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***sorcerer correct rotation 1/12/28***

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***sorcerer correct rotation 1/12/28***

phoenixmale's Avatar

05.14.2012 , 09:40 AM | #1
having surfed many forums on the correct rotation for my sorc level dps 1/12/28 im still unsure about the correct rotation i may be doing. Due to so many forums saying one rotation then the other im confused and always unsure if im waisting force on bad rotation. I would like it if someone gave me the correct rotation so as i know im getting best outta my sorc and not losing dps due to me being dumb. i run regular PVE FP HM and OPS so its geared towards this. Also im finding im burning up alot of force on some boss fights and using consumption in the last 3rd of a boss fight.

rotation im using is:

(1) FL > CD (wrath) > AFF > DF > FL x3 then repeat

things ive seen on other forums is:

(2) FL > DF > AFF > CD (wrath) > FL x3 then repeat

I would like to know what is correct to maximise my dps option 1 or 2.

another thing is is there a max i should try to get my crit and surge to then balance it off with power as i dont wanna overload with one and lose on the other as im currently holding.

Crit 33.27%
Surge 76.28%
with power at 194

any suggestions on wether to raise power and lower another.

Finally do you guys role with a surge adrenal or power adrenal and use in this order.



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05.14.2012 , 11:22 AM | #2
First thing's first: throw the word "rotation" out the window. Many people refer to "rotations", but what they really mean is ability priorities. Due to proc effects and differing cooldown/duration lengths, it's impossible to make a static rotation. Below is the priority list for 1/12/28. Every time you go to cast a spell, go down the list. The first ability you reach that is off cooldown and has the listed condition met is the one you cast.

1/12/28 Ability Priority
  • Crushing Darkness (if Wrath active)
  • Affliction (if not active on target)
  • Death Field
  • Force Lightning (if stationary)
  • Shock (if moving)
  • Lightning Strike (if all above unusable, if moving, if Wrath active, if Crushing Darkness >6 seconds on CD)

As for your stats, you've got a fair bit too much crit. Generally recommended to have approximately twice as much Power as you have Crit Rating. On the Surge side, you want roughly 250-300 Surge rating (which will put you at about 75-76% multiplier), then put the rest into Alacrity. At Rakata gear level, this'll give you roughly 500 Power, 250 Crit, 300 Surge, and 200 Alacrity.

On the Adrenal side, ALWAYS use Power. Surge's DR is far too steep (as are Crit's and Alacrity's) for any other adrenal to be worthwhile. It's ideal to pop your adrenal, relic, and Recklessness at the same time, 2 FL casts before dropping DF and CD on the target (so CD's entire duration is within the adrenal and relic duration).
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05.14.2012 , 12:52 PM | #3
thanks dude that clears everything up for me.

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05.14.2012 , 12:52 PM | #4
Personatly I put AFF on 2 target before I start a "pack", than I FL one target to make Wrath proc or to broke is buble, than I use DF than CD.

This can make huge dps when you use the relic and adrenaline stim, generaly I don't activate the buffs before I drop DF and CD.

Than I use the root then electrochoc, than FL, FL, dot again, snare, somme cc around, bumble,FL, FL during 15 sec until I can redoit again.

Personatly I'm using electroch as soon as it's up since it critic nicely to 2,5K damage easily.

I'm not yet fully optimized with my pvp stuff but i'm around 750dps,40%critc,78%surge for now and should end to 775 dps,40%critic,80%surge which make the dot spec very interesting.

But i'm playing 3/7/31, and the parser says that I'm doing more damage with the 31 root, than affliction, because i'm often too lazy to reput it on 2 target every 15 sec or I don't have enough force for it.

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11.18.2012 , 08:48 PM | #5
This makes my head hurt trying to understand it.