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What is the best class?

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What is the best class?

Gren-Aluren's Avatar

07.15.2013 , 06:16 PM | #21
Guardian IS the best class in the game.

AngelFluttershy's Avatar

07.16.2013 , 06:43 PM | #22
I'm setting my choices based on how much fun I have playing each class, not how effective they are. I believe the best class is the one I have the most fun with! I haven't played every class so not everything is accounted for and I'm not differentiating by faction.

  1. Gunslinger/Sniper - The most fun DPS class overall. Each spec is unique and a blast to play in PvE and PvP.
  2. Sage/Inquisitor - I solely heal and while that's nice, I like Sages for their utility. Rescue alone is what makes this one of the top classes to play. Still waiting for that Area Rescue so I can wreck havoc during Ops.
  3. Sentinel/Marauder - A blast in PvP and pretty nice in PvE. The amount of abilities this class has is fantastic, but the DPS trees it has don't feel great. Watchman is a bit boring, Combat feels clunky at times, and Focus is unwieldy in sustained PvE.
  4. Vanguard/Powertech - Tanking isn't difficult but satisfying nonetheless. Assault DPS is pretty basic for my interests, but Tactics is amazing! Tactics has one of the best, if not the best, DPS rotations in terms of feel for me. However, it still has its issues in many fights due to the reliance on Pulse Cannon. Tactics is good in theory for me but not great in practice.
  5. Scoundrel/Operative - DPS can be fun and healing is good, but nothing really stands out to me with this class. It's my favorite class to heal with during PvP, but PvE healing can get mundane with the Slow-release spam.
  6. Commando is only 30, Juggernaut only 14, and I haven't start a Shadow/Assassin yet. These are all not applicable at the moment.