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Black Hole/Corellia Prerequisites?

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09.01.2012 , 08:04 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by KevonKiet View Post
i think there should be another way to get bh comms
Since this thread was originally made there are over half a dozen ways to get BH comms.
That's one of the problems with necroing threads, the info in them is frequently out of date.

1. Rakghoul Weekly - do HM Kaon and HM LI (8)
2. NiM KP, 2 comms from each of the first 3 boss chests and 3 comms from the last 2 (3x2+2x3=12)
3. Story EC & HM EC (present at the time this thread was made) 20 and 28 respectively
4. EC weekly (8)
and it goes on.........

P.S: Here's a link Dulfy's guide to getting BH comms

All in all, that's 131 BH comms a week! Not counting the BH weekly that's still 125 BH comms a week. They're a walk in the park to get since 1.3 came out over a month ago.
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