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Stormcaller Bug or Mechanic?

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05.15.2012 , 11:49 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by MrMichael View Post
Appearantly we're talking about two different bugs, as I am quoting this guy from page one. This is the problem my guild was having lastnight. Stormcaller would get off a second DD just around the same time they would enter phase 2 and be needing to run for the shield. The result would be, Stormcaller would continue to cast DD, I (being the tank) would position myself behind the DD soakers but a lightning probe would drop on me at the same time. I would still be standing on stormcaller, and we would not have officially entered the kiting phase aka shielding phase, as the bosses hadn't channeled defensive measures, and the shields didn't drop, but that ONE lightning pole WOULD drop right on top of me, which sadly would also be right on top of the 2 DD soakers, and they would die right away. I am sure it is a timing thing in this case, and our DPS either needs to slow down or speed up to get the DD phase casted and over with BEFORE officially entering the defensive measures phase.
This is not a bug. The solution is not to get a second DD. It is completely avoidable.
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