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Usernames and Character Names - You will be judged, choose wisely!

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Usernames and Character Names - You will be judged, choose wisely!

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05.07.2012 , 05:43 AM | #1
TL;DR Summary:

1. CHARACTER NAME AND LEGACY NAME CHOICES ARE FINAL - NO CHANGES!!! CHOOSE AN APPROPRIATE NAME THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, BECAUSE YOU'RE STUCK WITH IT. BW has said that they may allow paid name changes in the future. No one knows for sure when this would happen or how much it would cost.

2. BW has rules about character names here. No vulgarity, profanity, sex or drug references, names of pre-existing characters from Star Wars or other media, celebrities, or historical figures.

3. On PvE and PvP servers, as long as your name is legal, it doesn't much matter. On RP servers you should have a Star Warsy name.

4. People are going to judge you by your name. Your choice in name sends a message. What are you trying to say with your name?

You are probably going to need a username...

By the virtue of reading this, you have a SWTOR username, and have already or will be soon choosing a character name. You'll hopefully need a legacy name too.

Keep in mind, on PvE and PvP servers, no one cares too much what your character name is as long as it doesn't violate Bioware's Rules of Conduct.

On RP-PvE and RP-PvP servers, many (maybe most?) RPers are going to be upset-offended-put off or otherwise disappointed in you if your name isn’t “Star Warsy”.

If you're stuck, get help!

The majority of people choose usernames and character names that are pretty reasonable and original. The in-game random name generator is a good choice. Here are some other random name generators. If you google up names, you can find plenty of places that will give you rather interesting and original names.

First, make sure your name is “legal”

Bioware does take names seriously and has outlined a naming policy in their Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. If someone reports your name, and you're in violation of the ToS, then you might be assigned a new name, forced to change your name, or have your account banned.

Summary of the naming conventions in the Terms of Service (item #4):
  • No hate speech, vulgar, sexual, or drug-related names.
  • No harassing or defamatory names.
  • No EA, BW, or Lucas references.
  • No copyrighted or trademarked person or product names.
  • No names from pop culture or of religious or historical importance.
  • No reference to names used in Star Wars.
  • No names with titles or ranks (Darth, General.)
  • No leet speek, bunches of xXx-s, or gibberish.
  • No alternative spellings to get around these rules.

Check these websites for details:

When someone reports your name, you might have to change it, they might assign you a new name, or you could get your account banned.

Your name is a message - what are you trying to say?

If you're trying to offend people, being silly, or way off-topic, then you're going to get judged. Your character name is what people use to get their first impression of you. When you are deciding what username and what character name you want to use, think about how that character name will appear to other people and think about what you're trying to say about yourself by choosing that character name.

Do you appear to be someone people should admire? Should like? Should trust?

Do you appear to be someone people will want to play with? Will want in their guild? Will want with them in a flashpoint?

Most folks only have so many hours to play SWTOR. Why would they waste their time with someone who isn't taking the game seriously enough to play well and be fun?

On non-RP servers, you’re wide open. If you love PvP then maybe you want to be “ThaGankstah22”. If you love clowns, maybe you want to be “Clownpantz”. Knock yourself out! However, remember that your name projects an image for other people. If you’re in a warzone with a name like GonnaGetcha, or TrooperHater, or BetterThanU then people may be lining up to beat you silly. If you want that kind of attention, then go for it. Many people do not want that kind of attention.

You should have a Star Warsy Name on a RP Servers

If you want to RP, or just exist peacably on a RP server, you should have a name that RPers will find interesting, unique, and appropriate. If your name is really blatantly not a Star Wars name, you’re going to upset some folks in the RP community. They may make their displeasure known by refusing to help you, shunning you, or making you their number one priority in PvP. If you're interested in RP, you will get nowhere with a name like Darth Pancakes or Flygirl JLo.

There is a valid debate on character name vs callsign and you'll have to make that decision for yourself. On the one hand, sometimes callsigns may seem like dumb character names, until you realize that they're a callsign. "Goose" or "Maverick" or "WrongWay" or "T-Bone" or "Razor" seem like super dumb names... until you put your callsign filter on and they make pretty good sense (the first two are from Top Gun and the last 3 are from IRL WWII aviators).

I'm a guild leader in a light RP guild on a RP server. I have to judge people on a short electronic guild application all the time. Part of that process is looking at character and user names and seeing what people are trying to communicate through their choices. I have to speculate on how this person will reflect back on my judgement and on our guild. If I don't understand an applicant's username, then I will absolutely ask where it came from to get an explanation. However, if your username is offensive, if your character name is stupid or silly or off-topic, then you're not joining my guild.

OMG, you have an awful name!

If you care about names, then I encourage you to report people who violate Bioware's rules by clicking on the ? in the game menu and open a ticket with customer service. That's the best and most appropriate way to deal with it. Don’t even bother to whisper the player – he can’t even change his own name.

OMG, I have an awful name!

Sometimes people realize that they have made a horrible mistake. Sometimes, some people (not everyone, not all the time) have been able to submit a ticket to customer service to get their name changed, particularly if the name violates the BW naming policies. If you realize you have an awful name, then this may (or may not) be a potential fix for you.

So when you get to that character creation screen, pause, reflect, and with great deliberation, choose your character name wisely. This is a character name that people are going to be judging you by for many hours, even months, maybe years.


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05.07.2012 , 06:04 AM | #2
Cool thread, words and grammar chosen carefully and all, but I'm afraid you might have wasted your time. Many of the people playing don't read the forums and among those who do, there are many who just don't care. Even on an RP-Server (I'm playing on one) I had to see ssjvegettos, ânikín-skywalkers and dàrthrævans already so...

Anyway don't let my post discourage you. Seeing players try to improve the gaming experience for others is always a nice thing.
Be ready though, I'm pretty sure trolls will start to flame you in this thread rather soon.
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05.07.2012 , 06:42 AM | #3
Whenever I see one of the 47 variously spelled "Revan"s on my server, I think "o rly?"

Eventually, if you insist on being Luuke Sk'eye'walker, someone will report you enough that you get a free (forced) name change. Then you can go cry to customer service about how mean they are and how you want compensation because you can't imagine your character being anyone other than "Empra'Palpatine".

Are we so lacking in imagination that we can't pick names that aren't simply copying directly from known Star Wars characters?

The post above is right on. SamuraiKillerJedi is just not a good name. If you have the savvy to play a complicated MMO, take 5 minutes and google "names", then write down a list of reasonable name choices before you generate a character. Have some *basic* idea as to a name and story of that persona. There is nothing wrong with picking literary or movie names, but try not to be totally obvious. Ethan Hawke and LadyHawke and BlackHawk won't cut it, but you could be Ghandi Hawke or Jack'Awkins and no one is going to complain. If you *must* make your character name as a descriptive phrase, do a couple minutes research into cultures where names = phrases (real or fictional). John M. Ford did pretty good with Cloud-hunter Who Keeps His Sister's Council and "He Who Dares the Word of Words in Darkness". Wisp of the Dell doesn't sound so bad either. "Poopsinmypants" isn't gonna fly.

I see people LFG who have inappropriate names and I just ignore them. Then they wonder why they can't get a group. And I don't want to be a part of a guild that takes in people who choose dumb inappropriate names either. I just don't see any reason trying to waste my time playing with someone whose name is offensive or is "Laya'Urgana'Solo". The *sole* exception to this is when I know they're less than 12 years old up front, and then I try to be kind to them so they grow up enjoying playing games with people; leading by example seems to work with the younger crowd.

So if you're a new player who has bothered to stumble across these forums and this thread, buy a clue.

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05.07.2012 , 07:28 AM | #4
Shush, Paige! How will we now identify the jackwagons if you warn them?

In all seriousness, a very fine post. I've been a guild officer for as long as I can remember, and am currently acting as a guild leader. Very often one would not even be considered based on an outlandish name choice. When pugging people in, I'm pretty sure that our recruitment officer would not chose to whisper someone utilizing a body part as an aspect of their name. ;p
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05.07.2012 , 07:52 AM | #5
Good post, and I mostly agree
You will be judged on the name you choose but everyone has their own judgement when it comes to name. Me - personally - hate people who can't be original, and copy a name from somewhere else. I don't care if it is Starwars or any other established fiction, if you stole it then you have no imagination. Just make up a name, anything, and it will be better than yet another fiction-rip-off.

Unlike OP though, I have no problem with a bit of humour. Darth Pancake made me smile. There are obvious limits to this though.

What I don't like is when people try and make a sentence with their name, and include a star-warsy title. I've seen more than one "JediMasterMark/John/Dave" name running around the place. I guess they won't be using the title "Jedi" or "Master" when they actually achieve it because that would look even dumber ... Jedi JediMasterMark, or Master JediMasterMark.
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05.07.2012 , 07:57 AM | #6
I don't see anything wrong with your "silly" names. What if the guy is named Ronald McDougal? What if I really like Ham Salads? What if I really like my job at IBM?

I can see how on an RP server those names might be unwelcome to some, but in general what's the big deal? Games are supposed to be fun and there's not much of a line between silly and fun.

It sounds like you want us all to have totally original, cool sounding names. Some of us suck at making up names, though. Maybe you should give ClownPants the benefit of the doubt next time he's politely LFG?

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05.07.2012 , 08:34 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by LarryRow View Post
I don't see anything wrong with your "silly" names.

I can see how on an RP server those names might be unwelcome to some, but in general what's the big deal? Games are supposed to be fun and there's not much of a line between silly and fun.
To each their own. I play on an RP server and so the suspension of disbelief is important to me. Silly and unoriginal names really annoy me. They really annoy a lot of RP folks. The culture and climate on a PvE or PvP server may be different.

Quote: Originally Posted by LarryRow View Post
It sounds like you want us all to have totally original, cool sounding names. Some of us suck at making up names, though. Maybe you should give ClownPants the benefit of the doubt next time he's politely LFG?
You have it precisely. I do want every character to have a totally original cool sounding name. You have the power of the internet, sir. You also have a random name generator. It is within everyone's power to use both of these tools wisely.


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05.07.2012 , 08:59 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Scorpienne View Post
I play on an RP server ...
I'll give you that ClownPants on an RP server is different from ClownPants on a PVP server, and I'd maybe wonder why that guy rolled on an RP server.

I'll also point out that ClownPants chose his name just as you are choosing to be annoyed by it.

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05.07.2012 , 10:11 AM | #9
I do agree with some of the example names given, however, what is so offensive about a silly name like "blunt-tacular", the other names listed are totally understandable.

And I am not intending to piss anyone off here, this thread is well written, and very informative. Just curious as to why the "blunt-tacular" is under the offensive listing.

To me thats just a silly name.
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05.07.2012 , 10:13 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by LarryRow View Post
I'll give you that ClownPants on an RP server is different from ClownPants on a PVP server, and I'd maybe wonder why that guy rolled on an RP server.
Fair enough! :-D This is definitely a "your mileage may vary" sort of thing when it comes to the cultural differences between RP, PvP, and PvE servers.

Quote: Originally Posted by LarryRow View Post
I'll also point out that ClownPants chose his name just as you are choosing to be annoyed by it.
Very true. I can, should, and do *only* control my own actions and responses. ClownPants is sending me a message by choosing that name on an RP server, and I have recieved and understood it quite clearly. Though I'm annoyed, my only response is silently ignoring him. He paid is $60 plus $15 a month to play this game just like I did. If his username isn't related to sex, drugs, or hate speech, I don't even bother reporing him. He isn't worth any more of my time than it takes to add him to the ignore list.