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buying a game and prepaid to start playing

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buying a game and prepaid to start playing

artur_horn's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 09:00 AM | #1
I was wandering how many of you bought a game not knowing that 30 days of playing with it will not activate it, and you HAVE TO pay for at least the month of playing to start?

I myself bought a 2 copies of game (for me and my wife), and I don't use credit card, so to start playing I have now to spend enormous amount of money (in poland game itself is quite expensive and prepaids aren't cheap either) on game I am not sure i will play for more than month (because 2 days of beta weekend) are not enough to know if game is cool all the way...

Also the information about the OBLIGATORY subscription was only written in soooome submenus hidden as hell, and with size 3 font on box covered in 1000words paragraph with license....

OBLIGATORY SUBSCRIPTION TO START A GAME is ******** and imho they should cancel it, because information of it was hidden as hell.

I'm dissappointed with all this situation, it was not cool

May the force be with you,