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Taris - Tatooine Import Crate?

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Taris - Tatooine Import Crate?

evanfardreamer's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 09:02 PM | #1
On Taris, in the Tularan Marsh, about (706,207) near Lytle Outpost, there is a crate next to a junk dealer, 'Tatooine Import Crate'. When you try to open it, it says 'locked', much like the datacron chest on Balmorra. However, I know the location of all 5 datacrons on Taris, and this isn't one. The Balmorra one, another junk dealer sells the key - but I haven't seen any strange keys on any of the junk dealers on the planet.

Haven't been able to find anything at all about it in database sites, wikis, or on the forums here. Am I the first to find the chest? If so, anyone wanna help me figure it out?

I should note that it is republic-side I discovered this - apparently the Empire's Taris is a bit different, though I don't know how.

*edit* Not long after posting, I checked the vendor again - not sure if the item was on a respawn or I simply missed it, but for 8k got 'Import Code Cylinder' which opened the chest and got me a Reconfigured Dissasembler Core.

stuffandthat's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 09:11 PM | #2
If that's the crate that's next to a dealer on Taris, then that dealer sells a code for $8k for it. Buy it then unlock it.
It's a trap

Eszi's Avatar

05.20.2012 , 09:18 PM | #3
You buy the key from the vendor next to the crate.
Key is called "Import Code Cylinder", costs 8k
Crate gives reconfigured disassembler core + random junk item