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Freezing UI

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12.18.2011 , 05:27 AM | #1
Has anyone else had an issue where the UI appears to "freeze"?

The game it self is fine, I can use the mouse to run around and select targets, I can use the number keys to attack and I can use the mouse to loot (lucky I've got auto-loot on!) but I can't click on anything in the UI. So if I pull up the inventory (I), it appears, but I can't hover over anything or click on anything in it. I can't click on any of the buttons along the top, or in my power bar at the bottom. If I press Escape, it brings up the menu, but I can't click on anything in it. Eventually, it starts working normally again.

This was merely annoying until last night, when I was on the Esseles. It went part-way through the mission, and I couldn't go for loot (annoying) and then I couldn't use the lift (I clicked on it, but couldn't choose the next floor to go to - that nastily disrupted the game).

So is there a setting somewhere I can poke? Is this a known issue that I just haven't read about yet?

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