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Ideas for making Flashpoints not useless after in columi

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Ideas for making Flashpoints not useless after in columi
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05.23.2012 , 11:09 AM | #41
In order to encourage people to help out and run these things, each boss should drop 1 BH comm. Otherwise there is no need or purpose to bothering with these once you are in rakata or better.

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05.23.2012 , 01:32 PM | #42
1. Make a weekly that requires you to do all of the hm fps and have the reward be a vanity pet, or black hole coms, or rakata token, something. It can change each week too, just to make it interesting, and to keep people doing them constantly. (submitted by Arius) There is a weekly quest for completing Kaon Under Siege HM and Lost Island HM (The latter drops a Rakata Chest Piece) that rewards Black Hole Comms. Doing Dailies rewards daily comms which can be used to buy your campaign relics, as well as Rakata Implants and earpiece. In addition to the Corellia weekly, which also rewards black hole comms. I've acquired the majority of my set of Black Hole gear this way. As well as looting chests/bosses in EC Story Mode.

Further, running the flashpoints can still be beneficial, as you can collect columi gear/tokens to gear out your companions appropriately as well.
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05.23.2012 , 05:12 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Koordynator View Post
AYFKM? What's the point of rakata gear and HM EV and KP then if you can farm flashpoints in tinose/columi gear to get BH comms. Maybe make Nightmare modes of the flashpoints with BH comms not just give away the commendations to gear everyone up to q61 in less then 2 weeks... VERY, VERY BAD idea.
1. BH gear (MK1) that can be bought isn't that good compared with rakata gear. The only real nice BH gear (MK 2-???) are drops from EC.
2. How people would use the random SM ops function? In a guild this is out of the question because of lockouts.
3. Not everyone is in a guild, or one that does HM EV / KP (let alone EC SM/HM)
4. You get 5 comms per day for Tier 1 HM FP. For lost Island you still need good gear to clear it. That means players will get 35 comms per week extra. I'm in a guild that has only cleared EV HM 5/5. They only way we get blackhole comms is the Weekly at Correlia.

Give us a break man. At the current rate we need more then 1,5 years to get in full BH gear ......
Now we only need 6,5 week (Lost island including). And then we must walk them every single day. If you can 'only' play 4 days a week its still 10 weeks.

This way dedicated players have a decent chance to also get new gear when they gear up other players / guildies in the meantime.