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trash packs in heroic missions

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05.09.2012 , 03:05 PM | #1
I like to try to solo Heroic 2/4s during my spare time, and one thing I noticed consistently is that in most heroic 2/4 with a clearly defined 'boss' mob (e.g. Old Enemies), the boss is often quite a bit easier than the trash packs you've clear to get to him. I was halfway done with End of Torvix's boss sequence when I realized I had my companion on passive, but trying to do that with any of the trash packs and I'd be instantly dead. There are exceptions but for the most part I've a far harder time dealing with trash packs than the actual boss.

Now regardless of whether these are meant to be soloed or not, I don't think it makes sense the boss enemy is easier (often considerably easier) than the random stuff before him. As an example, End of Torvix's boss sequence features 1 elite + 3 strongs in the first wave, while regular trash packs in that zone are 3 elites + 2 strong or even 4 elites. Yes they start out in combat but I can easily solo 1 elite + 3 strongs that are all in combat, while mezzing 1 elite and fighting 3 remaining elites at the same time often ends up with a soundly defeat.

I don't know if the actual boss mob have to be increased in difficulty, but either way, the trash pack should be decreased in difficulty considerably, at least for all heroics that feature a boss as a completion step. If this stuff is meant to be hard, put the difficulty on the boss, not the trash.

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05.09.2012 , 06:56 PM | #2
It's not that the boss is harder or easier than the trash, it's that the trash groups have multiple mobs focus firing you. That burst right at the start is what makes it difficult to solo. A group will typically have CC to control the focus fire or they'll AOE the trash to bring it down faster.
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