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Unresponsive controls in Warzones

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Unresponsive controls in Warzones

Wahrend's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:19 AM | #1
Hey guys, I've been playing my smuggler for a bit now and one thing I happen to notice is when I enter a Warzone my controls seems a bit unresponsive compared to when I am just pve'ing.

An example of this would be when I wish to use cover in a warzone it takes roughly 1 sec from I push the button till my character actually starts doing the command. Do you know if that is a common problem or is it just my computer which is in need of some updates?

I can inform you that I am running the game just fine on the highest setting when I am doing pve stuff. I even tried lowering the graphic setting in a warzone which didn't solve anything, so I am doubting that it is a computer problem, but then again I don't have much experience regarding computers.

Another thing I've noticed regarding that skill, which can only be used in cover that shoots everyone back and roots them for a second or two, is the animation is far behind. What I see is that I push the button, everyone flies back instant and then the animation shows a second after the button is hit. Atleast thats just what I've been noticing, nothing major though.