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Stuck Armstech at Level 60

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Stuck Armstech at Level 60

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12.15.2017 , 04:02 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MDresidentx View Post
StevetehCynic and Psandak,

First, thanks for your comments. Since we last talked I've completed all but one of 8 characters to 600. The hardest part was getting the material. I do have the following questions about the core crew skills(biochem, artifice, etc)

1. I noticed the 1 and 4 difference but I noticed also if I waited to upgrade the schematic I could take if further up the tree. Example. I took the 1 level one to almost 160 or so before it stopped give return. Can you confirm this?
2. Where do you get the next level crafting materials? Iokath stuff seems to be the endgame material but I have not come across it anywhere.
3. I noticed grey, orange and green. Are there any circumstances where grey will still give value/points?
1. Absolutely. It is *exactly* my point. A grade 1 component / attachment will give points until it goes grey at the beginning of grade 3 at level 160. A grade 2 component until grade 4 at 240, and so on.

2. "Iokath" (Grade 10) materials are available from several "original" sources:
* Nodes on Iokath (duh) - there are some of each type in the daily mission areas, but you must be on foot / speeder and not in an Iokath walker / mouse droid.
* Dismantling droids (Scavenging) / eviscerating dead beasts (Bioanalysis) in flashpoints where your effective level is synced to 70.
* Similarly in Operations.
* And similarly on Iokath.

They can also be bought from other players on the GTN.

3. Grey NEVER gives crew skill levelling *points*. That's what it means, "no points for this". And there is also yellow in between green and orange. But grey can give *value* - if the thing you are collecting is valuable, it remains valuable if it is grey, and you get more of it if you are gathering from a node.
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