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FIX for SQA bug, working

Feniel's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 08:41 AM | #1
Hello guys, after receiving help on polish facebook group I found a way to get through it. Don't flame me for it, but you are propably mistyping one letter or like in my case, adding -ing sufix to answer. How to get proper answers you ask ? It's fairly simple if you didn't delete your cookies and you're on same pc you set your questions on.

1. create new account, with another e-mail adress
2. activate it
3. go to SQ area and click on empty box to type security question, it should show what you have typed in there
4. save answers
5. reset password on your main account
6. recover it and type the correct answer
7. ??????????
8. profit!

While I do know that it might not work for everyone (I've read that some people are getting the error after typing in answer from screenshot they saved), but might help lots of people who end up like me, and reduce stress on CS phonelines and forum reps. Also will reduce the amount of SQA threads here