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For the love of Yoda...(re Pug ops)

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05.11.2012 , 10:57 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Dhariq View Post
Well pugs can be all sorts of "people". If they think you are undergeared with bm/wh stuff for EV HM then they are just stupid noobs. Not much more to say.
I have myself been dropped twice as a full rakata assassin tank by people who I realized could not even speak english and when I asked why the reply I got was "lol no dps lf tank" and "not tank". So that people does not really understand that good pvp gear is still enough for a ev hardmode is just the first step on your path in realizing that the game is filled with people who are sub-par in many aspects.
But pug is not in itself a definition of idiots and morons. It is just gambling and taking a couple of random humans and hang with them trying to accomplish a goal... well I do not think I would do that very often in RL as the chances of that working out is not that good.
Sorry. The hard truth is that pvp gear is NOT good enough, especially if the raid leader has a full Columi geared person [for example] wanting to get into the raid etc.

Zero pve gear not only means bad gear, but also lack of experience with pve.

If you could take a person with Columi/Rakata (which most people trying to do HM Ops have) or this fool with pvp gear and no experience... are you really going to choose the latter? Be honest.

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05.12.2012 , 05:43 AM | #62
I would like to step back from the abstract discussion of pug etiquette here and return to a more specific point.

He was wearing a War Hero/BM mix. This is beyond sufficient for EV HM. Whoever kicked him was retarded.