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In what year, and how old were you?

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In what year, and how old were you?

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12.19.2011 , 11:07 AM | #31
I was 5 in 1977, my parents heard people talking about Star Wars (A New Hope) and decided to pre-screen it. People were talking about the violence in the film.

They were are the local theater (Willingboro, NJ) and the power went out as the heroes were escaping the Death Star after Obi-Wan deactivated the tractor beam and his ill-fated duel with Vader.

My folks didn't see anything bad in the movie and took my twin sister and my little brother (he was 4 then) to see the movie the next weekend.
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12.19.2011 , 11:08 AM | #32
1977, in the theater. I was 12 years old. Same year elvis died also. I absolutely loved it and still do. I even bought and read the book.

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12.19.2011 , 11:54 AM | #33
Great stories everyone, thank you for sharing. Not to degrade those who weren't born yet, but I salute all you guys who got to see it in a theater like me back in '77. Because you know there are thousands of others who were there, that couldn't care less today. And somehow it's comforting to know that I'm not alone in the 40+ crowd.

Quote: Originally Posted by Anareon View Post
To this day Return of the Jedi holds my personal record of seeing the same movie in a theater at 7 times.
I'm right there with you Anareon. In my case it was ROTS x 8. And it wasn't because that episode was anything particularly special. It was simply because I knew this was the last go-around for a new SW movie.
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12.19.2011 , 12:01 PM | #34
Just about everyone on this thread watched one of them in the 1900s.
I'm ashamed to say the first time for me was ten years ago, 2001. Was around five or six at the time.
Episode IV.
What a great film!
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BeanSidhe's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 12:18 PM | #35
My dad took my brother and me to see Episode IV in '77. I must have been ohh...5 I guess. My brother must have been 4. I don't remember being excited to see it before, but.....

When that Star Wars logo burst onto the screen and the music erupted in our ears, both my brother and I jumped out of our chairs and yelled "STAR WARS!!!!" I would imagine I was pretty excited. I've been hooked ever since. I still remember getting into many heated debates about what happened in the movies...friends at school, my uncle, even perfect strangers were not immune from my heated (only because they were correct) opinions. I still get a chill down my spine whenever I see a stormtrooper. /shudder

georgemattson's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 12:43 PM | #36
May 1977. I was 9 years old, and my parents had to convince me to go see it. Since I was an only child and a spoiled brat, we didn't see it right away; instead we saw Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards," (which is a great movie when you're 9, not so much when you're an adult). It wasn't until the following weekend that we saw ANH, and it absolutely blew me away.

Of course, RoTJ completely ticked me off. I thought nothing could be worse than the Ewoks and the whole musical scene at Jabba's palace, and to this day will still fast forward through large parts of that movie. When TPM (Ep 1) came out, I told a friend of mine that I had a feeling that The Matrix would be the better movie, and he proclaimed me to be a heretic, but agreed with me later.

I'll never forget the first two, though. The asteroid field scene in ESB was my favorite, but "No, I am your father?" Holy Moses...

Ferkles's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 01:56 PM | #37
I must've been about 5 or 6, it was the summer. I remember the previous summer I'd learnt to ride a bike, and was going round and round the house again and again. But this summer, I found the VCRs of the original triology. I watched at least one every day for the entire summer. I didn't watch them again for years.

Then, I saw the original trilogy being played again on TV, so I was sat watching them, saying the lines along with the characters. That was at a party. I was alone on the sofa. Any regrets? No regrets.
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arry_g's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 03:42 PM | #38
First time I was five ('92) and my dad (who'd not too long before had an accident leaving him quadriplegic) spent the summer watching his favourite movies to lift his mood. That summer I saw Star Wars IV,V and VI, Indiana Jones 1,2 and 3, Gremlins (that movie screwed me up for life) and Back to the Future Part I and II (it would be another year I think until I saw the third.

Been a fan of all of these movies ever since but Star Wars in particilar was the movie that sparked an interest in Sci-Fi plus I feel kids naturally bond like the Luke character... particilarly if they have a lot going on.

DuchessOfDork's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 03:45 PM | #39
I had ROTJ on VHS and watched it a million times. I was born in '84 so I missed the Star Wars train, but I watched it repeatedly. ROTJ was my favorite. Later in life, I got the rest of the trillogy on VHS and watched it in my room, repeatedly, while roleplaying in a Star Wars chat room for about 8 years. And this was the 90's. I was the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded, back then.

Anareon's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 04:21 PM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by georgemattson View Post
I'll never forget the first two, though. The asteroid field scene in ESB was my favorite, but "No, I am your father?" Holy Moses...
This. I will never forget this when I first saw it in the theater. The entire audience was dumbstruck and I have never heard a "gasp" like that again in a movie as when Darth Vader said this line.

Back in the day there was no internet and movie plot details were not leaked to the public like they are today. Even movie previews showed very little of plots. So this revelation was a complete surprize.

I had to scour my issues of Starlog magazine for all information. This magazine was how I found out about Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Star Trek the Motion Picture, just to name a few. If you were a geek/nerd back then, and I was the biggest, Starlog magazine was the place to get all your Sci Fi/Fantasy news. I believe it is still in print today but could be wrong. It has been forever since I have seen a copy for sale.