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Lost connection, stuck in queue.


projectleet's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:10 PM | #1
Instancing, 2 hours in my internet basically spots out for half a second. Connection is immediately lost and I am thrown into a queue of 500 people.

They didn't add a grace period for disconnectors? WHY NOT? Who doesn't plan for that kind of situation?

(Really needed to rage on this one, sorry)

erinkat's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:20 PM | #2
Waited 45 minutes to get in, played for about 3 hours then my game crashed. Now its another hour long wait.

I feel your pain

Robtard's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:39 PM | #3

No, but really, I honostly think they had a dev post that bs statement about queues so they can lock the threads about it and improve their forum img. Their customer support isn't helping anyone and the game is largely unplayable (BECAUSE WE CAN'T LOG IN, BIOWARE/EA).

They're alrdy rolling in their success, took the weekend off and don't give an crap about those of us who paid for early game access to simply not get to play.

Why would anyone pay to wait in line?! Or get ignored by CS? Or ANY of the issues that people are having with a released game.

Futhermore, its absolute crap to say that we should expect this for launch, the other games in their current state are the competition. Its like saying which would u rather pay for, launch wow or cata wow?

They expect us to pay for this sloppy garbage when PLENTY of other games out there are more worthy of business.

EA, quit destroying games and go back to selling the exact same football game yr after yr. At least then you don't have to try. (Not that it appears you did now)

Paralassa's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:40 PM | #4
Hi there!

While we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback, there is already an active discussion thread for the topic of queue grace period after disconnect:

Server que after disconnect- grace period plz?

In the interest of consolidating discussion, we have closed this thread and ask that you use the one linked above for any further discussion. Thank you!