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Just Absurd! (D7)

lironBD's Avatar

05.25.2012 , 08:59 AM | #1
It's happened on many flashpoints before but this is the most infuriating one.

on D7 Bulwark after we gt him to 15% HP (got a group of PT tank, Sorc healer, Sorc dps, MAra DPS.. all geared with mix columi, BM, rakata).

Thing is he got a buff "Enraged = 200% Extra dmg) , this suker 2 shot killed us while nearly all of us had between 16 K (the dps sorc) to 22 k (the pt Tank). no ability to interrupt or something just plain shot.

after we got him to 10 % health while respawning 3 times he reset himself to full health! this is utter crap.

Boss units should be smart fight with some tactic behind them not absurd bonus to damage.. it's not fun to run all over the place each time we get defeated.
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05.25.2012 , 09:27 AM | #2
I've always believed the Bulwark fight was overtuned. The Enrage timer is extremely tight for the first tier of HM flashpoints and his Enrage hits harder. From the patch notes, Bioware has also upped his difficulty by making him immune to interrupts and his Enraged attack/hits can't be subject to LOS or whatever the two panel trick did.

The key to Bulwark is to disable the first shield ASAP and to prevent the rest of the droids from repairing it without dropping on the DPS. To have the shield repaired just for a couple seconds means the Enrage timer will be hit. To single target the two droids for too long means the Enrage timer will be hit.

A few hints, though:
CC the droids ASAP. Works well with Agents/Marauders
The tank using a taunt on the droids will force them to attack the tank and not repair the panels. The droids can be AOE'd down.
The droids are subject to knockback and stun and are relatively weak. Have one DPS under each panel if you don't already do that. As soon as the droid reaches the panel, the DPS should use a knockback/stun then immediately down the droid. It shouldn't take long, as the droids do not have a lot of HP. The problem is just that if the DPS doesn't get back on Bulwark ASAP, the Enrage timer will be hit.

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05.25.2012 , 09:32 AM | #3
if we could do Kaon on HM with ****** recruit pvp gear D7 sholdn't be that hard with columi.

Regardless of the gear the fact that what's makes a boss fight here is the fact he gain 200% bonus dmg is just lame!
1 boss fight before we had 3 droids with rotating buffs.. tough but do able and fun.
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05.25.2012 , 10:00 AM | #4
That 200% buff is the Enrage timer saying you didn't do enough damage fast enough to prevent Bulwark from getting it. Again, the key here to make sure, after the first shield gets pulled down, to never let the shield go back up while making sure DPS doesn't drop too much while killing the repair droids.

The first few "boss" fights in D7 didn't have the Enrage timer, therefore you could wing them.

It's fine to be a little irked by the fact that almost all Enrage timers just give a 200% buff in damage, but that's what you have to deal with in D7 and nearly all flashpoints for now.

However, the good news for D7, Bulwark is the toughest gear-wise that you'll face. Interrogator may be harder than intended due to his glitch, yet the workaround to that is easy and his Enrage his survivable. Replicator is extremely easy as well, with his second replication interruptable. Mentor is also easy so long as you know your parts and what to do.

SvnStrSlm's Avatar

05.25.2012 , 10:42 AM | #5
Yeah enrage timers suck but just meens your group wasnt good enough. I know its tough to swallow but we had to accept it too. I wanna say we would just let the droids do their repair then just click the thing to turn the sheilds off. I believe the droids disapeere after they fix the panels. Haven' t ran D7 in a while becuase i hate the last boss lol.

schnopsnosn's Avatar

05.25.2012 , 02:31 PM | #6
So you're in a T2/T3-mix and still hit the enrage?
I'd say your DPS are horrible then given the fact that you have a Sorc and a Marauder with you...
From my perspective it even seems like Bulwark has been toned down since we last did D7 HM(pre 1.2).

AshlaBoga's Avatar

05.25.2012 , 03:10 PM | #7
I have to say that in general enrage timers are not an issue except in HM/Nightmare Ops (and Story EC).

If you're having trouble in any HM FP other than LI then I would suggest that either A) it's a bug, B) you're under geared - which clearly isn't the case here, or C) you need a different spec/rotation.

snwmnx's Avatar

05.26.2012 , 10:08 AM | #8
1.) Have your DPS get rid of the BM gear - D7 is not PvP.
2.) Have your DPS do a few parses on the Operations dummy on the fleet and make sure their DPS is falling in line with the norm for their classes and gear.
3.) If #2 fails (which I suspect it will), have your DPS:
3a.)Check their builds.
3b.) Check their rotations.
3c.) Check their gear (That BM gear needs to go...)

There is no way that a group of T2+ is hitting enrage on the Bulwark if they are playing their classes to potential. I'm sorry, the fault here is on your team, not on the encounter.