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Ever seen 30+ troopers fight together?

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Ever seen 30+ troopers fight together?

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05.03.2012 , 11:56 PM | #1


And if you haven't seen our original guild video check out:

We're a trooper roleplay/pvp guild full of current and former military members as well as military enthousiasts. Check out if you like that video!
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Mahaedros's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:05 AM | #2
Awesome video! Loved it!

Sentanta's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:06 AM | #3
Excellent job - great video!
My first lvl 50 was a trooper - but that server is dead so he is stuck until server transfers come in - but love the class!
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05.04.2012 , 12:08 AM | #4
I remember we kicked your butt one the last day of the rakghoul event of our world boss party raiding the vendor. Then we get stomped when you guys come back with like 40 something pubes. then I alt switched and took part killing them on my guardian.

JohunMorlish's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:08 AM | #5
Words. Fail. Me.

In a good way. That was epic.
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NorrinRaddd's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:13 AM | #6
Heh quite entertaining

Hyfy's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:14 AM | #7
That was pretty good. I liked the music choice as well.
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05.04.2012 , 12:17 AM | #8

GalacticKegger's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 12:18 AM | #9
Outstanding stuff skipper ... outstanding.
Can we please just have our pre-KotFE SWTOR MMORPG back?


05.04.2012 , 12:19 AM | #10
I'm going with 5 out of 5 stars. It reminded me of the Hope trailer (flare gun at the end would have been classic).