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Help picking a new alt and his crew skills

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Help picking a new alt and his crew skills

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05.05.2012 , 07:21 AM | #1
So finished chapter 2 of my Assassin story and thinking about racking up some rested exp and leveling an alt. Thinking about either an operative becuase stealth has been invaluable or maybe a Marauder. I thought about biochem for medpacks and stims but using the rest option gets me back to full health in 3 seconds and I have only had to use a medpack in a handful of fights and those I got as drops. With stims I hardly noticed a difference and they usually ran out for hours before I noticed. Also thought about cybertech and making full sets of epic augs. But that seems pointless as the only thing I noticed leveling my Assassin is if I kept my weapon with current augs my armor can lag behind a little. Not to mention it would take forever running UWT for all the mats. Or should I go armormech if Operative or Synthweaving if Marauder so I can make my own armor as well as Orange gear and Epic augs down the road for credits?

Also I keep hearing those two classes are the hardest to play. My Assassin uses a hefty amount of buttons in PvP but when questing I pretty much just use like 3-4 buttons along with 2-3 cooldowns or interrupts and its pretty easy. Can I get by with using that few on those classes as well? Talking PvE here not PvP.

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05.05.2012 , 09:05 AM | #2
My main is a shadow, I also have a 46 scoundrel a 31 sentinel and a 27 vanguard.

In terms of difficulty the ops/scoundrel is harder than the sent/mara, I don't know where this notion that maras are so hard to play comes from its incredibly easy imo, as a scoundrel/ops it requires managing the upper hand system not sure what its called for ops and energy management so you're required to manage 2 different resources, without proper energy management you will fail hard as an op, its not like a sin where focus comes back pretty quickly, energy comes back in different variables pending on how much you used. So its imperative you keep up pugnacity and a good amount of watching, you also kind of suck Untill 36 when you get hidden strike.

To me my scoundrel is more fun then my sent, but I'm leveling my vanguard exclusively so I would recommend a pyro powertech, its very fun

I can't really help you with professions I just use biochem, and in terms of button usage, yeah you might use a little more on the sent, but like I said what makes an op harder is just management of resources and no gap closer sucks.
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05.05.2012 , 07:32 PM | #3
just dont understand how energy management can be so hard. I mean commandos/mercs have to manage ammo/heat and they are faceroll. Both resources use a scaling regen rate so why is one so much harder?