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Heroics, Flashpoints, Bonus. Very stressful. Suggestion.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions
Heroics, Flashpoints, Bonus. Very stressful. Suggestion.

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05.15.2012 , 09:29 AM | #1
I originally posted this on MMORPG.Com, about Bonus Missions and though it might be useful here.
I want to say ahead of time I think this game is amazing, and will keep getting better and better. This is probably
my biggest problem with the game, and with RPG'S in general and that's why I posted it.

Cutting confusion/ organization is one major things that could help the game survive longer........Please forgive me if I'm a little bit cynical/angry/bitter/mean. I'm really not. This is just rooted out of the stress from playing the game deeply

Please, Please Read




Lets say you had to kill The Blob. Well that sould take forever, his Blobness is all over everything. He covers half your city. You don't even know where to start.

That is how it feels to play SWTOR.

But what if The Blob and his trail of mess you had to kill was divided into sections? Maybe he had five kids, and wasn't as big. Additionally you have an I-phone app that locates each Blob Child, making them easier to track down and destroy (like a mission). Problem is with SWTOR....the "I-Phone" App is confusing and a little messy....

Here is how you eliminate The SWTOR Blob...

(again no offense to creators, game is great)

1. -Flashpoints, Heroics, etc. God help me they are almost exactly the same. Make them the same (or make the titles the same Heroic 4, Heroic 8 [8 people]) Another part of the problem here is the FLEET. The FLEET should be treated as a regular planet eliminating the need for FLashpoints which are just Heroics. So just call them Heroics on the FLEET too.

2. Being able to rewatch videos (HOLOCALL MODE?) SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO RESET AND WALK>RUN> RIDE>WALK>RUN>RIDE....ALL THE WAY BACK to the mission if you forget about it cause you took on too many!

3. Missions need to stay

-Bonus Missions-Ongoing Stories that last a little most of them do

-General Missions-simple storys that are quick and don't keep going..that no one will care if they are playing with friends and the friend misses out etc.

-Flashpoints/Heroics-first makes these the same title-than these would be Planet (fleet) focused missions that can either continue a story (in this case it shold be called Bonus Heroic..people can put 2+2 together here) or be a seperate story but requires a group (4player Heroic or 8 Player Heroic)....eliminate the idea of Flashpoints

4. Interface- The Mission interface etc. needs to be clearer. For example a map that shows which missions are connected with wich, and and option to watch the old videos would help clarify things, Sub Catagories could be set apart (like on a notebook outline example Nar Shadaar would have three catagories underneat it when open; General, Bonus, Heroic missions.

***WHEN BIOWARE DOESNT DO THIS IT SENDS MIXED MESSAGES AND CAUSES DISSAPOINTMENTS!! That's why we are all overwhelmied with so many Missions

*i know this is off topic a little but I had to throw it in there. It still has to do with FOCUS.

-PVP have more engaging videos before hand...that involve emotion and urgency with actcuall characters (favorites) from the body watches the curreent videos, they are wastefull...and WHERES THE HUTTBALL VIDEO I SAW ON YOUTUBE?...that was the best one. also have more interesting PVP quests, where we accuatlly fight with a JEDI Hero. People feel like these quest etc. are just SHLOPPED...this will help PVP feel more real and focused> Less Random