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bots hacks and cheats killing pvp

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bots hacks and cheats killing pvp
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07.12.2012 , 06:29 AM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by zoofar View Post
The one and only odd thing I've seen in a WZ is...

... he runs towards mid wall, then proceeds to jump over it. Not in one big jump, in several smaller jumps from point to point...
You used to be able to make a couple of hops to get over the wall into mid if you could jump right - made getting there appreciably quicker. Bioware adjusted the scenery to make it impossible with patch 1.3. From the description, this may have been what you saw, and you can't do it any more.

Which is a bit of a shame in my book, one of the few occasions in WZs where you could use a bit of movement skill and strategy with the landscape, bar LOS-ing. Never mind.
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07.12.2012 , 07:42 AM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by Wainamoinen View Post
You used to be able to make a couple of hops to get over the wall into mid if you could jump right - made getting there appreciably quicker. Bioware adjusted the scenery to make it impossible with patch 1.3. From the description, this may have been what you saw, and you can't do it any more.

Which is a bit of a shame in my book, one of the few occasions in WZs where you could use a bit of movement skill and strategy with the landscape, bar LOS-ing. Never mind.
I liked this trick too and was disappointed when they changed it. On top of the wall was a nice sniping spot also.

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07.12.2012 , 07:49 AM | #93
I'm sure no one IMP or Pub is resetting/shorting not at all

However, I consider myself a bad. I had an IMP switch to his pub alt to tell me I lot of chicken littles running around.
I see I have "fans"
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07.16.2012 , 05:00 PM | #94
Just reported a player for the second day in a row, nothing happens. The hackers money is just as good to bioware as it is from non cheaters so that the game has no integrity now. I wish I had looked into all the hacks available for this game prior to my purchase of it and I will now research my games MUCH more closely from now on. They can't keep the code from being hacked and they don't seem to know when hacking is occuring, it is a complete mess. Even with the hacking gone, the continuous stuns, roots, and disparity between low and high level pvp gear is making this game no fun anyway. Being killed in 2 shots is only marginally worse than being able to do so to a low level opponent that PvP in this situation is not worth playing. Seldom do you get two teams relatively close and that makes matches fun and exciting!! I said SELDOM! The rest is just maddening and boring, respectively. Ugh, this game is just a waste of my money at this point.

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07.16.2012 , 05:26 PM | #95
10 pages and not a single picture or movie??? ye, "hacks"....

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07.16.2012 , 06:34 PM | #96
Stopped reading at BIOWEAR

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07.16.2012 , 06:40 PM | #97
Quote: Originally Posted by tordo View Post
At this point I think it is just handing out speeding tickets at the indy 500. Bioware remains clueless on most activities including how to write, test and compile workable code.

So far the imbalances are glaring proof of incompetency of any sort of game implementation. Most of us that are still here are somewhat forced due to not getting a full refund for time not used. I been asking for the balance remaining since 1.2 released and finally when my time is up it will be a sweet released for this implemented epic phail.

Most people's bets are the fact when this thing becomes free to play and considering most of the failures here I would consider making the game open source. The hackers might have more luck at repairing things then the current paid for game developers that exists here. Considering they could barely write an acceptable ending for Mass Effect 3 how do you think future progress on this game will help?

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07.16.2012 , 09:48 PM | #98
Quote: Originally Posted by vimm View Post
Bugs are not cheats and/or hacks; people often make that mistake, it seems!
True, but a bug systematically exploited is just as bad as a hack.

Real problem is that Bioware has no handle on the situation. The Hero Engine is client-heavy and, logically, a hacker's paradise (i.e. one could simply dl the source code for 1.3 client if so inclined). Bioware can detect some hacks, but mostly they rely on user reports - most of which are probably erroneous - so they are wasting a lot of time and resources sorting the good from bad reports. It certainly doesn't help that the game has so many genuine bugs as well.

Since the server merge, many player names include non-standard characters borrowed from a variety of languages. If you report a player and don't get the special characters in his name correct (there is no copy/paste option, no chatlogs and no easy way to submit a combat log or screenshot), Bioware cannot find them in their database - and that's exactly the response you get from them: "Sorry, character not found".

If someone finally gets caught for exploiting/hacking, he gets a one week suspension and can keep everything he might have gained from the exploits/hacks (valor, commendations, ranking, etc), even if he has been doing it for months.

In my opinion, that's not punishment, that's encouragement to cheat!

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07.17.2012 , 12:05 AM | #99
Quote: Originally Posted by SinnedWill View Post
All I can say is that they seem to be cracking down overzealously right now. I had a guildmate get suspended for "speed-hacking" last weekend (he wasn't). He's an AP Powertech, so he has hydraulic overrides as a speed boost + slow/root/etc. immunity and he rolls with me (carnage marauder) - so I hand out improved predation like candy. Took him ~18h worth of e-mail appeals for them to lift the suspension and compensate him with 15 days free.

Seriously, we get accused of speed-hacking EVERY DAY (multiple times, usually) - yet we don't hack. Sure, hacks are out there, but there has to be something wrong if the people that can give out suspensions/bans don't actually understand the mechanics in the game they're moderating and are willing to jump the gun without proof - this actually has me concerned - do they not even have an accurate method to detect the presence of such hacking programs that might be running?

For them to have suspended him for "speed-hacking" because he was using HO and I was using predation, they must be rather desperate to resolve hacking (sure, I can dig that), but it's the fact that SWTOR always checks our system for other programs that might be run at all times (and the obvious fact that he wasn't using any since they lifted the suspension, apologized and compensated him) which is giving me significant concern as to whether or not these people even fully understand their own game's mechanics for each class/spec and their potential perfomances when combined (or compounded - i.e. multiple characters with a speed boosting ability, as was the case in our situation).

^^ This made me laugh since something similar has happened to me. I'm at least happy that I'm not alone.

I Stopped playing this game in mid April. I didn't Log in again until after 1.3 patch just recently. As I am now getting back into the game, I've being reading forums and relearning some things. A Few days ago i checked my email account I have associated with SWTOR. I only use that email for this game and nothing else so I don't check it often. But in my inbox I see an Email from SWTOR that says My account has been suspended for seven days due to 3rd party software being used... ... I was confused since I was actually logged in the game as i was reading this email. But then i looked at the date of the email.. May 15.... I remember that day specifically because i was enjoying playing my Barbarian on Diablo 3 so much... Then i thought... " that what they meant by third party software? Am I not allowed to play other games while my SWTOR sub is active? I knew i should've read those terms and conditions before agreeing to them.... "

After telling a few friends about this, they laughed at my ignorance and then explained it to me. I learned that they meant some kind of cheating software used to hack games. Since I hadn't logged into the game in months I thought this email was sent in error so I replied to them explaining that it must be some mistake... but im still waiting for a response. It's not that big of a deal to me since i wasn't even playing at the time this suspension took place... but it still annoys me that my account was suspended for no reason at all...

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07.17.2012 , 05:46 AM | #100
Quote: Originally Posted by Sildanar View Post
and he replied "cheating is encouraged in Huttball.."
Hahaha, witty fellow.
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