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*Taris memory leak Temporary fix*

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*Taris memory leak Temporary fix*

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12.18.2011 , 04:20 AM | #1
Hi all, I may have found a temp fix for this issue. Also hope it helps the devs narrow down where the issue is coming from if possible. I don't know much about bug fixing of this sort, but i believe the issue lies with one of the quests.

Basically, if you're not certain which quest it is, abandon all the quests from the later areas that you get from Taris. I am fairly certain that the quest causing this comes from Aurek, but not 100% sure on this. I also think there may be a link to "The Archive" quest, as the crashing occurred very often while going about the ruins looking for the Lost Cairns. However, note the issue stopped occurring after I handed up a quest somewhere in Aurek or another of the areas in the later zones, while The Archive was still active, so it is not directly caused by that one.

Hope this helps all of you for now. If uncertain, log in and abandon all Taris quests (except the class quests), unless you are 100% sure that it is a quest from early on. I went through about 85% of Taris before I encountered this issue.

Also, this would explain why some people run into it and others do not, since not everyone may have picked up the quest.
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