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Tala-Reh Appreciation Thread

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Tala-Reh Appreciation Thread

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05.07.2012 , 01:01 AM | #1
***Spoilers below***

***Spoilers below***

For some reason, Tala-Reh's death hit me harder than any other characters deaths. The way the conversations went, I was sure she would of become a companion. She should come back in an expansion where it turns out she survived and thought we "left her for dead". I just want her back is all.
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05.07.2012 , 04:10 AM | #2
I agree with you in every way possible.

Tala-Reh was such an interesting character and I grew so attached to her. How we happen to have the same goal, decided to work together, the tragic tale of her husband and how she suffers of it. And in the end her destiny wich she accepts with grace.

But instead we get RUSK.... the most uninteresting companion the JK has and is just shoehorned in the JK story for no reason at all.

However I don't think we should come back for the dead she earned her rest and her story is beautiful like it is. As much as i weep that I got rusk instead of her as companion I don't want her to have a "it was merely a setback" plottwist.