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Visiting the other faction's capital: an idea

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Visiting the other faction's capital: an idea

Darth_Taral's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 07:24 AM | #1
So I was thinking that it would be cool if they allowed players to visit the capital worlds and starter worlds of the other faction. I would love for my Sith to visit Coruscant, Tython, and Ord Mantell, but alas that is presently not allowed.

And I understand, to a certain extent. You don't want Jedi who just got their ships to camp on Korriban, Hutta, or Kaas and kill all the starter characters.

But maybe there are some work-arounds that the developers could institute.

Here's how I think it could work, while staying in character, and preventing abuse.

1- Players wanting to go deep in the other faction's territory must visit a neutral planet, like Tatooine. There, you might find a smuggler shuttle or some other underworld vessel who would act as a vendor. You pay the vendor a rather large sum to bring you to the capital or origin world of your choice.

2- Once on that planet, you remain stealthed. A disguise mechanism of sorts means that your identity remains hidden. You can walk about the planet freely, and you can fight NPCs, but other players do not see you as being from the other side.

3- You have the option to engage in PVP, but there should be consequences. One idea is that, after a few kills, you get swarmed by L50 NPCs and then respawn on your side's fleet. Another possible choice is that your stats are tuned downward so that your strength represents that of a person mid-way through that planet (L5 for starter worlds, L13 for capitals, maybe). So that if you do try attacking the noobs, then you must face them at their level. In that case, it might also be interesting to auto-flag your character for PVP, even on PVE servers, so that there is some level of danger on the planet.

Implementing these ideas might allow players to fully map out their enemy's origin and capital worlds, get all the datacrons and all the lore objects, and otherwise complete the game more fully, while also making it expensive and dangerous to do so.

I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this?


jgelling's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 07:39 AM | #2
I think it's very unlikely BW will allow this - the game is very noob-friendly and PvE oriented. They want players to be able to play the game solo from start to finish without ever being molested by the opposing faction. They even balanced the game carefully so groups are unnecessary for storyline progress.

Given that, do you think they're going to let Imps smuggle themselves onto Coruscant or Jedi onto Dromund Kaas with PvP against noobs trying to level?

Even if more cross-faction territory would be good for the game, I can't see anything but mischief resulting from enemy players being allowed to waltz into each others' starter planets looking to cause trouble. It's not even realistic to think there'd be Sith or Jedi or whatever openly challenging people in the heart of enemy territory.

Revan-the-knight's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 07:53 AM | #3
Or they could jsut do them all liek they did with Taris and Balmorra, Solve the problem that way, or add a new Zone in The Starter/Capital Worlds for High levels where The High levelers cant enter the Rest of the Planet

LordViru's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 08:35 AM | #4
Whilst I love the idea dude I'm not sure starters being able to visit the other planet would work, however I think a great option would be one day down the line have a siege of Dromund Kaas/Coruscant storyline where you get to join in an assault. Also in storyline atm it wouldn't work as according to numerous NPC's in game the Republic have no idea where Dromund Kaas is but yeah I'd love to take my Sith to Coruscant and bring the pain to those democracy loving deluded fools.

Roshe's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 08:41 AM | #5
I think they could do what they did for the JK storyline and going to Dromund Kaas...use the same world map, but instance it away from the enemy faction's normal zoning.

MusicRider's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 09:26 AM | #6
That would be fun. Maybe you would be able to switch sides if you have an opposing alignment. As light sided siths are simply jedis and vice versa... Dont see it happening though...

Ranadiel_Marius's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 09:32 AM | #7
This idea doesn't really add anything to the game other than the ability to try and grief lowbies of the other faction. Not allowing that was a deliberate design decision by the devs, so I don't see them reversing their position.

Also shouldn't this be in the Suggestion Box forum rather than Story and Lore?
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MusicRider's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 09:38 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranadiel_Marius View Post
This idea doesn't really add anything to the game
It might do if you started as a jedi but you became corrupted along the way :P

Ranadiel_Marius's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 09:50 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicRider View Post
It might do if you started as a jedi but you became corrupted along the way :P
I was talking about the OP's post not what you posted.

As for your post, the devs have outright stated that there isn't going to be faction swapping. So....yeah not going to happen.
A Primer on the Emperor(yes this does have spoiler)

One Night Stands and Similar Encounter (spoilers again, and I am probably going to repost this sometime in the future)

LegendOfTheWolf's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 10:17 AM | #10
Capital ? Maybe, very maybe... very very maybe. But visiting starting areas? O.O I think not. Imagine this.. if you will.

Your new to the game, your getting use to layout etc. You the building you come in BOOM YOUR DEAD !
Again... BOOM YOUR DEAD. You *** as you do, then realise there's a Sith Assasin stealthed.