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Space Instance/Operation

Benets's Avatar

05.06.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
It could have some space ships operations and flashpoints.
Do not need to be all of it, but the beging of it. Like you need to fly your way through a blockade.

People should use their ship and operations groups When (or if) guild have the Capital ship, could use the capital ship to an operation.

What i think:
Tanks could "pilot" the ship or ships, use and control shield and mitigation abilities.

Dps could mount the gun turrets, missile bays, blasters.
The second tank and some dps could handle some invaders forces that bridge the hull to invade meanwhile.

The healers could be fixing the ship damage, with engineer tools, engineer bay. Fix the hull, restore systems.

Could be nice to start an Operation this way.

And could have some invasion operations same mechanic with walkers, fighters and ground forces.

In wow vehiacle strength fights based on your gear level. Here you can equip the ship, so the balance should be based in your ship equipment.

A boss could Abord your ship at a moment and you fight him.
And perhpas a mechanic that half of the team fight the boss that board your ship and half keep in ship controls. Like, if you fight boss but do not destroy the ships outside, your ship is blowed. If you do not fight the boss he kill kill people inside. So team should balance between kill boss inside and ships outside.

And perhpas while the capital ship's fighting some people could use their own ships to scort the fight. Have a lot a possibilities to get out of the ordinary type of encounters.
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06.24.2012 , 01:22 PM | #2
Awesome Idea. Dev Take note, others..

This game NEED in future System 'Area' around Planets/Solar System/Space Station etc.

Repel and Defend large area from Invasion, Including your own Ships. Make Incursion into Enemy Territory, Enemy System, Enemy Bases.

Make Space Battle then Ship Battles (boading) then Planet Battles.

Remind me a bit of SC2, in a small way.

Lord_Midnattsorg's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 04:08 AM | #3
This sounds absolutely amazing! this is a real Star Wars experience really hope that the devs will do something like this in the future!
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Benets's Avatar

08.16.2013 , 10:48 AM | #4
Now the space system is all forgotten. I think this could be done, and could be a real good thing and fun.
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