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I am unhappy.

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05.21.2012 , 04:38 PM | #1
I play SWTOR.

I eagerly anticipated the announcement of this game; never mind the wait for it's release. While I waited I allowed myself to get jerked around with Blizzards coy informational cat and mouse game. Promises and hype that normally underwhelmed fans and followers when their information usually led to more promises of future information that they can't share right now... I get riding out the hype train. Like I said, I chose to allow this. I should have decided I didn't like their business tactics and moved on. But! it's Star Wars and it's BioWare, take into consideration the whole SWG thing and Lucas' desire to not have that happen again... ... ..

It's got to be good!

I continued to allow Funcom to give me little to no information about issues that should have been nonexistent at the launch of a new MMO. A fantastic example would be: Item Stacking, and a severely out of wack PvP Gear Tier system. (I PvP a lot. So I will lean on that for any references I make.)

I consider myself an understanding sort, sometimes. This time is surely one of them. I am willing to chalk most of everything wrong with the Game to:
1. New MMO Launch (despite another nameless company did so not too long ago, and they didn't seem to have these same issues.)
2. BioWares MMO Maiden Voyage. I know that there are always going to be "Learn as you go" moments.
3. Ecstatic overjoyed, " It's finally here" blindness.

For those of you who are less observant allow me to point out I am making it clear I had high expectations. I would also like to further point out that I am accepting total responsibility for that.
If that didn't clear things up, please see the TL;DR at the bottom of this post.

To be honest, I really don't know what happened. Things went from; fun to bad, to really broken, to whats going on with PvP? I saw an interview with Gabe Whogivesaratsasswhathislastnameis .. his middle name should be, Unemployed. and to be honest, I found him a little cocky and overconfident for a guy in a boat with a small leak. ..and he helped put it there. He sat there, and articulated so well, while he talked about how he understood what PvPers wanted. Yet, why didn't it make the game? ..and why was it allowed to remain like that with no information on anything... Better yet, why isn't it fixed? An even better question would be, why is it that PvP has lost content since the launch of this game and PvE has gained a very fair amount. A curiosity I have is, why was a statement released admitting that Cryptic Studios didn't know how important PvP would be Months after, Gabe Chin-hair, over-confidently stated he knew. that you, BioWare, knew. and you know what? I'm semi OK with that too. I honestly chalked it up to a guy who doesn't know what he's doing. Most all of us work with a few of those. Maybe, he's related to someone. I dunno.

What I am not cool with is being insulted by What is starting to look like the perfect step-child acquisition for EA to pass their shady behavior and total disregard for it's customers on to. Stop blowing smoke up my ***. Stop tossing scripted, prepared, picked out, and straight up crap information at me. At us. My servers population is only spread out to other games. Do not attempt to tell me everyone, at the same exact time, decided to play less. I do not like it. While lying to make your shareholders happy you should take into consideration the feelings of the people who's money you are taking, who also happen to be the people you are attempting to subdue with misinformation.

I've canceled, unfortunately. I'm not happy about it at all. but the marriage of your pathetic response time, horrific method of communicating and the fact I am losing faith as to how honest you are going to remain with me. that's one menage a trois i'm not interested in. I'm let down BioWare. The easiest thing you can do is share information and you won't even do that.

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05.21.2012 , 04:56 PM | #2
All I can say is WELL THOUGHT OUT. I agree with everything said here.

In fact when I cancelled my 6 month account just a few days ago, I attempted to put everything you just said into words. When you cancel the account, Bioware/EA seems to have a questionnaire they email to you asking what would bring you back. My simple response was....... COMMUNICATE WITH ME. It's really that simple. I can take bugs, I can take low server population, I can even handle customer support that don't speak English. What I CAN'T and refuse to take is being lied to and ignored.

All they need to do is say "Hey, we know we really screwed up during the past few months. We are taking ownership of our lack of communication. This is our plan and this is what we are doing. We plan to have (insert issue here) fixed by this time. And here is the crazy thing, I mean it's way way out there. ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU SAY.

IF and When EAware actually does start to communicate with it's customers in a professional way, I will be willing to return. If they stay arrogant and quite like they have been, well I have tons of other venues that will take my money.
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05.21.2012 , 05:08 PM | #3
Hello everyone,

First, we would like to share the following information from Joveth Gonzalez from "Hello Anyone Home Hellooooo *Knocks on BioWares Door* regarding communication and upcoming updates:
Hey folks,

I just wanted to clear up some things and let you know that we are listening and that more information regarding Game Update 1.3 will be coming soon. We’re in internal testing on the major features right now, and we’re getting closer every day to deploying Game Update 1.3 to the Public Test Server – but we can’t guarantee there won’t still be hurdles. We’re also working on several new developer blogs about Game Update 1.3 that we know you want to hear more about (including one about character transfer details). We know that you’re looking for specific details, but we want to avoid releasing any information that is incomplete. Rest assured that we are absolutely listening and are working to bring you the information you want.

We appreciate your discussions here on the forums and we’ll try our best to step in wherever we can (and we’re always here reading, gathering your concerns, and passing them on internally), but there will be times when we really can’t say anything. As a result, you’re going to be hearing a lot of “soon” and “we’re working on it” because that’s as specific as we can get right now. When we can get more specific, we will. If we’re quiet, it doesn’t mean we’re not listening and it certainly doesn’t mean we’re not working to bring you more information – our goal is to always bring you accurate information as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience as our developers continue to work diligently on maintaining the quality of Game Update 1.3 and releasing it to you soon.
Additionally, you you may be interested in the "Game Update 1.3 Preview" that was released today, and we always encourage players to check out our Dev Tracker to easily track the latest posts from the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Development Team.

If you have any other thoughts or feedback, please feel free to use any of the threads mentioned above, since we will be closing this one.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this, or any other forum moderation or policy, feel free to email us at so once of our Community Coordinators can discuss it with your directly.

Thank you.