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Ship Droid Crit Chance Broken?

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Ship Droid Crit Chance Broken?

Darzil's Avatar

06.25.2012 , 01:15 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Rischardo View Post
level 9 items? Are you just trying to get rid of mats? Haha, well thanks for doing this. I think the crit rate might be higher on lower level items, but I'm not absolutely certain.

Btw, I'm about half way through my second set of 100...this batch is starting to look worse than the first.
Well, I've edited in the full result of my last 10 hours of work! It was indeed partially to get rid of materials, or rather that having one high level scavenger supplying materials, and having skilled up three crafters to 400 on the back of that, I had several 100 of each tier 1 material that I'd never miss. Testing on high level stuff would have been much more inconvenient and time consuming. The level 9 mods/armors take only 1 minute each.

Looks like Droid Equip works, not so convinced on Droid Affection.

I think it's only better on lower level items because crit rate is 15% on yellow and below, 10% on orange, and of course making top level stuff, they are always orange.

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06.25.2012 , 01:38 PM | #32
Take off the sensor unit? It could be a glitch, because my 2V has actually been crit'ing low-level cybertech, very often. Even at 0 affection.
Weird, right?
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06.25.2012 , 05:36 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Darzil View Post
Looks like Droid Equip works, not so convinced on Droid Affection.
My tests show otherwise. The second round of testing was very similar to the first.

Companion: 2V-R8
Affection: Maximum (+5%)
Item level: level 49 Earpiece, yellow difficulty (+15%)
Additional Bonuses: Cybertech Sensor Module (+5%)
Total Crit Chance: +25%

Test 2: 12 crits out of 100 ear pieces
Actual Crit Rate: 12%
Difference between Expected and Actual: -13%

Combined: 27 crits out of 200 ear pieces
Combined Actual Crit Rate: 13.5%
Combined Difference Between Expected and Actual: -11.5%

Conclusion: The ship droid, at least for Cybertechs, is not working properly. I know I won't be using him for crafting again until this is fixed. This needs to be of the main reasons why we can gain affection with the droid is for the crit chance. The fact that he is doing WORSE than the default crit rate even after the supposed crit bonuses is outrageous.

Rischardo's Avatar

06.25.2012 , 07:36 PM | #34
One more update. I needed to make 80 implants to help finish off my preparation and here are my numbers

Companions: Imperial Agent Crew
Affection: Maximum (+5%)
Item level: level 49 Implant, yellow difficulty (+15%)
Additional Bonuses: None
Total Crit Chance: +20%

Test 3: 15 crits out of 80 implants
Actual Crit Rate: 18.75%
Difference Between Actual and Expected: -1.25%

Conclusion: Yes, this test sample was a little smaller than the first two, but it was still fairly large. While the numbers weren't perfect (and I hardly expected them to be), a difference of 1.25% is acceptable in my book. An 11.5% difference, on the other hand, is not acceptable.