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Odd WZ stats on my toon

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Odd WZ stats on my toon

Krashnburn's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 04:18 PM | #1
I posted this in a thread about WZ cheating that was already 300 replies deep so I am re-posting here because it seems something strange is going on and I want to see if anyone else is noticing or if it just an anomaly or my imagination.

I play a tanksin in DPS gear. I guard and taunt a lot and try to protect our healers and pester theirs. I consider myself an average to above average PvPer. My DPS is meh...but my protection numbers are normally good.

I don't pay close attention to the flying text during the WZs but will notice crits and inc heals and such at times. I then will look at the numbers at the end to get a feel for how I am doing. Of course it varies wildly depending on the team I am on and how much I am being healed, supported etc. But I stay in a range I can recognize most of the time.

I have been noticing lately however that there are times I way under preform compared to what I am used to. And then other times I way over preform. I am talking about numbers that are half what I am used to or double what I am used to.

I have no idea how the server calculates stats, or what algorithms are used (or even what they are really) But it seems to me something is amiss. I brought this up on the cheating thread because what the OP described as cheating was the apparent ability of the opposing team to turn up and turn down damage at will. If there is a glitch in how stats are calculated that would appear that way I think.

Someone smarter on this then me please tell me if this is even possible.

I wish I had been running a combat log and FRAPS but I wasn't. But something seems way off to me. Anybody else getting numbers they didn't expect?