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Your own personal 'head canon'...

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Your own personal 'head canon'...

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05.20.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
A good story can let us peek into a fantastic world, and a really good MMORPG story can let us peek into that world, and also allow us to make our own story within it's narrative.

What is your own personal head canon? How does your character make sense of the world around them, and how do you weave 'who they are' into the world around them.

How do you fill the gaps and cracks left for us to weave our own narrative into this games story? What do you fill those gaps with? How does it tie in to your legacy?

I often see people mention there own personal head canon in so many story I thought it would be nice, to have an entire thread dedicated to the topic.

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05.20.2012 , 11:09 AM | #2
Oo! As a writer (on the side not at a News Station professionally) I always have my head canon expanding and changing to accommodate the game's mechanics. Like before Legacy EVERYONE were sisters and they all had sons, but after Legacy, when I did my family tree, I had to change things somewhat.

Anyway, my Sith War volunteered to go to the Sith Academy. She knew she'd at least pass well enough to get through it and survive since she'd heard rumors that they like to off failed initiates. She didn't expect she'd one day be the Emperor's Wrath. She came from a normal family of 6 (including parents) who added one more when they adopted her Chiss sister. They were a loving bunch, bedtime stories, hugs, warmth, etc. She was well adjusted, not psychotic or anything. She made morally right decisions from Korriban all through her story. Yes, she had some dark side moments, mostly when NPCs in her story would hurt her crew/companions. Her family's motto has always been 'don't **** with family, we **** right back'.

She proudly helped Baras, thinking she was serving the Empire faithfully without screwing with her morals. She took to Vette right away, enjoying her sarcastic view on things, giggling occasionally. She removed Vette's collar right from the start when she asked. Even telling her she never wanted her to be a slave in the first place. From there on she and Vette became good friends.

She fell in lust when she met Quinn at first. She liked his dark looks, his intelligence and the man looks good in a uniform. She flirted with that man as hard as she could, especially since she never had an opportunity to get some. She was
until she finally hooked up and married Quinn.

She did everything she could to ensure Jaesa wouldn't turn to the dark side. Sending her parents to Dromuund Kaas to live the good life, sending her old master back to Tython. She even encouraged Jaesa to go find other Light Sided Sith. She flirted with Pierce only once, just to see if Quinn would get jealous, but he never did. She always listened to Quinn's views on missions when he had something to add, letting his intellect guide her.

She and Quinn have a daughter, a smuggler, who they both love devotedly, though Quinn isn't fond of his daughter's choice in careers nor her choice in husbands. He wanted her to be force sensitive, which she has a wee bit of the force-ness in her, allowing her to use the tricks she learned/will learn from her mother/aunt and cousins. Their daughter taught her mother how to kick someone in the nads effectively, which her mother uses whenever the need arises.

Now, at 44 years old, and Quinn around 59 (with grey hair to boot!) she goes out occasionally to do her daily quests on Belsavis and Corellia, and what money she collects, she sends to her bounty hunter sister to hold as she is the only one in the family who doesn't spend credits like water.

(I'll add my 7 other characters in separate posts as I type a lot)

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05.20.2012 , 11:17 AM | #3
< Insert snarky comment about cranial turbolaser mount here. >

Gym "< Insert 'Cannon vs. Canon' rant here. >" Quirk

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05.20.2012 , 11:20 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by GymQuirk View Post
< Insert snarky comment about cranial turbolaser mount here. >

Gym "< Insert 'Cannon vs. Canon' rant here. >" Quirk
Aww, I had a rather descriptive post about my personal cranial cannon all ready to go too.

OP, Cannon is an artillery device used to fire projectiles of varying kinds. Canon is the word you are looking for.
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05.20.2012 , 11:27 AM | #5
I fixed the title....sorry bout that.

Thank you for the great read Eanelinea! I'm planning on posting my own as well...once I de-tangle it from my head-space, ( I write as well, just as a hobby).

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05.20.2012 , 11:31 AM | #6
My Chiss agent landed on Hutta at 21 years old. It was her first assignment. She heard wonderful stories about agents and their work for the Empire, so she decided to become one which she breezed through easily. She wasn't thrilled having Kaliyo with her at first, since Kaliyo went against everything my agent valued in life. My agent enjoyed her job for a time, until

She found Vector to be cute and sweet even with his association with the Killiks when she met him on Alderaan, even going so far as to flirt with him from their first meeting. She was still pretty happy-go-lucky even with her doing the above crap she was made to do. That is until

My agent hadn't slept with anyone until she met Sanju Pyne, her first love and lover. She still misses him sometimes, but she's happily married to Vector. She even enjoyed her brief fling (before she married Vector) with the Chiss man on Hoth. He was a big help to her wounded psyche also.

All through Voss when she did the healing trials and told the Voss woman/man (don't remember) that all she wanted, after everything that happened to her to make her jaded with the Empire, was to be free. She finally got her wish in the end.

She and Vector have a daughter, who they found out was force sensitive. Vector has some kind of force abilities and that's where she obtained her ability. My agent and Vector didn't want her to become a Sith as they'd both had nothing but bad luck with the Empire, even though they both can't help but be somewhat loyal to them even now. So they told their daughter if she wanted to become a warrior, to become a knight for the Jedi. Their daughter agreed.

Vector is very protective of his only child, his baby girl. My agent visits her daughter often, docking their ships together or meeting on Nar Shaddaa when their daughter needs her mommy, or her daddy.

Vector is 44 and my agent is 40. Currently they live in their ship or hang out on the fleet, doing dailies occasionally and just enjoying their off time until my agent is needed again, but via HER rules. She takes no orders any longer.

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05.20.2012 , 01:52 PM | #7
I'll try and make mine as coherent as Eanelinea's, lol...

Ayang is the daughter of a Mirialan Jedi who wanted to have a kid so she'd have a legacy to show off to the Council. But when her daughter was born, she was found to have zero Force abilities, and so she was sent to a boarding school on Coruscant. Ayang was a good student, and desperately wanted to please her mother, but her mother really didn't care. She ended up adopting a slave girl who WAS Force-sensitive so she'd have her protege that she wanted so badly. Ayang, she wanted very little to do with.

Thanks to her teachers and friends, Ayang grew up fairly well-adjusted and trained to become a nurse. However, when she was 18, she was captured by a slaver and forced into prostitution on Nar Shaddaa. She was lucky, and after 7 months of hell she caught the eye of a Hutt who thought she had more to offer, and contacted a smuggler who worked for him. The Hutt convinced his friend to buy out Ayang's contract, free her, and offer her a job, because everyone would benefit from a smart girl being free instead of wasting away as a slave. Even though Ayang was now free, she felt completely broken. She felt like she'd never really recover from the seven months she spent on Nar Shaddaa. She felt deeply guilty for leaving behind the other slaves and dreamed of finding a way to free them.

Ayang liked working for her captain, but figured she'd be better off independent. Even though the Hutt who freed her continued to act as her benefactor, she wanted to make a life for herself, her own way. At every port she went to, Ayang took in "side work" to make money of her own, which she socked away to buy her own ship. At the age of 20, she finally had nearly enough to buy her own. She contacted a dealer and negotiated a sale, and finally went into business for herself.

The only family member to whom Ayang is close is her mother's much younger sister, Serket, a member of the Republic military. About a month or so before Ayang arrived on Ord Mantell she heard from Serket, who asked her a favor: a young man named Corso had helped her drive off separatists, did Ayang know anyone who could help him find a job? Ayang agreed because she saw him on the holo and thought he was cute, and gave the name of her friend Viidu. When they met, Ayang immediately developed a crush on him and though she didn't want to hire him initially, agreed to because of her romantic interest. Ayang was very conflicted over her feelings for him, since the more she got to know him the more she liked him...and the more she doubted he'd want anything to do with a girl like her. Ayang was very prone to starting arguments and subconsciously trying to sabotage their relationship because she was so scared of getting hurt. In the end, though, she relented and eventually they got engaged. Since then she's calmed down a lot.

She's very close with Risha and considers her a sister. They've bonded a lot over the past year and have tried to recruit Akaavi into their girl clique, with limited success. She's also very close with Guss, who is like a little brother to her. Over the past year she's attempted to repair her relationship with her adoptive sister, but Yasha is extremely socially awkward and it doesn't always go well.

Act 3 spoilers:

At the end of the class story Ayang is 23 and decides to cement her power in the underworld. She still lives on her ship and has no plans to leave.

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05.20.2012 , 02:36 PM | #8
Well, my head cannon is deadly. Now, my head Canon is this:

LS SW is way more fun to play than DS SW, imo. It's just priceless to be a good bad guy while still being a complete jerk to those who deserve it. Baras is THE perfect Trollbait. Let's face it, he's the easiest target in the game.

Grey Smuggler is a BLAST! Yes, I'm a good guy when called for, and I'm a greedy bastich in every convo where I can mention credits and getting paid. I help out the little guy, free of charge, but when it comes to the Republic, I could care less. If they want me on the mission, they're going to pay for my services. Also, I've been known to send arms shipments to.... different destinations than intended, and act as a vigilante when executing Imperial A-Holes.
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05.20.2012 , 03:08 PM | #9
my agent...still giggles.... biggest head cannon fantasy ever
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05.20.2012 , 04:23 PM | #10
I have stories for all my characters. I was a fantasy/literature fan before I was a gamer.

My smuggler was a daughter of an Alderaanian noble. His underworld business on the side - strictly hush-hush in polite society - blew up in his face, disgracing the family and wrecking their finances. Nic had the guts and the daring to strike out on her own. Her mother and brother prefer to live in noble poverty...well, to each his own. Now Nic is out for herself. Friends only get you so far, y'know, but money always talks.

My Warrior Ruth was the daughter of a failed-Sith-turned-failed-Jedi-turned-sort-of-successful Sith. (Colran Niral: Thoughtful, but not very dedicated.) Her mother was the Intelligence agent whose mission in Republic space touched off Colran's return to the Sith. Just a Force-blind who believed in the Empire and helped Colran believe in it, too. It was in her memory that Colran taught Ruth to serve even Force-blind people's interests with both strength and kindness. (Edit: This entire paragraph is out-of-game; it kind of wrote itself while I was working out Ruth's basic motivations.)

Ruth went to the Academy, got picked up by Baras, was incredibly excited to go further the cause of the Empire and improve life for the Empire's citizens. She may have dallied once or twice with a Chiss agent of mine, but that's neither here nor there - their service took them in different directions more often than not. Vette wasn't exactly a professional powerhouse, but made for a great little sister. LS Jaesa was a steadying influence in hard times. Quinn was...Quinn was a stunning find. Perfect ideological match, Ruth wanted the hell out of him, and he inspired every victory she earned in her campaigns.

Did I say "perfect"? As time went on the necessities of the missions got harder. Quinn's counsel got harsher. Her crew got weighted more toward brutality (thanks, Pierce, Broonmark). Hoth was one long bloody streak, and it only got worse. She couldn't be surprised when

The remainder of Ruth's campaign was swift and bloody. She serves the Emperor, as she always has. She doesn't have so many illusions about kindness and patience and the worth of people weaker than she is. My Chiss agent tries to touch base from time to time and exchange information of interest, maybe possibly bring her back to life a bit, but the young woman he seduced at the Nexus Room Cantina years ago is a far cry from the cold blade he now meets in the Citadel.

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