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1 out of 7 typical encounters - Here is how it goes ... We get better

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1 out of 7 typical encounters - Here is how it goes ... We get better

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05.07.2012 , 11:40 AM | #1
An outing with 2x Mercenary 1x DPS Marader and myself DPS Juggernaught.

It first started with 1x male merc. The first message in chat was from him. Can we do this 4man HC alone. I said no, bring your healer compaion. And I'll bring mine.

We cleared to the end encounter. Yes. We cleared a pack of 5 mobs, 2 man. All the way to the end encounter where we failed. Since he kept saying we need more. Ok.

And he is a mercenary, DPS, with 2 free healing skills.

I got more. 1 more female merc. 1 more male DPS. ( --- Female as in INGAME model - Male etc)

We lag out. Reset encounter. Twice. and clear twice. To end encounter.

We got PWNT.

None of these 2 mercenaries in the team wanted to heal with their 2 free skills.

So. I gave it one last try. Cool, calm and collected for 2 mins while I was running to meet up with them after repairing. Totally cool, yeah!

They were alreadyt there. I charged the boss. And we failed again. I'm happy I shared this.
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05.07.2012 , 11:57 AM | #2
I feel for you. I pug all the time because I'm not in a guild (can't stand the guild drama, can't stand it anymore lol!). Everytime, I always expect the worst and if the worst really happens, I laugh about it and I move on.