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Which class has (in your opinion) overall the best and which the worst companions?

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Which class has (in your opinion) overall the best and which the worst companions?

Izorii's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 10:24 AM | #21
My Favourite so far is the BH crew. I didn't want to flush any of them out of an air lock. My only problem was I was a tank and dps so most of the time I had Mako to heal me. I would have liked to use more of them, more often.

My lest favourite was the sith inquistor having Khelm as my first compaion seemed annoying cuz he speaks alien not basic and always got in the way, I also disliked the romance arc because I found her to be ugly and it seemed really forced. There was no reason she should have joined my team and she spent the entire time sat on my ship.

I also enjoyed the IA crew but though the BH crew just piped them at the post.

Damask_Rose's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 10:47 AM | #22
Aww, I love Khem! I feel so safe with his bulk standing behind me looking all menacing! And I love the sound of his voice. I want to snuggle him! Platonic though....

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And fix Vector & Scourge's clothing issues too!

Spectus's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 11:13 AM | #23
I haven't delved into the Imperial side (yet), preferring to double up on my stable of Republic alts.

So far, I'd say the best Republic set is the Trooper's collection (Havoc Squad for the win!), while the worst is the Consular set. Best individual CC would be Kira Carsen, hands down; the worst? I'd say Doc. I am one of those guys who wants to punch arrogant, womanizing guys like him in the nose.

Aric Jorgen simply has the best slow burn in the game, coupled with what is by far the best introductory quest arc on the Republic side, while the stuffy Elara Dorne eventually reveals a coquettish sense of humor, and Tanno Vik... well, he loves to blow things up. On the downside, Yuun is exceedingly bland, while Forex's gung-ho glory-hound persona resolves into one-dimensional tedium.

Meanwhile, the Consular set... oh, the pain...
  • Both Qyzen Fess and Tharan Cedrax hate it when you use Force powers in conversation or spout Jedi philosophy, while Fess hates it when you show mercy.
  • The male Consular character's romantic interest, Nadia Grell, joins you so late in the planetary progression path that her personality is barely introduced by the time she's at 10,000 Affection and you're done with her. And then, she comes across like a painfully-insecure teenager, It'd have been nice to see her blossom and grow in self-confidence. Maybe if she'd joined my character's crew when I first landed on Balmorra instead of after completing Belsavis, she'd have had more time to do so.
  • Tharan Cedrax (yeah, back to him) is generally found either mildly amusing at best (I saw his schtick with Holiday as a spoof of companion characters -- a virtual companion character with his own virtual companion character!), or at worst (according to the female gamers I've seen express opinions) overbearing and sexist.
  • Zenith is another character with moral views that seem opposed to those of my character. I can't go into the specifics without spoiling his class story, but suffice it to say that I felt the same disappointment with him that I felt with Qyzen and Cedrax: None of the three are able to respond to my conversation choices by growing to respect or like my dialogue choices. All three will always hate the same choices, from zero Affection to 10k. Especially with Zenith, it seems sad that I don't get to see any benefits in his character as a result of urging him to take the high road in his personal storyline.
  • Of all the Consular characters, the most memorable backstory turns out, in my opinion, to be Lieutenant Iresso's. But in his case, the core conflict reveals itself very late, risking the loss of the player's interest before the big surprise comes up. And then, almost as soon as it is revealed, it's over, leaving you to speculate on how it affects the character.
All this compares unfavorably with, say, the development of Kira Carsen for the Knight or the Smuggler's chance to touch off a catfight between Akaavi Spar and Risha.

MarshalVaako's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 11:30 AM | #24
Best: everyone in the sith warrior crew except Quinn who needs to DIAF

Worst: Gault, Torian, Skadge, Khem, Jorgan, Corso,
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Space_Chicken's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 02:08 PM | #25
Hmm. I'm going to say, from a storyline point-of-view, the Consular's Nadia is the worst companion.

Spoilers ahead for the class story.


chuixupu's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 02:25 PM | #26
Something like this is going to vary greatly with different people. If we're talking combat-wise, they're all mostly the same, save for a few little things here and there (i.e. one tank companion might grapple mobs in, one might leap to it).

I have completed all the Agent companion quests, all the Bounty Hunter companion quests except Skadge, and got a good deal through the Consular companion quests, some of the Smuggler. I enjoy all of them, but my favorite is definitely the Agent companions. Yes, even Kaliyo. In fact I'd probably say she's my #1 favorite, her quests are far more entertaining than any others I've done.
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Phyreblade's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 02:59 PM | #27
Bounty hunter, hands down, has the absolute best crew of companions. My bounty hunter had more moments with all companions there to talk and argue over various options, than any other class I've played, thus far. They often argued with each other but also stood up and disagreed with my hunter, on occasion. Yet, there ended up being a sort of team feeling between the lot of them, too. It was like my hunter was the center with all these exceptional individuals surrounding her, all because they believed in HER and fought for HER.

That, and just about all the bounty hunter companions had a REASON, a purpose and value that made for them to belong to the whole of the crew. Mako was the tech and the computer guru, the one to go to for information and intelligence, or just to figure out where we were headed to next. Gault was the negotiator, the smooth talker, the one perfectly capable of getting out of sticky situations given the need. Torian was the soldier, the one who wouldn't back down and wouldn't give up in the face of any threat. Blizz was the scavenger, the collector, the one who'd pick up the bits and pieces so essential to keep the bucket of bolts called the Mantis together in one brilliantly working piece. The only one who seems pretty useless was Skadge, who ended up being pretty much "the paper weight" companion. You know, the guy who's just "there" even if you can't figure out quite why.

I liked them all, loved every bit of their stories, their interactions, with my hunter and with each other. They bantered constantly, and it made the class story as a whole that much more entertaining and realistic. There were often companions I literally forgot as I was leveling my warrior and inquisitor. With the hunter, that just never seemed to happen, and I loved it all the more for it.

Worst companions? Already said Skadge, and yes, he's the worst, because I just can't figure out, first, how he got onto my ship and, second, what he's doing there now that he's there. I also disliked Jaessa. I figure my Jugg is eventually going to kill her, because otherwise the psychotic witch is going to slit my Jugg's throat. Jaessa almost makes me understand where Barras is coming from when it is he tries to kill my Jugg, and that's scary enough I want to toss Jaessa out an airlock, fast. I'm not overly keen on Xalek yet, but that's only cause he talks to my Sorc in monosyllabic tones thus far. I haven't had him long, though, so he might grow on me, like Khem did. We'll see.
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Squidkidz's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 04:10 PM | #28
Not a huge fan of any of the Consular companions to be honest. However, it's mirror class the Inquisitor has some pretty bad *** companions. First off, Khem is a total BAMF, Andronikos does great DPS, as does Ashara and BAMF as well, especially after they fixed his shield bug. Talos on the other hand is a little meh.

Best companion ever goes to the BH jawa companion though.
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05.17.2012 , 04:41 PM | #29
Best: Bounty Hunter without a doubt. Lots of great unique characters in that one.

Worst: Smuggler. Now, I'm playing back and forth with just these two classes but it's an easy one for me to pick out of the two. Aside from Bowdaar and Guss, the others are simply lame. Now . . .

Bowdaar. Why must you fail me so many blasted times? I love this big guy, I have him out with my Smuggler when I'm about on the Fleet but when I start doing missions, I have to send him away. He just cannot take the damage and I have him very heavily geared too. No reason for this poor Wookiee to keep dropping on me like this that well equipped.

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DesonEQ's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 05:16 PM | #30
Best Overall: Imperial Agent. Minus Kaliyo, the untrustworthy psychopath, I like all my companions and think they fit.

Worst Overall: BH. As if Gault wasn't bad enough...Skadge, ohhhhh Skadge(link is Sarlacc's rant). If I could use profanity here, I'd have at least 2 paragraphs of them in regards to Skadge. I hate him more than Quinn, which is hard considering my character was married to Quinn at the time of the incident. I don't think it's possible to have a more implausible companion than Skadge considering the convo's before he's forced on you. Skadge is so offensive in every respect, I consider him a cancel worthy event and if BH had been my first character, I would have until there was a rewrite. Torian and Blizz don't make up for him, especially as a powertech.

SW was ok. Vette needs the collar to stay on, Quinn needs spaced, Broonmark is meh, Jaesa is...interesting regardless of side and Pierce, besides needing to be romanceable, also needs his big mission playable.

SI I only like Khem Vhal and Xalek. Khem becomes kinda uncle like and Xalek is a worthy companion that comes entirely too late to enjoy fully. I'd love to know how anyone thought a companion after Voss was a great idea. Revel and Talos could be spaced and I wouldn't care. Scratch that,losing Revel means I could get someone interesting and losing Talos means I could get someone I could actually stand hearing. Ashara I used to hate,until I played the Lightside SW storyline and realized, Ashara isn't the broken one, the SI storyline is what's severely broken.
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