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Republic characters - which has most scope for being believably "dark"

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Republic characters - which has most scope for being believably "dark"

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05.30.2012 , 10:55 PM | #11
The Trooper is more ruthless. Victory, no matter the cost and collateral damage. Or killing bad guys without trial. Some rare choice are just plain evil (save the life of a woman, just to have sex with her on tatoine is an example). But most of the time you are just unethical and ruthless. It's not really about blowing stuff or not, more killing civilians because they may are a threat for the republic, let an hostage die so you can catch a traitor...
I think it's quite close to a Mass Effect renegade storyline.

The JK, I'm just on alderaan, so far being DS is more "I kill Siths. I hate them." while LS is more about redemption, and turn bad guys into good guys.

Smuggler can be a money driven bastard. Taking money from civilian, needy, wounded.... You can make your own criminal empire, smuggle drugs, side with Sith, etc...

JC : I've done the storyline as a LS, but according to everything I read, and the choice I did, it seems the DS is not rewarding at all. In the end, you can be the ultimate evil dark jedi, and the council is "we don't blame you, don't worry, it wasn't your fault". If you are plain evil, you may not become part of the council, but you will still be master, with a padawan, etc...