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Ops with Alts: An Endgame for Legacies

Drewhat's Avatar

05.21.2012 , 10:17 AM | #1
I was thinking that an interesting way to get people to experience more diverse and challenging end-game content would be to include an operation that would require you to bring a primary and an additional or multiple alt toons into an ops. You could only play one toon at a time, but the mission would have phases or stages that would force you to switch back and forth between your own toons, tag-team style. I don't know how the developers would handle this kind of thing, but it could really change the way you experience operations, especially if you are swapping back and forth between say a tank and a healer...

RiseOfDeath's Avatar

05.21.2012 , 10:25 AM | #2
That's an interesting idea, I kinda like it. :P
For people who only play one toon it's going to be a problem, though.... :$
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05.21.2012 , 10:36 AM | #3
I think it would be cool to do with companions as well. That way people without alta can still enjoy it. there are deffinatly alot of possibilities here. They could do somethig like the instant adventures rift has.

MariLupus's Avatar

05.21.2012 , 10:45 AM | #4
I have actualy done this. Basicaly swaping ALTS and mains around so at the fabricator droid we rebalanced from 3 mele, 2 ranged DPS and one tank to 3 ranged DPS, one mele DPS and 2 tanks. Great fun and helps a gear up group for ALTs get through.
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