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Kephess "Arcing Slash" Bug, w/ video

flentawookie's Avatar

12.31.2012 , 04:02 AM | #11
Well this happened to my twice last night on Kephess, I was between 30-40m behind the boss, there where ranged and healers in my way yet they lived and I died from savage arcing slash. Kephess was facing away from me.

The first time I had dropped 4 circles about to drop the fifth and got one shot for nearly 23k from savage arcing slash. I was clear of the previous purple circle and the smuggler in the way got no damage but yet I was killed. The second time we had a sage healer and a smuggler in between me and the boss, I dropped one circle when to drop the second and then was dead, yet again clear of the purple circle and dead. Yet again nearly 23k with the message savage arcing slash.

So this must be a bug, has anybody else experienced this? It cost us our first Kephess kill as a operations group so not very impressed right now

Grimsblood's Avatar

12.31.2012 , 11:01 AM | #12
On a partially related issue:

Last week I was tanking 8 Man HM EC for some new members coming up. We were on Kephess. The other tank was new to the fight and I had died 2 times to the Breath and all that taunt jazz. At first I chalked it up to the new tank. But then something awkward happened.

I had positioned myself on the opposite side of the raid about 25 meters from Kephess (The other tank was not placing the circles nicely and we needed more room). I can guarantee I taunted in the middle of the Breath Cast. The other tank died to Savage Arcing Slash. I was a bit confused and ask to see his logs. I remember reading something in the forums about a taunt delay on Vanguards and since every other time I was within 10 meters of Kephess he did not do this. I closed the distance on the next pull and everything was ok.

I am not sure if there is a taunt application thing going on here or if Kephess is having some weird range bug with his abilities.

BigV's Avatar

12.31.2012 , 05:52 PM | #13
Did your sin tank do anything to kephess after he received the knockback and breath of the masters debuff while placing the purple circles? If so then it is a ability called no escape which is where he will "leap" to a person on the hate list that isn't close to him and do a small amount of dmg. This happened to my guild all the time as I would be doing any ranged attacks I had as a PT tank while placing circles to try make sure we beat enrage. We had no idea what it was as I would just drop down dead from savage for no reason. Kephess was turned away and everything so wasn't his cone hit. We figured it out when I tried placing the circles as far from him as possible while still hitting and sometimes it would seem as if Kephess teleported to me in less than a second and be back on the other tank after I was insta killed. After a little research and talking through the fight with other tank we found that it was because I was doing dmg to him. Once I stopped doing anything to Kephess after the knockback we never had a problem again.
Hopefully this helps out