth Lachris said.

I motioned for her to rise and continued walking. "Report."

"We maintain a tenuous hold on the arms factory."

"And the resistance?"

"I have identified its new leader. I even have his location. But I lack the resources to capture him without endangering our hold on the factory."

I could feel her anger. The former members of the Dark Council and the Sith Military Generals had slowly begun to seek more important targets elsewhere. Lachris had been given orders to keep control of the planet with what she had, while the Republic began sending more frequent "underground" assistance to the rebels.

I was going to change that. "I intend for this to become the new front line, Darth Lachris. Corellia is lost but I have delivered a surprise that will cripple their navy. In the meantime, General Pierce will report to you. Take only what you need to strengthen the defenses around the factory, then await further orders."

Darth Lachris smiled coldly. "Yes my Lord."

I dismissed her, exiting the spaceport. This planet had value for two reasons. With the arms factory at my disposal I could kick out hundreds of my HK-24 Assassin Droids. And when I killed the resistance leader for the galaxy to see fear would run rampant. I would grant no mercy to the resistance fighters. They would become slaves to the Empire, or die.

Two dozen of my elite guard of HK-24s - the ones we had given the neural chipset too that wielded both lightsaber and blaster marched behind me. Vette walked along side them. "Vette."

She came forward to walk next to me. "Take a squad of the HK's," I said. "Get the location of the resistance leader from Darth Lachris and bring him to me."

Vette nodded. "All righty."

She went to walk off but I stopped her with a hand on her arm. She paused canting her head at me curiously as I met her eyes. "Vanceto was struck down, in cold blood by those that claim to be of the light. Use your pain and let it fuel your anger. Do not grant those who beg any mercy, do not give voice to any guilt. Soothe yourself in their deaths and remember that you loved a Sith, would do no less for you."

Vette's face hardened. She nodded tightly, snapped out a strong order to the HKs and walked away with six of them. I smiled coldly, watching her.

"My lord," a young imperial sergeant ran up to me.

"Speak," I said without looking at him.

"A Jedi is here to see you. She claims you will know her - Nadia Grell."

Elliah's little mistress. I snapped my gaze to the Sergeant. He'd been Jedi mind tricked I realized as I looked into his eyes. There was no other possible way a Jedi would have been announced instead of arrested.

A feral feeling began churning inside of me. I would turn her to the darkside now, make her an instrument in avenging Elliah's death. The small part of me that warned he would not approve was squashed so quickly. "Bring her to the administration building."

Moments later I was standing in front of a map of Balmorra, studying the positions the Republic and resistance currently occupied. Nadia walked silently into the room. I could feel her anger, her pain. As I slowly turned to face her, I realized they were directed at me.

I quirked a questioning brow at her. Nadia said nothing, just stared at me with such hatred in her eyes. Whatever she was controlling snapped and she suddenly shoved off her cloak, withdrawing her lightsaber.

I nearly laughed. "Your jealousy drives you to act against me now that he's dead?"

"You killed him!" Nadia screamed and charged at me.

Is that what Xerrin had told her? That I had struck Elliah down? Anger surged through me as I withdrew my saber, blocking her strikes.

"You have been played for a fool. I did not kill my husband."

I could tell my word usage only inflamed her further. "Lies! Xerrin told me what you did!" She kept attacking me, a deadly fluid style that reminded me quickly of Elliah. It brought my own pain, heightening my rage. "You made him pick sides! And when he wouldn't you took him for me! I loved him!"

Oh the stupid little tool. I could have perhaps coached her through all the volatile emotions I felt seething inside of her. I could have turned her as I turned Jaesa, using her passion and jealousy against her. It wouldn't have been hard.

Instead I merely fought her. Let her rage against me as I blocked her strikes without offering any counters of my own. In between the strikes of her blade she tried attack me with hard violent bursts of the force, slamming her power into me. I took the first blow to test her strength and it sent me back into the wall, ripping a harsh grunt from my lips.

Elliah had been right to want to guide her, she was powerful. Yet her emotions made her weak. With a cry that was more pain than rage she came at me again as I got to my feet. I continued our little dance until eventually her strength left her, her tears robbing her of her endurance. She broke her own rhythm and fell to her knees. Defeated by herself. She was not worthy.

I sheathed my lightsaber. Walking past her I stepped up to the holo terminal. It took a few simple strokes to access my ships mainframe. I played the holo recording of Xerrin and Elliah. "Watch." I commanded.

Nadia lifted her tear filled eyes. They widened. She gasped and clutched at her chest. "No. Elliah no!" Her voice broke into more sobs.

I said nothing as I watched Xerrin cut him down like he was nothing. Elliah. The best of us. When it was over I looked back down at the Jedi.

Nadia was shaking her head, unbelieving. "Why? Why would she..."

I withdrew my blade with one easy motion. "Because he chose me." Before she could react I shoved it through her heart. She was dead before she hit the ground. Calmly, I sheathed my blade. "Join him in the force. My gift to you," I said coldly.

I summoned the fool Sergeant she had used the force on. Then I did the same.

"You will carry her to the Republic base. They will try to stop you. You will ignore them, continue walking and allow them to shoot you. Do you understand?"

The Sergeant nodded. "I will carry her. I will not stop. I understand my lord."

I waved him away. He picked up Nadia's body, his motions almost robotic and walked out of the room. When I was alone I looked back at the holo-terminal. For several seconds I didn't move.

Then, I went to the keys again.

A different holo-recording played. Elliah, Vanceto, Lancoro, and Veltana all stood there. The recording was old. Tana was only ten. Lancoro twelve, Vanceto fifteen.

"Happy Birthday mom!" Lancoro smiled widely.

"Dad says your older than the Sith ruins. Are you that old?" Tana asked in what had always been her forthright nature.

"Mother, I have bested father in combat! Soon I will be the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy!" Vanceto puffed out his chest.

Lancoro rolled his eyes. "He's talking trash, he didn't beat me mom. And, I can pull a blaster faster."

"You cannot!"

"Can so!"

Tana shoved both her brothers. "Why are you two soooo annoying?"

"As you can tell, their training is very disciplined," Elliah chuckled. "We will be home in a few days. Have a wonderful birthday Laresa. I love you."

"Love you mom!"

"I love you mother!"

"Love you!"

The recording stopped. The silence echoed around me, taunting me, mocking me. I had lost them. I had lost them and they'd always been more important to me than anything... anything else. A sound of utter rage and anguish exploded from my mouth. The darkside coursing through my veins I ripped the entire holoterminal out of its fastenings on the floor and hurled it at the wall.

It exploded but I was already marching out of the room, using the force to shield me from the debris. "Follow," I snapped at the droids. I knew where the nearest republic outpost was. And I intended to destroy it.
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I have mix feeling about Nadia's dearth so I won't say anything about it.

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Quote: Originally Posted by greyjedibp View Post
I have mix feeling about Nadia's dearth so I won't say anything about it.
That's kinda what I was going for
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Hrmph, you're just ruining chances of a sequel, aren't you?

Just kidding, but poor Nadia.