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UI Feature Feedback Request

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.12.2012 , 01:33 PM | #501
  • Control over art/skin. Able to remove or change the art around the UI. Players need the option for minimalistic interfaces, removing the art off all the panels and quickbars leaving only the useful elements would be a step towards it.
  • Change the hue of art/skin for aesthetic purposes, such as having a dark purple on inquisitor, red on warrior, blue on sage, etc...
  • Manipulation of bars. Health bars and power bars need the ability to be manipulated both in width/length and scale/alpha. For example i want my health bar to be fat and wide in the lower-middle of the screen with a small energy bar above it closer to the center.
  • Manipulation of numbers. Able to move the numbers such as health or power around. Having the option between "absolute/max", "absolute", "absolute/percentage", etc... Able to place them in any place around the screen. For example on my agent i would kill to have the energy amount as a number in the middle of the screen so i don't have to always be looking at the UI and miss half the battle. Use the same logic as the tooltip: either dock it to the parent bar or let it move freely.
  • Options for Portraits. Hide/Show per element, square/round, scale, etc...
  • Manipulation of nameplates. Ability to Show/Hide each individual element on a per-actor basis (friendly, hostile, npc, player). An example would be having a healing player to have healthbars on friendly players with everything else hidden and having enemy players with the class icon and names only.
  • Marks on Nameplates. Currently nameplates overlap the marks and it's impossible to see which targets have marks. Add marks to nameplates.
  • More nameplate options such as Stacking, Overlapping and Spreading. Also nameplate distance (hide them over 50 yards?) and scale sliders.
  • Chat bubbles. Simple as that. Obviously having a variety of options would be nice such as size/alpha, timing and On/Off switch.
--- KEYBINDS ---
  • Keybinding profiles. Having UI profiles without keybinding profiles is very annoying with over 50 remapped keybinds every time. Or simply include the keybinds into the .xml of the UI profiles.
  • Add at least two more quickbars.
  • Able to bind and allocate spells into a quickbar and then hide/disable the bar while still having it function. Any minimalistic interface requires this function where all spells are properly bound and simply having them hidden while still functioning.
  • Bind spells instead of buttons. Instead of mapping the buttons why not map the abilities directly? Opening the "spell book" there would be a checkbox, checking it would allow to mouseover each spell and bind a button combination to it.
  • Simple macro system with limited use to avoid the "Rift Macros" problem of stacking many abilities on one button:
    /cast Aimed Shot
    /cast [modifier:Shift]Leg Shot
    /cast [modifier:Alt]Reload
    Only one ability will be performed per keypress but able to do various abilities with different combinations of buttons.
    It would realy improve my gameplay and UI by having different spells on the same button (each with a modifier), especially for healing classes. Each button combination will allow for only one spell but the effect would be to have several button combinations in one macro such as F, Shift+F, Ctrl+F and Alt+F in one macro with 4 spells in it.
  • Mouseover function as a global option (On/Off) and individually within macros. Should work both on party/raid frames and on nameplates.
  • Generally speaking you should simply copy ALL the functionality of Auctionator addon in WoW. There is no point in listing all the changes since the current implementation lacks ALOT of them. Current use of the GTN is a pain without any streamlined process and ease of use. Just. Copy. Auctionator.

P.S.: Having all these options configurable through the .xml file only would be enough. I understand that implementing new options into the game UI takes time both in coding and Q&A up to the standarts of quality but being able to edit them in the .xml file as a "beta version" at our own risk would be amazing.

Shaz's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 05:31 PM | #502
My primary request is in regards to chat filters. Can all the forms of looting be split into their own types of filters?

I always have one chat tab that contains only conversations. Loot spam makes this useless, as the massive amount of looting text (rolls for everyone and who received the item) makes it impossible to follow conversations. Chat text gets lost and/or shoved off the chat pane and must be searched for amidst all the looting messages.

Can looting of all types be set aside to their own filters, please? All types of looting: solo, grouped, ops, etc. Or at least allow the various looting rolls to be filtered out?

rammister's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 05:39 PM | #503
Give the ability re-size individual menus in the U.I. interface instead of all global

GalacticKegger's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 06:14 PM | #504
Operations Frames
- allow companions to be displayed in player slots & be selectable (mouse & Fkey)
- allow the player slots to stack horizontally (4W x 1H / 4W x 2H / 4W x 4H)

Companion Frame
- give it the same configuration options in the editor as Player Frames

Player Frame
- allow party companion frames to be undockable from their player frames & configurable in the editor

Frame Portraits
- allow them to be sized seperately from their host frames & togglable on/off

World Map
- allow the map to be scrolled by holding down a mouse click and dragging

Mailbox Screen
- allow returned attachment and its returned reply mail to reside in one mail message

- allow the chat window to be movable in the editor
- allow camera distance setting to persist through load screens and instance changes
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05.13.2012 , 10:26 AM | #505
I thought of another thing I would like to see added to the UI. I want to ability to zoom in on the character preview window. It is very difficult to see what some of the headbands look like in the current preview window, the ability to zoom in at least on the head would be helpful. Also a bigger preview window with a higher resolution render would be nice.

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05.13.2012 , 11:45 AM | #506
Linking quests, abilities and skills in chat. Especially quests.

peterpangelo's Avatar

05.13.2012 , 01:34 PM | #507
I've seen so many great ideas for fixes/improvements to the UI customization that there's nothing new I can add... all I can do is just nod along to the more acutely observant players' ideas. Now, out of all the wonderful ideas I've read in this thread, this one's the best: Open up the game so third parties can make these changes themselves, and for all of us!! Like one of the posters said, it takes work off your shoulders, and lets ALL these wonderful ideas instantly come into the game!!

...This would allow you more time to focus on other important things like that blasted hood toggle that should've been implemented ages ago!!
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05.13.2012 , 02:49 PM | #508
I'd really like the Crafting skills to keep whatever sorting method I selected instead of continually defaulting back to Difficulty every time I ride an elevator, change zones, switch characters, etc. I prefer my recipes to be sorted by Level most of the time. I don't mind what the default is, but why oh why does the UI not simply persist my choice from zone to zone?

Very frustrating.

Razdek's Avatar

05.13.2012 , 02:52 PM | #509
Needs more action bars a minimum of 2 rows to catagorise different skills etc. i hate clutter on an action bar... Not everyone likes a mix mash of random skills all sqaushed together.

You have to remember that players are using gaming mouses these days so we can spread out our keybinds.

The customization of the ui is great. But the lack of action bars to go with it is terrible.

Evironrage's Avatar

05.13.2012 , 03:10 PM | #510
It is OK. It does what I need it to now and that is all that matters for me. I know my better half wanted a bit more customization in the way of coloring cast bars to differentiate between her bar, companion's, enemies, but that is because of they way she plays. She likes the set up to be orderly...cast bars all in one area, hotbars, so on and so forth.
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